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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 2 Recap

Due to the sudden and large impact of the incident, all the high-level people who participated in this meeting did not think about how to shirk their responsibilities, and pointed the finger at Tianke one after another. As the first responsible entity, Zhongjian Group is naturally inevitably involved in public opinion. Xia Ming grasped this point and repeatedly emphasized the negligence of Tianke’s temporary buildings. But if you want to solve the problem fundamentally, you must take a correct attitude. .

Su Xiao ordered a meal from outside and brought it to the conference room. Xia Ming took the initiative to help. He mentioned that the cost engineer should also understand that each cost table contains interpersonal relationships, because it is the personal relationship of the graduate tutor on the premise of ensuring that the table is clean. Important advice. Although Su Xiao understood Xia Ming’s meaning, she still responded politely and firmly believed that seeking truth from facts was the fundamental.

After a long meeting and discussion, the personnel of the several parties were partially responsible for the matter, including Su Xiao who was still in the dark. Pan Jianhua reported private grudges, believing that Su Xiao had not fulfilled his audit responsibilities, and that Zhongjian Company needed to make a scapegoat, so he decided to give him expulsion.

Su Xiao was caught off guard by the sudden notice of dismissal, like a bolt from the blue. Yu Chao pretended to apologize, saying that he had repeatedly pleaded with the leader to no avail, and almost everyone had been punished. After leaving the office, Su Xiao simply packed up his things and walked out of the office building in despair. At this moment, he needed the comfort of her boyfriend. However, Zhou Jun claimed that he was with the leader in the hospital and could not walk away, and refused her to come.

Fortunately, as early as before, Su Xiao found the hospital based on Zhou Jun’s mobile phone location, and finally ran into him at the corner of the corridor and had an affair with the female leader. Recalling that Li Xue, a cadre of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, had cast hostile glances at herself. At first, she was puzzled and did not delve into it, but now she finally understands why the other party has such glances.

Seeing the two leaning against the window talking and laughing, their physical contact getting closer and closer, Su Xiao felt that the whole world was collapsing. Originally, Su Xiao took the photo and was going to confront her. It happened that the leader of the Construction Bureau appeared, so that she couldn’t bear to tear her face in public, and she simply resisted tears and turned and left.

In the long wait, Su Xiao recalled many things, including her and Zhou Jun from college to graduation, although life is difficult but also happy. But who would have thought that the most aspiring and hard-hearted man at the beginning is now inevitably reduced to a soft-fried man. To achieve his goal, he will use any means to achieve his goal. He would rather betray his dignity and climb into the high branch of a female leader instead of continuing to live. In the humble days, even the reputation is to protect Su Xiao, in order to create a better future for her.

Zhou Jun had succeeded in being a victim of fame and wealth, Su Xiao was greatly disappointed in him, and decisively dropped the ring and walked out. At the same time, Su Xiao’s parents met Zhou’s mother in the supermarket and just wanted to say hello to the quasi-in-law, but they didn’t expect the other party to turn a blind eye. Mother Su didn’t care too much. On the contrary, Dad Su felt strange, especially when he didn’t answer the call to Zhou Jun, so he planned to go to Shanghai to find out about the situation with his daughter.

Yinghai Group held a meeting on the settlement project. Xia Ming, Huang Lilin and all the senior leaders of Yinghai Group attended the meeting. Wang Mingyu reported to Zhao Xiankun that the accident caused more than 20 million losses, stupefied to target Huang Lilin. For this reason, Xia Ming took out the “Cement Research Report” prepared in advance on the spot. He believed that Tianke, as a subsidiary, had no independent material rights. The price received from the group was 8% higher than that of the market. The group turned in profits, which caused financial problems.

Fundamentally, it is nothing more than level imbalance. Xia Ming clearly pointed out that the group’s difference between general contracting and subsidiaries is probably contrary to the collective spirit. Zhao Xiankun did not respond positively to Xia Ming’s doubts, and found any reason to suspend the meeting. At the same time, he noticed that the ambitious Xia Ming seemed to see himself back then. Wang Mingyu reported Huang Lilin to Zhao Xiankun in private, but was asked about the price of supplies. He barely managed to cope with it, and was disturbed by Zhao Xiankun’s obscure attitude.

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