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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 5 Recap

Who could have expected that a female demon who seemed to kill without blinking was so tender and gentle. If Duan Yu’s heart is true, he has never thought about marriage events so sloppy. Now that Duan Yu has become Mu Wan’s husband, Yue Lao San had a murderous intention and was about to do it. Suddenly he discovered that he had a great roots and was a good material for martial arts training. He was immediately pleasantly surprised and threatened to accept Duan’s reputation as an apprentice.

However, the South Sea Crocodile God is cruel and vicious, and only teaches tricks to harm others. Duan Yu shuddered and decided not to worship him as a teacher. But now the catastrophe is imminent, and thinking that the other party’s internal strength is deep, just when Duan Yu has no plan to do, he never thought that the old women and men had already climbed to the top of the cliff last night.

Seeing this, Duan Yu made a plan and took the opportunity to instigate Yue San to solve his troubles. The original arrogant and arrogant disciples of the sword were killed one after another, and there was no room for display. The audience was all frightened, and the old women fled back and forth again and again. At this time, there was a whistle in the distance, and it was the head of the four evil men who summoned Yue Old San to return to the valley. Because the whistle was continuous and rapid, Yue Old San was urged tightly and had to let Duan Yu and Mu Wanqing go.

After he left, Duan Yu continued to suffer from abdominal pain. Even though he had already taken the antidote, the power of Duanchang Powder was still there, and it was really overbearing. Duan Yu wondered why Mu Wanqing made a vow that she wanted to kill someone. It was not until Mu Wanqing told her life experience that she had no father and no mother since she was a child. Good martial arts, never went down the mountain during that period.

Later, the master received a letter from Bao Bao Gan, and since then he has no thoughts about it, and seems to have an old vengeance to revenge. Because of this, Mu Wanqing was ordered to kill two old women. Before coming down the mountain, according to the master’s entrustment, he made a poisonous oath not to allow the man to see the truth. It’s a pity that the two masters and apprentices were separated in Suzhou. On the way to Dali, Mu Wanqing was lucky enough to get to know Duan Yu and facilitate this divine marriage.

As soon as Mu Wanqing finished speaking, she suddenly heard the voice of Yue Lao San. He walked out happily, mentioned his apprenticeship again, and even grabbed Mu Wanqing away to make Duan Yu yield, leaving him a little bit. Time to consider. Before Duan Yu could react, Yue Laosan slipped out more than ten feet with Mu Wanqing, and then flew down the cliff and landed on the ground.

Seeing that Mu Wanqing was Duan Yu’s wife, Yue San didn’t make her embarrassment for the time being. At this time, Ye Erniang didn’t arrive, so the voice came first. Mu Wanqing remembered that of the four wicked people, only one woman was called “No Evil Do No Evil”, and the remaining two were full of evil and extremely evil. Ye Erniang quietly deceived her body, holding the baby in her arms, and her words were full of motherly tenderness, but from the conversation between the two people, Mu Wanqing vaguely learned that Ye Erniang herself had no children, and often learned from the folks. The child is stolen and sent back to the child at night.

Since the third child of Yue abducted Mu Wanqing, Duan Yu was alone on the high cliff, anxious. He had made up his mind to ask his teacher to save others, but dozens of people came up from the edge of the cliff. The first two were Zuo Zimu, head of Wuliang Jiandongzong, and Xin Shuangqing, head of Xizong, as well as the Shennong gang led by Sikongxuan.

The two groups were quite violent, but none of them had done anything. Duan Yu was caught in the middle and had nowhere to hide. After a glance, five women in cloaks appeared, everyone kneeling respectfully. The leading woman is about double ten years old, and there is a hint of evil spirits between her eyes, and she should be the highest level in the envoy.

Duan Yuwei kept Xiao Ming’er, pinched the head and tail to explain the ins and outs, and concealed the matter of pretending to be the emissary. The woman believed it to be true, reprimanding Sikongxuan for doing nothing and being confused. Don’t expect to get the antidote to the life and death talisman this year. As for the capture of counterfeit goods, Wuliangjian will handle it.

Si Kongxuan saw the five girls descending to the peak with a sad expression on his face. Then he jumped off the cliff and fell into the Lancang River. Seeing that Sikongxuan had ended up like this, everyone in Wuliangjian looked sad, and Xin Shuangqing ordered two male disciples to imprison Duan Yu into the dungeon of the divine palace and guard them strictly. Duan Yu had nothing to do, and he simply studied Beiming’s magic, and practiced according to the method shown in the picture. In less than half a day, he has learned 20% to 30% of footwork.

Heroes from all walks of life gathered on the border, and Qiao Feng took the lead in deploying combat strategies, planning to go deep into the enemy camp to burn the grain and grass, and at the same time find a good Flintstone. The people present looked at each other, but a mysterious man who did not want to mention his life suddenly spoke, willing to help them complete the plan.

That night, Qiao Feng led everyone closer to the grain and grass, seeing the fire getting stronger and stronger, and the scene was chaotic. With more than one enemy, Qiao Feng overcame the Liao soldiers with a few tricks, and captured Chu Wang Nerugu back to the Song Army camp on the spot. Although Nerugu became a defeated player, Qiao Feng still had some admiration for him, and at the same time he knew the origin of this person.

It is rumored that Shengzong died that year and his fate was in the eldest son Xingzong, but the queen mother liked the second son Zhongyuan, so she made him the emperor by conspiracy. Fortunately, Zhongyuan informed in time that the conspiracy of the queen mother could not succeed. When the matter was over, Xingzong expressed his gratitude, made Chongyuan the emperor’s brother, and promised to pass it on to him in the future.

It’s a pity that Xingzong became seriously ill and violated his oath to pass the throne to his son Yelu Hongji. However, the new emperor was ashamed of his ascension, so he made Chongyuan the emperor’s uncle, and named the marshal of the world, including his son Nerugu. In charge of the affairs of the South Campus. Liao people all know that Nerugu is blood relatives of the royal family, but they do not know that there is such a relationship. Qiao Feng said that the Beggars are all over the world and their strength should not be underestimated. I hope he will die in battle and take the opportunity to seize power and cause disaster.

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