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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 40 End Recap

Chen Jiaorui also invited Mo Ming to attend this family gathering. Mo Ming believed that she called herself to show off in front of the company’s executives. Taking Chen Jiaorui’s past behaviors together, it is really difficult for Mo Ming to think otherwise. Qi Bin and Mo Ming met in the same bar. He was very depressed. I don’t know why Xiao Yan was unwilling to admit their relationship in front of everyone.

Mo Ming and Xiao Yan worked together for a long time. He felt that Xiao Yan wanted Qi more. Bin is the kind of person who applauds her in the audience, not the one who helps her in the audience. A parturient named Ms. Liu made a fuss about leaving the confinement center, Xiao Yan called Mo Ming, and Mo Ming hurried back to the confinement center.

Ms. Liu smelled the smell of alcohol on Mo Ming’s body and deliberately photographed his appearance. The next day, she complained directly to Thea about Mo Ming drinking alcohol at work. Lili learned of this from Xiao Luo from the Human Resources Department and told Chen Jiaorui about it. Chen Jiaorui asked Lili not to talk too much about the matter, and then she called Xiao Yan to remind her to prepare for the investigation of the confinement center by the director of human resources.

While reminding Xiao Yan of the incident, Chen Jiaorui also asked her to persuade Mo Ming not to drink alcohol at work. Xiao Yan turned on the speakerphone, and Mo Ming also heard Chen Jiaorui’s words. The human resources director came to investigate the next day, but did not hold Mo Ming or Xiao Yan accountable.

Taking this opportunity, Xiao Yan submitted an emergency plan to the group. Although this approach was equivalent to an indirect admission of her negligence in work, Xiao Yan still did so in order to prevent the slightest failure. Qi Bin accompanies Xiao Yan to play with Congcong. This is a picture he has imagined for a long time. He was expecting to have a child of theirs with Xiao Yan, but for the sake of Xiao Yan, he has been suppressing this idea from the bottom of his heart. ,

In this rare situation, Qi Bin told Xiao Yan all of his thoughts. You Ya plans to sell the house and build a parent-child restaurant with Yan Zhi. Cheng Haonan is very supportive of her idea. Xiao Yan found a note with the precise time in the room of the mother who insisted on leaving the confinement center. The more she thought about it, the more things went wrong.

Later, Xiao Yan handed this note to the director of the human resources department and told her own conjecture. The director admitted that they had sent the mother to undercover to investigate the confinement center. In the end, the group agreed to adopt Xiao Yan’s many emergency opinions on the confinement center. On the day of the company’s annual report meeting, Tongtong fell ill, so Chen Jiaorui could not come in time.

Xiao Yan immediately notified Mo Ming to help Chen Jiaorui take Tongtong. But when it was Chen Jiaorui’s turn to report on her work, she still did not come. In order to buy her time, Xiao Yan briefly and concisely described the balance between work and family that Chen Jiaorui has made since entering Thea. This made Chen Jiaorui very grateful. If it weren’t for Xiao Yan, she might have lost this opportunity.

Xiao Yan successfully entered Thea’s board of directors because of her excellent work ability. Chen Jiaorui also put down her grudge and congratulated her sincerely. Soon after, Chen Jiaorui was going to Beijing to open up a new market. Mo Ming took Tongtong to see Chen Jiaorui. When Chen Jiaorui turned around and was about to board the plane, Tong Tong shouted the word “Mother” to her. ,

Chen Jiaorui burst into tears in her eyes. Xiao Yan returned to the confinement center after work. She has experienced too much here, and now she comes back again, very emotional. Like Chen Jiaorui, she is an ambitious woman. In this experience, Xiao Yan has changed from a person who only loves herself to a love for family and friends and children. And Chen Jiaorui also passed the postpartum depression period and regained her life.

The end.

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