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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 2 Recap

Lao Ning took Xue Mei’s real-name camera to report Ma Shuai to Gao Mingyuan. Gao Mingyuan has a lover named Mai Mengmeng, the daughter of Xue Mei and Mai Zili. Gao Mingyuan replaced Mai Mengmeng with a new ID card, which showed that Mai Mengmeng was renamed Mai Jia. Not only that, Gao Mingyuan also gave Mai Jia a graduation certificate from Green Vine University, trying to get her out of Mai Meng. Moe this identity. At this time, Mai Mengmeng didn’t know that his mother had been killed by Gao Mingyuan’s Lao Ning. Suodong led people to carefully inspect the room where the supervision team lived and found no eavesdropping equipment. However, many suspicious vehicles suddenly appeared near the hotel where they lived.

Luo Shanhe had known this kind of “formation” for a long time, and there were not too many surprises. The September 15th project is a key criminal clue assigned by the Central Supervision Team to Zhongjiang Province based on reports from the masses. The Provincial Public Security Department directly verifies and raises the jurisdiction.

It can be said that Zhongjiang Province is the focus of the nation’s crackdown on gangsters, and Luteng City is the top priority in Zhongjiang Province’s crackdown on gangsters and evil, so the great responsibility is obvious. As the leader of the September 15th task force, He Yong directly reported to Luo Shanhe the clues of the recent investigation, and Li Chengyang was the first to talk about it. Luo Shanhe had also heard of Li Chengyang, but he was not very clear about what happened back then.

He Yong explained that Li Chengyang was also a very good policeman, but then his master Lin Han accidentally fell into the river and died. Lin Han’s car had 300,000 cash, and Li Chengyang’s cabinet was also found with 200,000 bright cash. At that time, he was behind bars for a while. Later, Li Chengyang abandoned the police and went into business. With a high IQ, he quickly made a breakthrough in the business community of Luteng City.

He is a well-known figure. After the 36th Supervisory Group of the Central Anti-criminal and Evil Relief Supervisory Group Sinks Lvteng City Supervisory Mobilization Meeting, Luo Shanhe held a short meeting with the comrades sent by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Provincial Supervision Commission, and then announced that their next work would be The investigation was conducted with the disappearance of Mai Zili 14 years ago as the starting point.

He Yong asked his colleague to look for Li Chengyang’s information. The other party found a photo. It was a photo taken in a game a few years ago. There was an amateur basketball game held in the city against a corporate unit. There happened to be Li Chengyang. With the increasing efforts to crack down on gangsters and evil, some gangs with the nature of the underworld have also undergone great changes in their behavioral characteristics, showing more concealed characteristics.

At present, they are infiltrating and corroding some emerging areas, such as illegally constructing usury platforms, such as Meilidai and campus loans, which pose a great threat to the personal and property safety of the masses. On the other side, Li Chengyang and Da Jiang brought a lot of people to find Xiang Tian, ​​but they didn’t show up at the beginning, and instead adopted the method of courtesy first and then soldiers. Li Chengyang carried a bag of money and went in to find Xiang Tian, ​​begging him to raise his hands high and not to hold Ma Shuai criminally responsible.

No matter how attractive Li Chengyang offered, Xiang Tian was unwilling to reach a settlement with Ma Shuai. Da Jiang smashed his head with a wine bottle to apologize to Xiang Tian, ​​the scarlet blood rushed, and his eyes didn’t blink. Li Chengyang originally came with the idea of ​​not fighting, but he didn’t cooperate with this day, so he quickly and Da Jiang made a fuss in Xiang Tian’s clubhouse and directly beat Xiang Tian to be submissive.

In the end, they were crowded. Under the persecution of the crowd, Xiang Tian agreed to go to the branch with them today to settle with Marshal. On the way to the branch office, Li Chengyang and Da Jiang made a peace. Xiang Tian was forced to drive by them again. The key is that he drank alcohol. Once he drove to the police station, he was completely self-catching. As the saying goes, people under the eaves have to bow their heads. No matter how unwilling Xiang Tian is, he still has to drive Da Jiang obediently.

Xue Mei was missing, and He Yong noticed something was wrong. She reported to the petition department more than a hundred times. She would never disappear easily. He Yong made people quietly search for Xue Mei. The task force seconded staff to the Municipal Bureau. There were six files, but only five people came, and one person named Lin Hao was missing. Huang Xi, a reporter from the “Truth” column of Luteng Radio and Television Station, pretended to be a customer and went to a medical beauty center for consultation, but it was actually a forensic investigation.

She was recommended to her for a loan project called Meilidai. Huang Xi seemed to raise her hand unintentionally, and the audio and video watch on her wrist quickly recorded evidence. At this moment, a woman came to the store to make trouble, saying that Meilidai was a lie, and then she was fooled up to the second floor, and Huang Xi quietly followed her upstairs.

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