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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 1 Recap

The new emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty came to the throne. Daliao took the opportunity to gather heavy troops, ignoring the conclusion of a treaty between the two countries and killing, burning and looting, causing the people to be in dire straits and suffering from wars. The Beggars found the news and found out that there was a change in the Liao realm. Due to the martial arts convention, Qiao Feng went to Shaolin alone to explain the situation to the gang leader.

Besides, Duan Yu strayed into the Boundless Shrine, and was fortunate to witness a contest between the East and the West. The two people on the stage came and went in vertical and horizontal directions. On both sides of the open space under the stage, there were disciples watching the battle, faintly facing each other. Two heads sat in the middle, one with a solemn expression and the other with a proud expression, staring at the situation in the field with good eyes until Xi Zong was defeated.

This battle was clearly won by gambling with martial arts. If there is a winner, they can enter the Jianhu Palace. However, Xizong’s disciples should have the upper hand. However, the opponent will make a false move and sneak attack, and the situation will be reversed in the blink of an eye. In the end, Was knocked down. Duan Yu didn’t understand what a fall-off trick was. He only knew that the Dongzong disciples seemed treacherous and funny, which made him laugh and ridicule.

Because of this, Zuo Zimu, the head of Dongzong, felt that his face was dull, especially Duan Yu who was eloquent and preaching. The disciples were speechless and annoyed that they were gearing up to move forward. Zhong Ling sat on the wall watching the excitement, and looked at Duan Yu with joy. It is a pity that all the people present were angry and angry except for her.

I thought that Duan Yu should be a masterpiece, but I never wanted Gong Guangjie to hit him with a palm, and hit him on the ground without any power to fight him. At the critical moment, Zhong Ling came forward to rescue Duan Yu. She was only a girl of about 16 or 17 years old, but she had a good ability to make light poisoning skills, and raised a mink to tease Gong Guangjie and get embarrassed in public.

Duan Yu had never seen it before, and he saw it with gusto. A person walked through the door, dressed as a disciple of the same clan. When the clothes were untied, there was no injury at all. It was obviously very poisonous, especially the words faintly visible on the chest. On a closer look, there were eight big black characters: Shennong Gang’s Punishment Immeasurable Sword.

The black characters are deep into the texture, and they are not written with ink pen. There is a letter hidden in the clothes, which basically asks Zuo Zimu to cut off his right hand and exit Wuliangshan, otherwise he will bloodbath the Wuliangjian faction. Gong Guangjie’s face changed drastically, and he suddenly dropped his letter paper and kept twitching. Soon, his palms became deep black, and he was eventually corroded by toxins and died.

With only a stick of incense left and right, he lost two disciples one after another, and no matter what Duan Yu’s background was, the Zhong Ling was unpredictable, and no one dared to act rashly. Fortunately, Zhong Ling was very interested, so he revealed some clues to Zuo Zimu. It is said that the Shennong Gang gave the order of Lingjiu Palace and vowed to find out the truth about Wuliang Yubi.

The information in just a few words has horrified everyone, and the situation is urgent now. Zuo Zimu tried to stop her in order to let Zhong Ling know the details. However, Zhong Ling didn’t think he was afraid, including turning a deaf ear to the long sword in his hand, but Zuo Zimu was bitten by Diao’er, and instantly became numb and weak. The disciples were shocked to see that Xiao Mino was so quick and spiritual as lightning, and they had to let Zhong Ling take Duan Yu to leave.

Unknowingly, a few days later, Qiao Feng stopped outside the Shaolin Temple with his whipping horse, and was led by Xu Zhu to the backyard. The gang leader Wang Jiantong discussed countermeasures with the master abbots. Considering that the emperor was young and the empress dowager was suffering from illness, Daliao must have hidden the heart of a tiger and wolf. In order to make plans as soon as possible, Abbot Xuanci decided to immediately repair the book and send it to Dali, reminding Duan Zhengchun to do more defense. As for the inquiries on the border, he will be dealt with by the Beggar Gang.

There was still a fierce fight in the main hall of Shaolin Temple. Although it was fierce but not long-lasting, after just a few strokes, one person was defeated by Murong Fu. The martial arts heroes from all walks of life gathered here, but the results of this year’s martial arts conference are clear. Unexpectedly, Qiao Feng came in from outside the door and caused an uproar.

As we all know, the rumors of “North Qiaofeng and South Murong” mean that among all the younger generations, these two are evenly matched. Murong Fu’s martial arts moves are complex and changeable, and he is very good at reversing the strength of the “Dou Zhuan Xing Yi”, so Qiao Feng wanted to break the move and had to resort to “Don’t use Qianlong.”

Murong Fu was caught off guard, and when he hurriedly closed his palms to block, he couldn’t stand it, and took a few steps after being shocked. Seeing this, Qiao Feng stepped forward to support him, and subconsciously blocked Murong Fu’s sneak attack. In the end, Murong Fu lost his power and surrendered his anger and conceded himself. The result of the battle in the main hall was passed to the backyard wing. The abbots praised him very much. Wang Jiantong was very pleased and planned to pass the position of the beggar gang leader to Qiao Feng.

After the martial arts conference, the disciples of the Shaolin Temple talked about it, by the way, mocking Xuzhu will only sweep the floor and do nothing. Xu Zhu is naturally kind and unwilling to make enemies with others, and often becomes the target of bullying by his brothers. Even if the other side finds faults repeatedly, they still treat each other with humility. Abbot Xuanci watched the whole process, knowing that Xuzhu had unlimited potential, and gave him more private advice.

After coming out of the Wuliang Shrine, Zhong Ling and Duan Yu went all the way together. The two talked very happily, but they diverged in terms of saving people. Duan Yu saw that the Shennong Gang was cooking poison to deal with Wuliangjian. Zhong Ling persuaded Duan Yu not to move, so he could only go to the Shennong Gang with him. Unfortunately, this angered the gang leader Si Kongxuan. If Xiao Miao hadn’t helped each other, I’m afraid the two would not be able to escape.

Qiao Feng’s deployment plan was to assign gangs to hide in the border and take the opportunity to explore the Liao camp’s increase in troops and the configuration of the camp. Wang Jiantong talked to Qiao Feng alone, and saw him running around for the beggar gang, even rushing into the enemy camp alone, and almost died. After all, he could safely pass on the dog-playing method and officially appointed Qiao Feng as the ninth-generation new gang leader.

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