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Broker 掮客 Episode 29 Recap

Zhu Zhu said that Zhou Xiaoshan might be coming back, and his colleagues were surprised. Qiu Jianing was upset by Zhou Xiaoshan’s words, and the front desk called and said that Molly was waiting for her in the cafe downstairs. Molly came to Qiu Jianing to talk about Zhou Xiaoshan, saying that he was very decadent since he came back. Zhou Xiaoshan really loves her, even when Xianglan left him, he didn’t feel so heartbroken. Molly said that they wanted to live in the sun, but things couldn’t be so simple. She came back because Mother Qiu hinted that she was not qualified to be friends with Qiu Jiaxin. She had no education and no parents.

No one wanted to be born just like that. He stretched out his hand for help, but the world gave them all slaps. Molly hoped that Qiu Jianing would extend her hand to Zhou Xiaoshan again, maybe the result would be different. Zhou Xiaoshan had booked the ticket and went back with Qiu Jianing. Before leaving, he offered to talk to his grandmother on the phone, and Uncle Cha agreed. The grandmother on the phone was still saying the last time, which made Zhou Xiaoshan more sad.

The next day, Qin Bin was surprised to see Zhou Xiaoshan at the airport, and Molly ran to say something to Qin Bin alone. Molly asked Qin Bin what he thought of Qiu Jiaxin. Qin Bin didn’t believe that Qiu Jiaxin liked her at all, but under Molly’s reminder, Qin Bin remembered Qiu Jiaxin’s abnormality in the past few days, and Molly persuaded Qin Bin to cherish Qiu Jiaxin.

Zhou Xiaoshan told Molly that she didn’t know when to come back this time, and told her not to be impulsive. Qiu Jiaxin was surprised to see Zhou Xiaoshan coming back with Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing, but Qin Bin’s attitude towards Qiu Jiaxin suddenly changed 180 degrees, making Qiu Jiaxin a little puzzled. Qiu Jianing said that Zhou Xiaoshan was only coming back to work, and told Qiu Jiaxin not to think about it.

When Uncle Cha called to urge Zhou Xiaoshan to steal the formula as soon as possible, Zhou Xiaoshan said that there would be no more formulas, so he quit. Uncle Cha threatened Zhou Xiaoshan with his grandmother, but Zhou Xiaoshan knew that his mother had died long ago. Uncle Cha refused to admit that Wen Zhao was lying to him, and finally said that all this was for Zhou Xiaoshan’s good. Zhou Xiaoshan was very excited.

What he owed Uncle Cha has now been paid off. From now on, he just wants to be an upright person who can live in the sun. Since then, they have nothing to do with him. Qiu Jiaxin heard Qiu Jianing talk about Zhou Xiaoshan’s affairs, and didn’t understand why they still had feelings and why they couldn’t be together, but Qiu Jianing didn’t want the feelings to affect his work, at least he had to concentrate on his work during this time. On the bus to the company, Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing stood far, far away, and they were no longer close to each other. When I heard that Zhou Xiaoshan was coming back, Xiaoxiao and Li Chunran were very gossiping. Zhou Xiaoshan came back, and Qiu Jianing came back with a souvenir.

After Qin Bin came back, he was very quiet. Zhao Yan didn’t know why he was. Qin Bin said that it was because Qiu Jiaxin liked him. Zhao Yan chuckled and laughed. He really didn’t see it. Zhao Yan said that Qiu Jiaxin stayed in the hospital and chose to go to Deputy Director Qian, Qin Bin’s head was big again. At the meeting, Qiu Jianing announced that Zhou Xiaoshan had returned to the team.

Facing Zhang Yu, Zhou Xiaoshan confessed that he was reluctant to bear Qiu Jianing. He naturally came back after thinking about some things. Zhang Yu reminded him that these girls outside were not easy to deal with. Zhou Xiaoshan was going to see Mr. Wang and asked Qiu Jianing if he wanted to go with him. The sister was very happy to see Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan coming together. She could see that they had feelings, and she advised them not to leave regrets.

Qin Bin invited Qiu Jiaxin to dinner with a serious attitude. Qin Bin asked Qiu Jiaxin why she chose Director Qian for staying in the hospital. He was Qiu Jiaxin’s master. Qiu Jiaxin said that she wanted to change the environment. Qin Bin vainly said that Molly had told him everything. Qiu Jiaxin was depressed and said that she was no longer there.

Like him, since Qin Bin knew about this, she couldn’t follow him even more. Qin Bin kept stressing that Director Qian was unreliable, and Qiu Jiaxin would suffer from following him, and the more he spoke, the more emotional he became. Qiu Jiaxin said that she had turned the article, no matter what, let her make her own choice. When leaving the hospital, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan met Qin Bin, and Qin Bin wanted to talk to Qiu Jianing.

The two went to Qin Bin’s office. Qin Bin told himself what Molly had talked with him. Although Qiu Jiaxin said that he had turned over to him, this matter involved Qiu Jiaxin’s detention. Qin Bin hoped that Qiu Jianing would persuade Qiu Jiaxin. , Her character will suffer when meeting Director Qian. Qiu Jianing smiled. In fact, she thought they were very suitable. Zhou Xiaoshan has been outside waiting for Qiu Jianing to go back together.

Downstairs in the dormitory, Zhou Xiaoshan took her and said that he would wait for a month, a year, and a lifetime. He would wait. Wen Zhao went to see Uncle Cha, and was sad to see the picture of Pandan by accident. Wen Zhao knew that Uncle Cha must have hidden Pandan, and expressed his willingness to promise him to teach Zhou Xiaoshan, as long as he tells him the whereabouts of Pandan. Uncle Cha said that as long as Wen Zhao retrieved Zhou Xiaoshan for him, he would bring Xianglan to him.

Qiu Jianing made breakfast for Qiu Jiaxin early in the morning, and asked her why she didn’t follow Qin Bin, and since she liked Qin Bin, why did she help Qin Bin pursue herself. Qiu Jiaxin said that she had let go. Qiu Jianing didn’t look like she was lying. He could only persuade her to consider the matter of staying in the hospital again.

When Qiu Jianing and Qiu Jiaxin went home for dinner, Qiu’s mother asked Qiu Jiaxin how he was officially entering the job and said that she would invite Qin Bin to dinner. Qiu Jiaxin said that she would follow Deputy Director Qian instead of Qin Bin for her formal entry. Mother Qiu also said that Jiang Xiaoye changed to a new club in Jiangcheng, Qiu Jiaxin hurriedly pulled Qiu Jianing out to block the gun, she was thirty years old and still had no target. Qiu Jianing and Qiu Jiaxin made fun of each other, and the sisters were like two live treasures.

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