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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 3 Recap

Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue were almost hit by a basketball when they were playing on the court. Zhou Siyue grabbed Ding Xian into his arms and blocked the basketball with his arm. Ding Xian suddenly felt Zhou Siyue’s caring blush and ran away. After returning to the classroom, everyone shared chocolates. Ding Xian turned around and gave Zhou Siyue a piece, but Zhou Siyue’s bowls at the same table asked them not to eat them.

Chocolate, their family has a lot to bring back to Zhou Siyue. This made Ding Xian’s face a little embarrassed, but Zhou Siyue didn’t care about the bowl, and then he took the chocolate from her hand and stuffed it into his mouth. Everyone sneered at the practice of bowls and bowls, and always liked to demean others and raise them up. Yourself.

After Ding Xian returned home, her mother asked her to go to the game hall to find her younger brother. Ding Juncong didn’t want to go back, and even lied to her mother that Ding Xian beat him. He grabbed Ding Xian angrily by his brother’s ears and went back. At this time, Zhou Siyue and Zhou Siyue Several classmates also went to play games, Ding Xian quickly let go of his younger brother, and Zhou Siyue directly dropped a sentence saying that Ding Xian moved back after school and walked away.

Wanwan told Ding Xian to change seats with her, because Zhou Siyue Si Yue talked to her and said that Ding Xian had poor grades and wanted to help her make up classes, so he thought about changing her seat back. When several people played the game, Ding Xian’s dance machine beat Song Ziqi, which made everyone have a different view of Ding Xian. After that, Ding Xian wanted to play with Zhou Siyue on the claw machine, but he didn’t expect to lose to Zhou Siyue, so angry Ding Xian took his younger brother and went back.

After Ding Xian went home, she wanted to discuss with her mother to buy a mobile phone. Her classmates couldn’t find herself if she wanted to contact her. However, her mother did not agree, thinking that students should not hold a mobile phone and should focus on studying.

The teacher Liu, the teacher in charge of the class, asked Zhou Si more and felt that he had ulterior motives for being at the same table with Ding Xian. At this time, Ding Wencheng passed. The more Zhou Si hurriedly said that he wanted Ding Xian to help Chinese class. He happened to have good math scores. They could help each other. Ding Wencheng felt that Zhou Siyue’s proposal was very good, and the head teacher had no choice but to agree with their views and promised that Zhou Siyue could sit with Ding Xian.

Ding Xian’s mathematics performance has been stagnant. This is called Ding Xian’s helplessness. He never thought of relying on key universities. The ideal goal is Hangzhou. Zhou Siyue asked Ding Xian to talk to him if he didn’t understand. Although Ding Xian saw that Zhou Siyue was always inattentive when he was in class, Zhou Siyue’s grades had always been very good. Ding Xian always thought that as long as she put in more time, she would get the desired result, but the more Zhou Si told her to master the correct method, otherwise it would be twice the result with half the effort.

After returning home, my mother read Ding Xian’s notes less and less, thinking she must be lazy, but my dad felt that Ding Xian’s only important point was a good way to learn. Ding Xian told them that it was Zhou Siyue’s idea, dad. Mom thinks that you have to learn more from others.

The next day Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian went to school together, and the more Zhou Si was afraid that Ding Xian’s schoolbag was too heavy, he helped carry them together. When he arrived at school, he ran into a Yang Chunzi who was on sick leave. It seemed that Yang Chunzi had a good impression of Zhou Siyue. During lunch, Yang Chunzi took the initiative to go to Zhou Siyue, which made everyone feel that Ding Xian had met a rival. The class teacher asked everyone to select the class cadres. Deng Wanwan was formerly acting as the squad leader, and now she takes the initiative to ask for orders, hoping to continue to support her as the squad leader.

The teacher asked Zhou Siyue to be a study committee member, but he gave it to He Xingwen. Song Ziqi took the initiative to become a sports committee member. It was the turn of the literature and art committee. Sun Shadi wanted Ding Xiandang, and was given by Yang Chunzi when Ding Xian got up. Be the first. Later, when Yang Chunzi saw that Ding Xian painted well, she asked her if she could make a newspaper report with herself, but Sun Shadi felt that Yang Chunzi just had a pure face, so don’t be deceived by her appearance.

Ding Xian always used Chinese characters to mark her English. Zhou Siyue told her to use phonetic symbols, but Ding Xian seemed a little impatient. When the English teacher asked her questions, Ding Xian hesitated to be criticized by the teacher. After that, Yang Chunzi spoke very well. Standard, this is what Ding Xian feels a little inferior in front of Zhou Siyue. After that, I went to talk to Su Bocong and talked about this matter. I felt that Zhou Siyue had a good impression of Yang Chunzi, and Su Bocong solved Ding Xian, and he would have that kind of psychology in adolescence.

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