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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 32 Recap

Mo Ming asked Youya what to prepare for raising a one-year-old child. Youya explained to him in detail. Then Mo Ming asked if she had reconciled with Xiao Yan, and Youya typed something in the dialog box. After the word was deleted, Mo Ming on the other side could not wait for her reply. You Ya reminded Cheng Haonan not to stay up late to play games. Cheng Haonan went back to the bedroom to check her mobile phone without saying a word, and then asked her what it was.

You Ya asked him why he had to check his mobile phone. Cheng Haonan didn’t answer, dropped the phone and went back to his study. The next day, the disappointed You Ya packed up and went to Xiao Yan’s confinement center. Xiao Yan complained about her without telling herself. You Ya could see that Xiao Yan was no longer angry.

Recently, Chen Jiaorui was in a normal mood. Yan Zhi couldn’t help but persuade Mo Ming not to take Tong Tong from her. Mo Ming was furious and drove him out of her room. When Cheng Haonan returned home, he found out that his son and Youya were not at home, and he couldn’t get through calling Youya. Attorney Zhang told Chen Jiaorui that she was unlikely to win the second trial because Mo Ming’s lawyer had sufficient evidence to show that Chen Jiaorui was ill and could not bear the responsibility of raising the child.

Chen Jiaorui explained that her illness was cured. Attorney Zhang asked her if she had gone to review. Chen Jiaorui did not answer. Once Lawyer Mo Ming publishes the evidence, she will not only lose the custody of her children, but also her job may not be guaranteed. So Lawyer Zhang suggested that she and Mo Ming reconcile.

Cheng Haonan went to the confinement center to make a big fuss, You Ya came forward, but she was unwilling to go home with Cheng Haonan. Cheng Haonan asked her angrily if she wanted to live here because Mo Ming worked here. When he said this, everyone could hear what he meant, and Mo Ming couldn’t help but question him.

It happened that Hao Dawei came at this time, he let his two bodyguards watch Mo Ming, he didn’t want to be subdued by Mo Ming like last time. Hao Dawei’s troubles made Cheng Haonan believe that the relationship between Xiao Yan and Hao Dawei was not simple. The two of them must be pitting themselves together. He went up to beat Hao Dawei in anger and was then pulled away by his bodyguard. Mo Ming hurried up to check Hao Dawei’s. Injury.

Chen Jiaorui was worrying about the second trial. Yan Zhi plucked up the courage to ask her if she would reconcile with Mo Ming. Chen Jiaorui was angry. She was angry that Yan Zhi was in charge of her private affairs, so Yan Zhi had to shut up and stop mentioning it. Hao Dawei was beaten into a coma and was admitted to the hospital. Xiao Yan went to see him and apologized to President Hao. However, President Hao decided to cancel all cooperation with the Confinement Center and Thea Group.

Xiao Yan returned to the confinement center and told a white lie. She said Hao Dawei’s injuries were not serious, but You Ya could see that her smile was fake. Now that Cheng Haonan was arrested for beating, and You Ya was pregnant again, Xiao Yan had to deal with everything, and she was very upset.

Li Cha restarted a training program and wanted Chen Jiaorui to go to Germany for a five-year training event. Although Li Cha kept saying that when she came back, her position was still hers, but Chen Jiaorui understood that Li Cha wanted to drive her away, and he had always taboo that she was sick. Chen Jiaorui repeatedly stressed that she was not sick, but Li Cha didn’t believe it.

She didn’t even dare to see a psychiatrist. How could she prove that she was not sick. Chen Jiaorui’s heart was ashamed, as if she had lost her soul on the way back to the office. Li Cha called Xiao Yan and asked her to ask Mr. Hao to come back anyway. Xiao Yan had to go to the hospital to see Hao Dawei, but he seemed to be in a coma.

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