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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 25 Recap

Xu Fengqiao went to Dali Temple to appeal for grievances and sued the beggar for his robbery. Sun Yulou accepted the case. The beggars were all homeless women and children after the flood. The shantang was just a drop in the bucket. They couldn’t watch the children starve to death, so they had to block the way and robbed. Sun Yulou decided not to pursue it and promised to compensate Xu Fengqiao for his loss.

Xu Fengqiao went home to complain to Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao, Lin Shaochun promised to compensate her for all the losses, Xu Fengqiao refused to give up, Sun Xun reminded Sun Yu downstairs not to be an example. For the first time Sun Yulou realized that being a parent official is not easy, and Lin Shaochun promised to help him find a way. Soon after, Lin Shaochun settled down the homeless old and weak women and children.

Xu Fengqiao tried his best to win over Wu Yuehong and wanted her to protect herself. Lin Shaochun admitted to Xu Fengqiao her mistakes and brought Wu Yuehong to teach those women and children to practice martial arts. Physical fitness, but also self-defense, Wu Yuehong naturally can’t ask for knowledge. She practiced the exercises with the disciples every day, ate together, and talked about the housework. Wu Yuehong felt more enjoyable than ever.

Wu Yuhong returned to the house in a carriage, and saw Sun Shijie selling calligraphy and paintings on the street and bargaining with customers from a distance. Wu Yuehong felt sorry for him and asked Shijian to find someone he didn’t know to buy all of Sun Shijie’s calligraphy and painting. Wu Yuehong hung Sun Shijie’s calligraphy and paintings in the room, her heart sighed.

Soon afterwards, Wu Yuehong’s female disciples all found their owners by virtue of martial arts. They specially bought rouge gouache to thank Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong thought of Sun Shijie, who was struggling to survive, with mixed feelings in her heart. Sun Shijie was selling calligraphy and painting at a roadside stall, and someone came to provoke him and forced him to give up the stall. Sun Shijie was not convinced, so he fought hard with that person, who punched and kicked him.

Sun Xun passed by, sent a housekeeper to rescue Sun Shijie, and then drove away in the car. Shen Qingyao learned that Sun Shijie was being bullied outside and complained that Sun Xun should not stand by. Sun Xun wanted Sun Shijie to suffer a bit so that he could repent. Shen Qingyao wanted to visit Sun Shijie. Sun Xun resolutely refused to agree. Yao, Aunt Mei hurried over to persuade her to fight, but Shen Qingyao didn’t allow her to blend in.

Lin Shaochun, Wu Yuehong and Xu Fengqiao came after hearing the news. Shen Qingyao was willing to let Taoyao marry in and save Sun Shijie’s life. Sun Xun just didn’t let go, Lin Shaochun promised to find a way to take Sun Shijie home. Taoyao learned of Sun Xun’s indifferent attitude towards Sun Shijie. She still didn’t believe that Sun Xun would give up Sun Shijie. She decided to continue to gamble, believing that she would be married into Sun’s house sooner or later.

Sun Shijie went to the restaurant to help, and brought back the rest of the guests’ meals to Taoyao. Taoyao couldn’t eat it, so she told her maid Songlian to put it away. She decided to continue to sing from tomorrow. Taoyao went to the teahouse to play the piano. The melodious sound of the piano deeply moved the audience present. Chen Boyuan took the initiative to sell a poem to Taoyao. Taoyao could see at a glance that Chen Boyuan was pretending to be poor. He wore the finest Lingluo inside. She deliberately put on a commoner outside, Taoyao refused to let the big fish go, and took out all the money on the spot to buy this poem.

Tao Yao composed a song for Chen Boyuan’s poem. The two people Qin Se and Ming, and they cooperated very well. Tao Yao repeatedly claimed that he wanted to find a man who agrees to spend his life with. Chen Boyuan had long heard about her and Sun Shijie. Tao Yao lied. Claiming that Sun Shijie was always beating and scolding her, Chen Boyuan gritted his teeth with anger and vowed to break Sun Shijie’s body into pieces. Tao Yao wanted to catch Chen Boyuan and persuaded him to find a woman he liked, and promised to marry Chen Boyuan in the next life. Chen Boyuan was anxious to beat his chest.

Taoyao sent Songlian to investigate Chen Boyuan’s family background. Songlian quickly found out that Chen Boyuan’s ancestor was a well-known imperial merchant. This time she entered Beijing to deliver goods to Ouchi. Taoyao was very happy and took Chen Boyuan. As a life-saving straw. Sun Shijie came back after selling the calligraphy and painting, and gave the two taels of silver he earned to Tao Yao. Tao Yao went back to the room to rest under the excuse of being unwell, and asked him to go back first. Sun Shijie had no choice but to leave.

Chen Boyuan came to Taoyao early in the morning and showed her his heart on the spot. Chen Boyuan claimed to be penniless and owed a large amount of foreign debt, but he really liked Taoyao and vowed to treat her well. Taoyao was happy. Sun Shijie sold out the calligraphy and paintings and came to Taoyao. Taoyao showed off to him, admitting that she had never liked him before, and asked Sun Shijie to continue to return to the Sun Mansion to be a young master. Signed and detained. Since then, the two are not owed. Sun Shijie was heartbroken. Tao Yao forcibly took his hand to press the fingerprint, and then left with Songlian without looking back. Sun Shijie was immediately dumbfounded.

Chen Boyuan was waiting for Taoyao at the dock early. Taoyao was too late and brought Sun Shijie to press the handprints. Chen Boyuan claimed to be a family member and was unable to feed Songlian. Taoyao gave Songlian a sum of money, and then followed Chen Boyuan on board and left. NS.

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