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Broker 掮客 Episode 30 Recap

Qiu’s mother asked Qiu Jianing to accompany Qiu Jia on a blind date. Zhou Xiaoshan mistakenly thought that Qiu Jianing was going to go on a blind date and was very worried. Qiu Jiaxin was about to leave the office. Qin Bin was very reluctant. Qiu Jiaxin was the first student he brought, so he wanted to see her become a better doctor. He really hoped that Qiu Jianing could stay and continue to be his apprentice. Qiu Jia was in tears.

In fact, she and Qin Bin learned a lot this year, but she still insisted on leaving. Qin Bin had to help her tidy up her things and take it to the opposite office. From today on, he is not Qiu Jiaxin’s master, they are colleagues. As soon as Qiu Jiaxin arrived at the office, Director Qian hinted that she was serving tea and pouring water, but Qiu Jiaxin did not react at first. Director Qian made Qiu Jiaxin wince, and when he saw that his cup was empty, he would refill it as soon as possible. Qiu Jia weakly agreed. Qiu Jiaxin was tortured by Director Qian for a day, and when she returned home, she asked Qiu Jianing to help her drive her blind date away.

The next day, Qiu Jia dressed up specially and put on a heavy make-up, saying that she should fully show her low-level interest. Jiang Xiaoye came when Qiu Jiaxin went to fix up her makeup. Qiu Jianing was surprised to see him, but he didn’t expect that he was Qiu Jiaxin’s blind date. Jiang Xiaoye was taken aback when he saw Qiu Jiaxin with makeup on, saying that she looked pretty without makeup last time. Qiu Jiaxin exaggeratedly said that she had always been abnormal and had a sickly aesthetic.

Jiang Xiaoye introduced himself as an LPL, Qiu Jiaxin was very excited to ask him if he knew Aye Great God, Jiang Xiaoye said that he was far away in the sky and right in front of him. Qiu Jia was very excited, and Qiu Jianing left with wink. Qiu Jiaxin suddenly became shy and rushed to the bathroom with her cosmetic bag to remove the slightly ridiculous makeup. She appeared in front of Jiang Xiaoye again without makeup. Jiang Xiaoye was a little uncomfortable, let Qiu Jiaxin do whatever he wanted, Qiu Jiaxin then let go of her slight twitching state. Jiang Xiaoye agreed to take Qiu Jiaxin to play games, and the two happily added WeChat.

Qiu Jianing was relaxing on the rooftop. Zhou Xiaoshan asked her how her blind date was. He didn’t want Qiu Jianing to live a life he didn’t want because of him. Qiu Jianing explained that she accompanied Qiu Jiaxin and said that it was impossible for them. Zhou Xiaoshan did not accompany her in the dark. Now Qiu Jianing does not need him anymore. There is no right or wrong feeling. If you missed it, don’t look back. . Qiu Jianing turned and left, Zhou Xiaoshan looked at her back with a little pain.

Zhou Xiaoshan asked Xu Qianya for help, saying that it was related to Qiu Jianing’s happiness. Xu Qianya said that she didn’t know how to help him. Qiu Jianing had encountered a person who made her remember her before, and she had a special weight in her heart. Zhou Xiaoshan laughed, because that person was him. When he said goodbye that day, Zhou Xiaoshan left something to Qiu Jianing. Wen Zhao investigated the source plan and found that Qiu Jianing had forced Susie away, who was also Zhou Xiaoshan’s beloved. Wen Zhao went to see Susie and expressed that she wanted to invest in the source plan, and to make Susie return to the source plan, so that she could get back everything she had lost. Susie finally agreed.

When Qiu Jiaxin followed Director Qian for rounds, Jiang Xiaoye came to see her sick grandmother. After the two met, Jiang Xiaoye took Qiu Jiaxin to lunch, but Qin Bin rushed over aggressively when she saw it. Jiang Xiaoye said Qiu Jiaxin was his girlfriend, and Qiu Jiaxin quickly explained to Qin Bin that he was his blind date. Qiu Jianing received a call saying that Xu Qianya was waiting for her in the lobby, saying that there were a hundred thousand urgent things to say.

Seeing that Qiu Jiaxin and Jiang Xiaoye met, Director Qian reminded her to pay attention to the relationship with the family of doctors and patients. Xu Qianya told Qiu Jianing that the man she met when she went to find her mother many years ago was Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing thought she was lying to herself. Xu Qianya quickly said that this was Zhou Xiaoshan’s personal statement, and that he left something when she said goodbye that day. ,

Qiu Jianing still couldn’t believe it. Qiu Jiaxin changed her appearance in front of Jiang Xiaoye and noticed her image. The two played games in the Internet cafe for a day. Before leaving, Jiang Xiaoye reminded her that there were roots and leaves on her teeth. Qiu Jiaxin quickly turned around and took a look. Jiang Xiaoye did not expect Jiang Xiaoye to take out the pudding that had just been in the store. He could see that Qiu Jia wanted to eat it, so he packed a portion. Qiu Jiaxin’s girl heart almost fell, and he shared it with Qiu Jianing when he returned home. , Falling into a sweet love, Qiu Jianing’s attitude is very sad.

Qiu Jia was distressed about how to help Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan, Jiang Xiaoye offered to help. When Qin Bin saw the two together, he gritted his teeth and reminded Qiu Jiaxin to pay attention to the patient’s family, but Qiu Jiaxin said that she and Jiang Xiaoye were in love with each other and were not afraid of others talking. Qin Bin became more and more depressed, Zhao Yan complained about him now Looks like an old father who knows his daughter is in love.

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