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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 4 Recap

Under Sang Wuyan’s “unreasonable trouble”, Su Nianqu finally agreed to accompany her to eat KFC. Wu Yan told all his path. Wei Hao and Wei Hao had a childhood sweetheart. They met Xu Qian in the second year of high school. I thought everything hadn’t changed, until one day I saw these two people kissing under a street lamp, and everything seemed to have changed all at once.

When the agent’s sister came to pick up Su Nianqu, Wuyan jokingly said, “See you tomorrow, kid father”. The sister of the agent told her family about Su Nianqu’s arrival at KFC in the noisy environment she disliked the most.

Sang Wuyan informed Cheng Yin of what had happened in the day, and the good sister started to fill in the mysterious love affair again, and Wuyan said that she was very speechless.

Wuyan learned that Xiaowei would be celebrating her birthday this month, and planned to help the school organize a birthday party for her. After that, she invited Su Nianqu to join her, but was rejected. Wuyan accidentally burned Su Nianju’s hands when he was receiving hot water, and quickly broke off a piece of aloe and wiped his hands. When he smelled the smell of aloe, Su Nianju asked her assistant sister to buy herself a pot of aloe when she returned home. Keep.

Seeing the children eating snacks in the class but no one shared them with Xiaowei, Wuyan bought a lot of snacks for her the next day, and Su Nianqu stopped him in time when he was about to send it out. Su Nianqu said that what the children wanted was not the teacher’s snacks, Wuyan said that this was a great help within his own ability.

Su Nianqu told me that if he couldn’t do other help, it would be better to do nothing at all. Faced with no doubt, he said that he also grew up in a welfare institution. That night Su Nianju dreamed of being abandoned. After her mother gave herself a box of sweets, she told him to put him here for the time being, and take him home when the family’s conditions improved. Then I heard the sound of a car crashing. Su Nianqu, who was awakened by the nightmare, played the piano frantically, crying while playing.

The next day, Teacher Li bought a lot of oranges as teaching aids, and Wuyan took out a clown face and gave it to Su Nianqu. After the course was over, it started to rain. After learning that Su Nianqu had just left, Wuyan quickly took an umbrella and went out to find someone. Seeing him calmly hiding under the tree, he walked forward to help people with an umbrella to avoid the rain. Wu Yan returned the handkerchief Su Nianqu gave him to wipe his mouth back and asked him to wipe the wet place on his shoulder. Su Nianqu hesitated and took it.

The two of them listened to the rain with their umbrellas under the tree. Wu Yan smelled the privet flower, while Su Nianqu smelled more like holly flowers. Wu Yan picked a leaf in the rain and let him feel the leaves of the privet flower. Su Nianqu recalled the jagged shape of the aloe vera a few days ago.

After Wuyan went home, he told Cheng Yin that he fell in love with Su Nianqing at first sight, but the two had not yet fallen into the abyss of love.

Su Nianqu came to visit his mother in the cemetery. His family seemed to want him to go home, but was refused. The agent Xiaolu communicated with his family on the phone, saying that he would try to persuade him.

The next day the office teacher saw the orange with ugly faces painted on Su Nianqu’s desk and joked that the picture was as ugly as Teacher Su’s temper. Su Nianqu was not angry, but smiled. He deliberately brought the oranges home, but when he put them on the table, he was eaten by her manager Xiaolu, and the orange peels were also thrown away.

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