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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 19 Recap

After Shen Qingyao and Lin Shaochun attended Mrs. Zhang’s birthday banquet, they rode home together in a carriage. Along the way, Shen Qingyao remembered the past when she and Sun Xun were young and couldn’t help laughing.

Liu Sanjue hurried back to the Baixi troupe and was almost hit by Lin Shaochun’s carriage. Lin Shaochun saw Liu Sanjue and hurriedly got out of the car to say hello. Shen Qingyao also got out of the car afterwards. She and Liu Sanjue were stunned. Lin Shaochun saw that the two of them knew each other before, but Liu Sanjue denied it. She hurriedly found an excuse to say goodbye to Lin Shaochun. Shen Qingyao asked Lin Shaochun if Liu Sanjue had any children. Lin Shaochun asked again if they knew each other before. Shen Qingyao didn’t admit it, and Lin Shaochun couldn’t ask more.

Lin Shaochun remembered Liu San’s birthday was almost past, so she began to prepare birthday gifts. Sun Yulou felt that Lin Shaochun’s dress was too simple, so she gave her an ancestral jade pendant as a token of love. Lin Shaochun returned him without a gift, and Sun Yulou took it. Lin Shaochun gave him a bracelet made of cane. Lin Shaochun came to the Baixi troupe to congratulate Liu Sanjue on his birthday. Liu Wushuang and Taoyao also came to celebrate their birthdays. They pretended to be Liu Sanjue, but they were all seen through by Lin Shaochun. Liu Sanjue invited three apprentices to eat hot pot, and four of them were talking and laughing. Very unhappy.

After the meal, Liu Sanjue asked about Shen Qingyao casually. Lin Shaochun was sure that the two of them had known each other a long time ago. Liu Sanjue was worried that Lin Shaochun would be angry at Sun’s house. Lin Shaochun had already settled all the troubles, so she was relieved. Taoyao recognized that the jade pendant on Lin Shaochun’s waist was exactly the same as the jade pendant Sun Shijie had pledged to her, so she sent someone to return the jade pendant to Sun Shijie. Sun Shijie fell in love with Taoyao at first sight, obsessed with it. Tao Yao politely declined the money to compensate for her clothes, and Sun Shijie asked Tao Yao to play and sing a song for him on the spot.

Tao Yao played and sang herself. Sun Shijie was deeply attracted by her melodious singing and peerless beauty. He couldn’t help but think of Wu Yuehong’s wife like a tigress. He couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Tao Yao. Tao Yao kindly persuades him. Before leaving, Sun Shijie offered to come and listen to her singing again, Tao Yao promised, and Sun Shijie left with satisfaction.

Wu Yuehong was hungry, so she came to the kitchen to find something to eat. She accidentally saw Xiaocui helping Sun Yulou stew tranquilizing soup, and Shijian asked her to stew soup for Sun Shijie. When Sun Shijie came back from the Yamen, Wu Yuehong asked him to drink a large tonic soup. Sun Shijie picked it up and drank it. He couldn’t help but think of Taoyao, and blurted out a compliment. Wu Yuehong found that this was a compliment in the book, and mistakenly thought that Sun Shijie praised her. , Happily from ear to ear.

There was a pouring rain in the sky. Sun Shijie was late and Taoyao was anxious. Soon, Sun Shijie came to listen to the music under heavy rain. Taoyao hurriedly asked the maid to bring a man’s clothes to Sun Shijie. The maid revealed that it was Taoyao himself. Sun Shijie was enthusiastic about the clothes made for Sun Shijie.

Tao Yao asked Sun Shijie to talk about his wife. Sun Shijie told him the truth. Tao Yao persuaded him to treat his wife kindly. But Sun Shijie didn’t like Wu Yuehong at all and took the opportunity to express his heart to Tao Yao. Tao Yao found out that Wu Yuehong was a straightforward and kind person. Not wanting to destroy their marriage, Sun Shijie was very sad and forced Taoyao to tell her heart. Taoyao refused him face to face. Sun Shijie would never come back in anger. Taoyao still refused to accept his feelings, so Sun Shijie had to leave angrily. Taoyao deliberately wanted to get caught, she firmly believed that Sun Shijie would come again.

Wu Yuehong desperately to please Sun Shijie, Sun Shijie thought of Tao Yao’s words and wanted to treat Wu Yuehong better, but he couldn’t do it. Sun Xun sent people to summon Sun Shijie, took out the memorial he had written with many loopholes, and gave him a severe lesson. Sun Shijie was so scared that he was so scared, but his heart was full of Taoyao. Sun Shijie worked overtime to make a piano, and sent Wang Qingxi to Taoyao to make a plea.

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