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Genshin Impact, fan game, Hei Yoimiya, prepare to adjust miHoYo to accept the story !

Hello all lovely friends Today we have come across a story that is considered a joyful story. With the news of improvements to the shooting system about the Yoimiya character, let’s go check it out.

Distorted target locking system issue of a character using a bow

At this time, received news that the Chinese side The matter has been received to adjust the shooting style of Yoimiya already. which here is still unable to tell that will be adjusted out in the patch where this shooting style It was effective before Yoimiya came in again.. All archers before had this problem as well. Only Yoimiya ‘s Play style game focuses on normal shooting. This problem is more obvious than before.

I have to admit that Yoimiya ‘s shooting problem is a popular problem in every community. People who love this character many parties. Trying to come out and tell about the problems in various aspects of Yoimiya, the more you use it, the more problems you encounter. which need urgent improvement.

Until it is discussed in foreign social groups such as Reddit, but that’s not enough. They chose to shout about the problem. to the Chinese player community Which is considered a mainstay of driving claims with the main miHoYo since the Zhongli era, where this problem may be corrected. Which every archer in the game will benefit as well.

The wrong shot has a huge impact Yoimiya. wrong shot It’s not enough when she’s a character with a very fast shooting style. Until her shot kills the enemy quickly, no problem. But when the enemy dies instead of shifting the target to the next target Instead, she continued to shoot the corpses of the dead enemies until their bodies were completely destroyed!! The mechanics here need to be improved because Yoimiya is considered to be losing a lot of DMG time not counting the shooting style. that fires rapidly and never hits the target again.

Although miHoYo has received this. But there are many problems waiting to be fixed.

But anyway, the problem of Yoimiya there was only a brief summary, but which we can only hope that after I have helped a Comment queries on how to improve the character Yoimiya could only hope. There will be further improvements on the following matters.

Skill Burst (Q)

  • Ultimate that needs to be improved urgently because the DMG is low and it’s still difficult to use.
  • Status Buff Goldfish can’t do DMG with Yoimiya herself.
  • AOE hopeful distance is so narrow that it makes me cry TvT
  • An archer who, if you want to use your ultimate, is to run to the enemy. Or use it when being melee to dodge.

High damage arrow Pushed in the last 4-5 shots.

  • Her intense DMG was in the last 2-3 shots.
  • which if she evaded the enemy You will regret the DMG in this aspect.
  • Turns out she was locked out of playing with a shielded team, for example.
  • Without the shield, Yoimiya forced to continue shooting, she could have been killed first because her HP was so low compared to the others.

There is a problem with continual reaction.

  • Due to the cooldown on the reaction that is not related to Yoimiya ‘s fire ripple.
  • preventing volatile reactions or dissolve in a good rhythm as much as the others

Actually, there are many problems with Yoimiya that friends can fill out a full survey because now miHoYo only considers the shooting mechanism so that Yoimiya can be a beautiful character. with the ability that suits her

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