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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 26 Recap

Chen Boyuan took Taoyao all the way to a dilapidated house. Taoyao mistakenly thought that Chen Boyuan was still pretending to be poor and followed him quietly. Unexpectedly, the creditor had been waiting for a long time. They forced Chen Boyuan to pay back the money immediately, and Chen Boyuan repeatedly explained Lin Shaochun had already paid 100 taels of silver for him, and Tao Yao was instantly dumbfounded.

It turned out that Chen Boyuan was chased by his creditors and had nowhere to settle down. Lin Shaochun promised to help him pay back the money. As long as he took Taoyao out of the capital, Chen Boyuan promised that Taoyao realized that she was caught in Lin Shaochun’s trap, and she regretted it. The creditors forced Chen Boyuan to pay back the money, but he had no money, so he had to sell Taoyao to pay off the debt. The creditors took Taoyao away on the spot, and Taoyao was so angry that Taoyao cursed.

Shen Qingyao and Aunt Mei came to pick Sun Shijie home in person. Sun Shijie had no face to go back. He decided to be self-reliant from now on, and Taoyao would come back when he earned money. Shen Qingyao was worried. Yao Dizhu followed Erye and others to Twilight, and was attacked halfway by masked men in black.

They snatched the hairpin on Yao Dizhu’s head. It was given to her by Liu Huilan before his death. Killed all the assassins, snatched the hairpins back, and found a note hidden inside. Liu Huilan was snatched back by the wild wolf to be the wife of the village. She wanted to escape, but she died unexpectedly.

That night, Yao Dizhu followed Er Ye and others to take shelter in the ruined temple. She casually said that she was going to Twilight to find Sun Junhao to settle the account. Er Ye did not admit that she was Sun Junhao, but silently sprinkled Yao Dizhu’s clothes on. Pear pollen also picked up the flute and played the tune on the grassland. Yao Dizhu was deeply attracted by the bold and unrestrained tune.

In the morning of the next day, Erye will take the team to perform the task and send Ah Jiu to send Yao Dizhu away, so as not to be caught by the wolf. Yao Dizhu doesn’t appreciate it at all. He wants to go to Twilight alone, but it’s far from Twilight. There are still two days away. After walking for a while, Yao Dizhu was so tired that her waist was sore and her legs hurt. She had to stop and rest. As soon as she took out a sesame seed, she attracted three wild dogs. Yao Dizhu was scared and fled in embarrassment, and finally climbed. Go up the tree.

Three dogs were suddenly killed. A masked man in black caught Yao Dizhu back to see the wild wolf. The wild wolf forced Yao Dizhu to take out Liu Huilan’s things. Yao Dizhu asked about three things, and the wild wolf ordered Yao Dizhu to be taken. Killed, the second master rushed to rescue people in time, accidentally injured his arm, the bandits were killed and wounded, the wild wolf saw the situation and hurried away with the rest of the people. Yao Dizhu thanked Er Ye for his life-saving grace, but he did not expect Er Ye had been secretly protecting her from behind. Er Ye persuaded Yao Dizhu to go home as soon as possible. She insisted on going to Twilight.

Yao Dizhu has been studying piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy since she was a child. She dreams of finding a good man when she grows up. Master advises her not to stick to this. People who really care about this don’t really like her.

Good men should aim to be everywhere and don’t care about these little things. , Yao Dizhu always remembered the words of the master, she found that the second master is such a real man. The second master was bandaging the wound by the river alone. Yao Dizhu took the initiative to help. He wanted to follow the second master to the twilight city. The second master was angry and wanted to tie her up and take her away. Yao Dizhu vowed to come again.

When the second master was about to leave, Yao Dizhu suddenly fainted. Second master found that she had a high fever. He quickly called Ah Jiu to take her back to Twilight to see Mr. Baicao. Mr. Baicao asked Yao Dizhu to stay for a while to recuperate. The second master had no choice but to give up. After Mr. Baicao’s meticulous care, Yao Dizhu quickly recovered. She took the initiative to help Mr. Baicao with medicine.

In order to make Yao Dizhu give up, the second master deliberately found a soldier to pretend to be Sun Junhao and let the two of them have a good talk. Yao Dizhu asked the fake Sun Junhao to inquire about the crime and gave him a severe lesson. The second master urged Yao Dizhu to go home as soon as possible. Yao Dizhu excused that the illness was not good enough to stay away. The second master worried that she could not explain the accident and Yao Dizhu would stay to defend the country.

Mr. Baicao told Yao Dizhu about the second master’s experience in detail. He and his brothers fought desperately on the battlefield. In the end, he was the only one who survived. Mr. Baicao and his female disciple Qu Linger rescued the second master from the dead. After coming out, the second master was depressed all day long after he recovered from his injury. Qu Linger carefully took care of him and desperately tried to make him happy. Finally, the second master was moved by Qu Linger. He followed Qu Linger to the mountains to pick medicine and go to the market to buy vegetables.

Qu Linger brought Erye to the city to sell medicine. Seeing that the army was conscripting to suppress the bandits, Erye shuddered when he thought of the nine-dead war. Qu Linger hurried to comfort him and not let him go to war again, so he took him there. He sold medicine and gave him a flute. The wild wolf and the bandits suddenly came here to raid. Qu Ling’er was reluctant to throw away those precious medicinal materials, so he hurriedly packed up. The wild wolf took the knife and killed Qu Ling’er. The second master was heartbroken, and he rekindled. Fighting spirit killed the bandits on the spot, and the wild wolf took the opportunity to sneak away. In order to protect the people of Twilight City and to commemorate Qu Ling’er, Er Ye signed up for the army again.

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