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Struggle 1983

Struggle 1983 (Novel)
Other Name: 奋斗1983

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Song Qing
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The urban rebirth essay “Struggle 1983” gives people an eye-catching reading experience. This article tells the inspirational story of the hero Zhang Xiaoyu who completed the counterattack after he was reborn. “Song Qing” is the original author of the novel. Summary of the serialized version of the plot: As The boss of a listed company, Zhang Xiaoyu, was clearly pushing a cup with his colleagues at a celebration banquet. After waking up, why did he somehow appear in a run-down room after waking up? The memory that flooded into his mind afterwards made him startled. Nearly half a hundred years old, he actually experienced a rebirth! The original owner has the same name as him, but the fate of the two is very different. The original owner is a small bastard, not only has a hard time, but he also beats and scolds his wife. For this reason, Zhang Xiaoyu decided to change his fate…

Free Reading Highlights:

In the room late at night, under the dim light.

The two women hugged and cried for a long time, until Zhang Xiaomeng fell asleep, they calmed down.

After helping Zhang Xiaomeng to fall asleep again in bed, Zhang Li also intimately wiped off the mud from her body.

Zhang Xiaoyu sits in another house and smokes. He rarely smokes. He only likes to come when he is in a bad mood or thinking about things.

In the smoky atmosphere, he can calm down and think about the next plan. Getting rich is the first thing to do, but Zhang Xiaomeng’s studies are equally important to this matter.

Counting the time, now the college entrance examination system has just been opened. As long as you study hard, you can be admitted to a good university. In this era, a college student comes out, and the gold content is quite high. It is impossible to train the president of a listed company in the future. , This can be more fulfilling than he himself had to be the CEO of a listed company.

But this girl is very stubborn. Although she verbally promised to study hard one night, she would not think about anything else, but she didn’t think so in her heart. In this situation, she is so strong, how can she not think about it? Such emotions are very delaying learning.

Zhang Li walked out of the room and looked at Zhang Xiaoyu, who was frowning. He didn’t make a sound, but just watched.

Before, Zhang Xiaoyu had never thought about problems at home, and occasionally smoked and frowned because of lack of money. Now his expression is different from before, with a strong masculinity in his thoughts, which makes people addicted.

The happiness a woman wants is actually very simple. Just watching it quietly, she feels satisfied in her heart, hoping that this moment will be permanent.

Zhang Xiaoyu dropped the cigarette butt, only to find that Zhang Li was staring at him.

“Is there anything on my face?” he said.

“Oh! No, it’s just that you look so good. I can’t think my husband is so handsome.” Zhang Li smiled and stuck out her tongue.

Zhang Xiaoyu looked at her with a smile and asked, “How is Xiaomeng?”

“She has fallen asleep. She slept so badly. I didn’t feel anything when I wiped my body, and there were still some vague dreams in my mouth. She should be terrified at night.” Zhang Li said.

Zhang Xiaoyu nodded.

Zhang Li leaned forward and asked, “Husband, do you really plan to rent that empty house tomorrow? This is our excess expenses.”

“In this situation, spend a little more money and spend some money. As long as Zhang Xiaomeng can live here and study steadily, I will sacrifice nothing.”

As he said, Zhang Xiaoyu looked around the house here. His house was originally two big houses, one for the living room and the other for the bedroom, but it is not very convenient to cook everything in the living room, so a small kitchen was separated out.

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