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Broker 掮客 Episode 36 Recap

Father Qiu finally agreed to help Zhou Xiaoshan, but Qiu Jianing was in the whirlpool, struggling very much. Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan watched the flag-raising ceremony together, and then told him that she figured it out. She didn’t want to admit defeat because she hoped that no matter what field in the future, as long as the achievements made by the Chinese were praised rather than questioned, it would take a lot. Human effort. Qiu Jianing wanted to give a tooth for a tooth. Zhou Xiaoshan called Father Qiu and said that she had figured it out and didn’t need to tie her to the press conference. Qiu Jianing was a little speechless, she said that she needed Qiu’s father for help.

Qiu Jianing, Zhou Xiaoshan and others and Qiu’s father were busy all night for tomorrow’s press conference. After twelve o’clock, the secretary reminded Qiu’s father that it was his birthday, and the husband quickly said that Qiu Jianing had helped him choose gifts. Zhou Xiaoshan took out a photo of Qiu Jianing and Qiu’s father. Because they did not have time to take a group photo, Zhou Xiaoshan helped them to synthesize this photo and gave it to Qiu’s father in the name of Qiu Jianing. Qiu’s father was very moved and his attitude towards Zhou Xiaoshan Also loosened.

Qiu Jianing is in a good mood, but she has to meet someone before the press conference. Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan went to see Wen Zhao, hoping that he would attend tomorrow’s press conference, and they also said that they knew that this was all set by him, but she was not Xianglan, and would not compromise. Wen Zhao said that no one loves Pandan more than him. He watched Pandan wither and die in front of him day by day, all because of Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing persuaded Wen Zhao to look forward, and Wen Zhao asked Zhou Xiaoshan, are you worthy? Qiu Jianing said that she will not escape, nor will she complain that everything will come to light tomorrow from Zhou Xiaoshan.

Wen Zhao had something to say to Zhou Xiaoshan alone. He hadn’t told Qiu Jianing about Zhou Xiaoshan’s true identity. This was his biggest weakness. Wen Zhao wants Zhou Xiaoshan to go back with himself, otherwise he will tell Qiu Jianing that Qiu Jianing will also become Zhou Xiaoshan’s accomplice in stealing the formula, and Zhou Xiaoshan has one night to make a choice. On the next day, at the press conference, Qiu Jianing will clarify these rumors one by one, saying that the reason why he left Harry’s laboratory was because Harry had plagiarized her paper. Susie also suddenly appeared to testify for Qiu Jianing, and Harry was very angry when he saw this.

After thanking Qiu Jianing, she explained that the revised article had been posted on her Weibo. As for her betrayal of the laboratory, she invited Qiu’s father. Qiu’s father stated that Qiu Jianing is his daughter, and money and fame will never shake her determination to scientific research. He even found the original video and found that the video on the Internet was edited. The real video was played on the spot, restoring the scene of Qiu Jianing’s rejection of the other party, and then Qiu’s father said that he would file a lawsuit against the person who discredited Qiu Jianing.

Qiu Jiaxin was so excited when she saw the live broadcast, Qin Bin took a cake to coax her. The press conference continued, Qiu Jianing said that he stood up not only for himself, but also for the honor of Chinese scientists. China will become stronger and stronger! Qin Bin complained about Qiu Fu and Qiu Jianing, who belonged to high IQ people. Why did they fall off a cliff when they arrived at Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jiaxin pulled his collar and complained.

Unexpectedly, the two of them were hit by Jiang Xiaoye’s intimate behavior. Jiang Xiaoye and Qin Bin had a fight and dragged Qiu Jiaxin away. Qin Bin took her arm and said that something was looking for her. The two almost fought, Qiu Jiaxin took the bag and left. Jiang Xiaoye quickly caught up to explain, but Qiu Jiaxin asked to calm down. Maybe she didn’t like Jiang Xiaoye as much as she thought. She was attracted by his idol aura. The relationship started in a hasty, but they weren’t suitable. Qiu Jiaxin officially broke up with Jiang Xiaoye, and Jiang Xiaoye could only watch her leave.

The conference was very successful. Qiu Jianing and Susie thanked her, and Susie encouraged her. Wen Zhao asked Zhou Xiaoshan again, have they really never met in the university? Wen Zhao said that Zhou Xiaoshan’s past was very exciting, and it seems that everyone is not clear. Zhou Xiaoshan’s face was stiff and he admitted that he lied to everyone. He didn’t expect Wen Zhao to go on to say that they were buddies when he was in college. Zhou Xiaoshan had hurt him when he was in college. Qiu Jianing’s eyes were a little strange.

Qiu Jiaxin went to find Qin Bin but was stopped by Zhao Yan. Qiu Jiaxin heard the voice of Qin Bin and a girl inside. Zhao Yan hesitated to say that she was Qin Bin’s ex-girlfriend, but they had nothing to do anymore, just the body. Come to Qin Bin if you feel uncomfortable. Qiu Jiaxin was a little sad, turned around and left. Qin Bin sent away his ex-girlfriend, Zhao Yan chased him and asked if he was really relieved, Qin Bin kept emphasizing that they were just pure friendship. Zhao Yan hesitated and told him about Qiu Jiaxin’s visit, and Qin Bin hurried to find Qiu Jiaxin.

Qiu Jiaxin sat in a daze in the cafe. Qin Bin asked her if she had something to say to herself. Qiu Jiaxin said that she had broken up with Jiang Xiaoye. Qin Bin deliberately didn’t follow her and said, turning around and going back to work overtime, Qiu Jiaxin was depressed again. Qin Bin took her by the hand and said that Qiu Jiaxin could tell herself that he was very happy, but Qiu Jiaxin got angry and told him not to see a doctor for his ex-girlfriend. Qin Bin quickly explained that she had been abroad and that after coming back, no one knew him and could only look for him.

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