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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 5 Recap

After the meeting, Zhao Xiankun called Wang Yang to the office alone and took out the report letter. Originally, Wang Yang wanted to dismiss Su Yao immediately, but Chen Simin considered Zhou Jun’s sake and persuaded Wang Yang to deal with it calmly, and he planned to force Su Xiao away in a safe manner.

Chen Simin appointed Su Xiao to bid for the art museum project. In fact, she wanted to give her the most difficult troubles. As long as there were mistakes or failure to meet the standards during the period, she could find an excuse to be expelled. Although this task seemed difficult, it was at least precious to Su Xiao, and she decided to take this opportunity to prove herself.

As many internal documents of Tiancheng Company were not standardized, Su Xiao could not accurately obtain last month’s project profit statement, so he had to work overtime to search. For several days in a row, Su Xiao stayed up until the middle of the night every night. If he couldn’t bear it, he would find a sofa to rest. Du Juan thought that Su Xiao was doing useless work. After all, almost no one in the entire group could beat Xia Ming, but Su Xiao He didn’t mind, he was still full of energy.

All the senior executives of the company received emails from the group one after another and learned that the audit mobilization meeting was about to be held. Because of the sudden incident, everyone was at a loss. Lu Zhengming saw that Su Xiao was working so hard. After all, he couldn’t bear it. He wanted to ask Chen Simin to explain that, but to no avail, he took the initiative to help Su Xiao complete the project and almost deleted her most important data by mistake.

After coming all night and all night, the tender was finally completed successfully. Although Su Xiao saw that he was signed by Lu Zhengming, he inevitably felt uncomfortable in his heart, but considering that he was still a newcomer, he could bear it for the time being. Fortunately, at this meeting, Su Xiao’s hard work was rewarded, and Tiancheng successfully won the bid, even Xia Ming was surprised.

When Wang Yang, who was on vacation in Thailand, learned of the incident, he hurried back to China, because he did not expect that such a large project would fall into Tiancheng’s hands. To lose money. Because of this, Chen Simin approached Su Xiao and claimed that she did not proceed according to the actual situation, so he issued a dismissal letter.

Despite this unfair treatment, Su Xiao still respected the company’s decision. He went back to the workbench alone to pack his things. When he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of a question. It was about the company only considering that the project might make them. Lose money without paying attention to the point.

Su Xiao suddenly realized that, so she handed over the cost management plan she wrote to Wang Yang, and clearly pointed out that the company did not know how to control costs before doing projects, and it would suffer serious losses in materials. So she proposed a solution and believed that the company was subcontracting. The material saved as agreed in the contract shall be shared proportionally by both parties.

Wang Yang became interested in Su Xiao’s proposal, but he was more concerned about the price of 52 million yuan. Even if the excess material consumption is resolved, it may be difficult to reach the 12% profit point. Hearing Wang Yang’s doubts, Su Xiao directly came up with a new trade agreement. If firewood is imported from Russia in accordance with the agreement, it would be enough to reduce the cost by 7%. This is not only Su Xiao’s in-depth understanding, including Xia Ming. Heard.

After seeing Su Xiao’s abilities, Wang Yang was pleasantly surprised by this and felt that he had finally found the talent he dreamed of, so he promised to go through the qualified entry procedures for her, so that he could work at Tiancheng with peace of mind in the future. Originally, Chen Simin had just explained to Zhou Jun about the expulsion, but he didn’t expect to be suddenly told that Su Xiao would go through the group procedures.

After the communication between Chen Simin and Su Xiao, and Wu Hongmei personally drafted the employment contract for her, the signing was completed quickly. Wu Hongmei praised Su Xiao’s hardships, and finally got her life on the right track. She took the contract to find Maria to stamp her, but Maria couldn’t help being surprised when she saw Su Xiao’s name.

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