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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 35 End Recap

Yan Changjun blamed Xu Chengyi for selling his software Xu Chengyi and Xin Lingwei. Now Lingwei wants to sell Xu Chengyi’s software and Xu Chengyi also chooses Xin Lingwei. Yan Changjun feels that Xu Chengyi has not made progress. And Lin Wo was pregnant with Xu Chengyi.

He once said that he would go to the United States after graduation, but after graduation, Xu Chengyi only wanted to study algorithms, not thinking about going abroad with Lin Wo at all. When I returned to China, Linwo wanted to get back together with Xu Chengyi, but Xu Chengyi only had Xia Yan in his heart. Ling Wei didn’t know how sad it was.

The last time Xia Yan was in danger in the elevator, Lin Wo rescued Xu Chengyi because he was afraid that Xu Chengyi would be upset, but after rescuing Xia Yan, he still saw Xu Chengyi and the others showing affection. Ling Wei’s voice and emotion seemed to have an effect on Xu Chengyi. At this time, Xia Yan went in and told Lin Wo not to pretend to be a good person. At Han Shuang’s wedding, Ling Wei was just a video played by a hacker. If Ling Wei treats Xia Yan Well, I wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

Lin Wo continued to deny, Xia Yan pointed out Lin Wo’s tricks. Xia Yan told Lin Wo that she would be grateful for saving her before, but the things that harmed her and her girlfriends had to be settled. Xu Chengyi also told Ling Wei not to be wrong, and quickly stopped. Ling Wei was disappointed when Xu Chengyi said that. Even if she was reluctant to Xu Chengyi, she should let it go.

When the contract with the United States is over, she will return to the United States. Xia Yan told Chairman Ling Wei that he had sent the Americans away, Xu Chengyi had completed the algorithm, and Xia Yan had already shown the algorithm to the chairman, so the company would not sell the baby at a low price. Ling Wei didn’t believe that Xu Chengyi would solve the algorithm in a short time, so she still had a chance to win back after several times. But Xia Yan told Ling Wei that she had no chance.

The hacker had confessed, and Lin Hao was caught, and also confessed that Ling Wei ordered him to do everything. Now Ling Wei has lost everything and Xu Chengyi has also lost to her. Ling Wei was unwilling to refuse to fight Xia Yan and was caught by Xu Chengyi.

Xu Chengyi warned Ling Wei not to bully his woman and to pay the price for what she did. Ling Wei was anxious and threatened that Xu Chengyi would not be too long even if he was in jail, and he would surely ask them to pay back in grief after he went out. Xia Yan smiled and called the police outside the door to tell them that Ling Wei had admitted. Only then did Ling Wei realize that Xia Yan had been tempting her to confess.

Yan Changjun admired Xia Yan’s actions very much, and felt that Xu Chengyi could catch up with Xia Yan’s beauties, and he should go to fall in love. Xu Chengyi apologized to Yan Changjun who had blamed him before, and Yan Changjun told Xu Chengyi to be polite. They were still brothers. The chairman also went in and asked Xu Chengyi to hold a press conference to introduce his algorithm to everyone. At the meeting, Xu Chengyi gave his algorithm to technology companies all over the world for free, and wanted to share the results with the world.

Under Xu Chengyi’s leadership, SG’s share price has soared. The company’s colleagues also asked Xia Yan to take the post of director in unison. Thanks to the efforts of Xia Yan and everyone, the planet of girlfriends went online soon.

Xu Chengyi told Xia Yan to open a branch in Beijing. The chairman called Xu Chengyi to take up the post. Xu Chengyi wanted Xia Yan’s support. Although Xia Yan was reluctant to separate from Xu Chengyi, he still had to support his work.

Huo Kai also went back to see Ma Xiangnan, so Ma Xiangnan hurried out to meet, but she didn’t expect that it was just an illusion. Ma Xiangnan sends messages to Huo Kai every day, although she has not replied, but she insists on it. Ma Xiangnan wants to let Huo Kai know that no matter what happens to him, Ma Xiangnan will always wait for him to return. Finally one day Ma Xiangnan saw Huo Kai’s reply asking her to listen to NetEase Cloud’s new song, and Huo Kai also miraculously appeared in front of Ma Xiangnan.

Han Shuang drove a sports car and wore a wedding dress to find Mark. This time she wanted Mark to marry him, hoping that Mark could marry her once. They won’t be holding a wedding, they want to travel and get married, and the two started their honeymoon life in a sports car.

Zhao Xiaolei returned to her hometown and became a teacher for the children. After class, she saw the seal left by her uncle before, which was also deeply engraved with the word “Xiao”. On the opposite side is the figure of the uncle, who very affectionately hopes that Zhao Xiaolei can accept him, and Zhao Xiaolei’s love world finally has results.

Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi are separated from each other by video chat every day. Suddenly one day Xia Yan could not get through when calling Xu Chengyi. This made Xia Yan very worried about Xu Chengyi’s safety. There was no news for a week. Han Shuang’s alarm for Xia Yan must be Xu Chengyi’s derailment, or otherwise. I haven’t believed it for so long.

Xia Yan went to the chairman to know the whereabouts of Xu Chengyi, and the chairman called Xia Yan. Don’t worry. Xu Chengyi is no longer in Beijing. Although Xu Chengyi repeatedly confessed not to tell Xia Yan, the chairman looked at Xia Yan and worried about Xu Chengyi. I couldn’t bear it anymore, telling Xia Yan that Xu Chengyi was recuperating now, fearing that Xia Yan was worried that he would hide it from them. Xia Yan went to find Xu Chengyi and cried, Xu Chengyi also missed Xia Yan, and the two couldn’t help but kiss each other tightly when they finally met. (End of play)

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