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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 31 Recap

Five years later,

Jingjing and Yu Tu both worked in their respective fields. Sister Ling asked about Jingjing’s arrangements for the second half of the year. If Jingjing did not take part in the second half of the year, the two could consider having a baby. Jingjing smiled, she and Yu Tu were already planning to have a daughter. After that, Yu Tu called Jingjing.

He had been on a business trip for a few months at the base. This time he called Jingjing in addition to daily chats, but also wanted Jingjing to come to visit the class and take a look at the rocket launch. The base has had family members visiting space launch activities in recent months. Yu Tu signed up five times and finally won the spot after the fifth time. Welcome Jingjing to the Cape Launch Center to see 38-year-old Yu Tu.

Jingjing entered the aerospace family group and arrived at the Cape Launch Center as scheduled. On the way, she came to meet Jingjing at the door. The two took the sightseeing cable car to the base hotel. On the way, Jingjing introduced the Cape Launch Center to Jingjing, except for the cafeteria. In addition to the delicious food, he will also send the Search God to space here. After listening to Jingjing, she didn’t hesitate to tell Yu Tu that this would be her favorite launch site.

Yu Tu brought Jingjing to the family’s side and went to a busy meeting. All the scientific researchers were making final preparations for the launch of the Search God, and wanted to be foolproof. After the meeting, Yu Tu returned to his room to see Jingjing. Jingjing was already familiar with the base under the company of Professor Zhao and his group. Yu Tu was a little guilty for not being able to accompany Jingjing well, but Jingjing was very considerate and let Yu With a good job, she not only can take care of herself, but also prepares to take the aerospace family to go out together.

Jingjing booked a tour guide and a tour group. She took all her family members to go out together. All the family members were happy. Only the astronauts who were busy day and night told Yu Tu. Since Jingjing came to the base Not only did they have no supper to eat, they even had to work hard to pick photos for the other half every night.

Yu Tu listened to everyone’s thoughts. Yu Tu called Jingjing on the spot, saying that she had received a complaint. Jingjing smiled and asked Yu Tu to use the handsfree. She also used the handsfree. She wondered who it was. There was an opinion, as soon as the speakerphone was turned on, everyone heard their daughter-in-law’s voice and instantly lost their opinion. Yu Tu’s mouth twitched slightly, and then slowly hung up the phone.

At night, Yu Tu returned to the room, and the rocket was about to be launched the day after tomorrow. Jingjing also decided not to go out to play anymore, and stayed at the base to take good care of Yu Tu. As the rocket launch is about to launch, Yu Tu will inevitably feel a little nervous in his heart. The search for gods carries the youth of tens of thousands of years, and the country has invested hundreds of millions of dollars. He does not allow the search for gods to make mistakes.

The two hugged each other to sleep. Jingjing mentioned that Xiao Hu’s family member Xiao Li was a little unhappy. She learned that Xiao Li was sick before, but Xiao Hu couldn’t go back. She wanted to help Xiao Li, but she didn’t know what to say. Yu Tu asked Jingjing to let the flow go. As a family member of the astronauts, if they couldn’t wait for it all the time, they couldn’t persuade others to pay. In the middle of the night, when Jingjing woke up, she found Yu Tu standing on the balcony, alone looking at the launch pad in the distance.

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