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Remember You (2021) คือเธอ

Remember You (2021)
Other Title: คือเธอ, RememberYouTH

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama
Karn Sivaroj Kongsakul
Release Date:
Aug 16, 2021 – Oct 5, 2021
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  • Petch Paopetch Charoensook as Thanwa / “Tony”
  • Tay Tawan Vihokratana as Paytai
  • Belle Kemisara Paladesh as Aye
  • Aun Witaya Wasukraipaisarn as Kongkiat / “Kong”
  • Natthew Nat Thewphaingam as Thanat
  • Ron Patarapon To-oun as Pathomkan


Mr. Thanwa, a professor of criminology in America and the author of America’s bestselling book The Brain of a Criminal. The story began After he returned to Thailand An email was sent to him. From Deputy Police Commissioner Wilawan, Thanwa’s stepmother. who want him to help solve a case that is believed to be the work of a serial killer

The email included a picture of the scene of the accident. At the scene there was a picture hanging on the wall. which is the only image that attracts December Accepted in order to come back to solve this case.

because it is the same picture that he wrote with Mina His only brother which no one has ever seen again From the day that the father’s death This picture gave him hope that he might see Mina again. December accepted Wilawan to solve this case.

But if all this Is it a trick of a bodyless murderer like Genesis? A murderer who can’t be caught and punished The only person who has ever arrested Genesis for questioning is Police Major Suwat, or Thanwa’s father. But after a while Genesis escaped from prison. and Father Thanwa was murdered. And on that day, the memory of Thanwa disappeared. when he was only 8 years old

Or all of this is Genesis’s desire to regain the memories of December’s lost childhood. for some purpose

In the old house of December The book that Father Thanwa had written in the title that “My son is a devil” disappears, but suddenly there is a tape of Genesis interview that Father Thanwa had interviewed instead. Genesis interview sound gradually Bringing back the past of December that December may have played a part in causing his father’s death Or will it be true as his father wrote? “My child is a devil”

But the case is being overseen by a special investigative team, with Ayada being one of the investigative teams. Ay chooses to become a police investigator because her father’s death is a mystery. and was accused of cooperating with the Genesis murderer. which she never believed So she chose to walk the path of life as a policeman. because he wanted to find out about her father and capture Genesis

The case of the death of two young women in Sukhumvit and Sathorn that is connected until it seems to be the work of a serial killer Ay and his team take responsibility for the case. where December came as a consultant But Ay doesn’t trust Dan because of his suspicious behavior. and his dark past Plus, December has met with Genesis again.

December’s Wisdom turned into horror It was as if it was Dan who controlled the game and created the whole story. Because Ay caught December in the incident where the latest victim was about to be murdered.

But in the end, it turned out to be December that the serial killer case was solved. Even though they didn’t get the mastermind behind them, they caught almost every murderer who created the story. And that changed the mind that Ay used to view December negatively. back to the positive side And for a long time, she didn’t know her own mind that she was in love with Mr. Thanwa. while Dhanwa seems annoyed by Ay’s stubborn behavior. But the longer it takes to work together, it turns out to be a love that fell in December’s heart as well. and they both share a common ground in their search for Genesis.

The investigation of the mastermind behind the scenes continues. Passed the case after the case The more I discover, the more I find that the culprit may be someone close to me who knows the movements of Ay and Dan. One person who is suspicious is Attorney Phetai, he is a lawyer who deals with famous cases. and the case of the rich And it was by chance that he came to blame the killer as well. This leads Dana to wonder if there will ever be anyone to cover up the past murders without a trace. Must be someone who knows the gaps in the law well enough. and that person is the lawyer zircon And he tried to play games with December. Which is no different from playing the game Mina played with December when she was a child.

Finally, the truth has been revealed that Lawyer Phetai is Meena, the missing brother of Dan. But he wasn’t the cutest little brother that Dan had known. He was filled with resentment towards his brother. who had never looked for him since the day his father died Mina wanted to torture December with some pain and loss, but deep down, Mina was glad to see December.

December was enough to feel it. So he intends to turn his younger brother into a normal person. Mina disappeared as a child because he was in a car with Genesis. Genesis later raised Mina to have a killer mindset.

And finally we find out that Genesis is also close to another person of Dhanwa and Ay because he is Doctor Kongkiat. The doctor who traced the bodies to Thanwa and Ay in every case,

now Mina has changed her mind about being a murderer. Wants to atone for himself by dealing with Genesis. But in the end it was unsuccessful. It was Mina that was dealt with by Genesis. When Genesis is revealed, Ay, the Special Investigation Team, and Dana join forces to find a way to capture Genesis. But in the end, Genesis escaped without a trace.

and left a mocking word for Dan that “If it’s true, you can catch me…December.”

Mina recovers from the injuries from Genesis’ attack. and has a new identity in a different name He turned out to be a good person. As for Dhanwa himself, he had to go through the hardships of investigating the case with Ay. They have more and more bonds until they develop into love for each other. Until finally, December wants Ay to join him in his life.

In the end, who exactly…is the killer that everyone is looking for..?

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