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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 2 Recap

Su Nianzhu took Sang Wuyan to the teaching director’s office and watched that although Su Nianzhu had trouble eyes, he was able to pick up the boiling water with a thermos very accurately, and Wu Yan expressed his admiration in his heart. After returning to the dormitory, Sang Wuyan told Cheng Yin that she had seen the handsome guy she met in the park a few days ago. He speculated on the origin and meaning of his name and speculated on his personality. “Wipe it.

In the practice school the next day, Wu Yan heard Su Nianqu playing the piano, and the tune was very nice. After I came to a part-time radio station, I learned about the personnel transfer in the station, and I was assigned to the news department.

Sister Xi thinks that the Information Department is better able to train people to increase contacts, but it turns out that the other intern of the Information Department is actually Xu Qian. Xu Qian has always felt sorry for the previous kiss with Wei Hao, but she wanted to apologize but never got the chance.

On the birthday of the classmates, everyone had a dinner together, but Wei Hao was there. He specially ordered beef and said Wuyan liked it the most. Wu Yan said that he did not want to care about him. The two had an argument in the KTV corridor. Wei Hao said that he had nothing to do with Xu Qian. The kiss that day was just because both of them drank too much, and I hope Wuyan will not ignore people anymore. He had a thorough understanding of any of his justifications and lies and said that he did not believe in any accidents at all. Xu Qian likes to eat beef, and she is allergic to beef. If Wei Hao insists that the kissing incident is just a coincidence, it would be too unbearable. Responsible.

Wuyan had a video call with her parents, and her mother hoped that she would take the postgraduate entrance examination. In addition, if she broke the relationship with Wei Hao, it would be best to make it clear to others as soon as possible, otherwise Sang’s father would not be able to communicate with his friend Wei’s father.

The dean intends to keep Su Nianqu, who is teaching on his behalf, at the school, but Su Nianqu said that his physical condition can help temporarily, but it is not suitable for long-term teaching here. In addition, he also heard from the director that Sang Wuyan’s internship at a special school was arranged by the university and that he would leave after receiving the corresponding credits in a few months.

Wu Yan replaced the music class and invited Su Nianqu to play the piano. Su was originally unwilling. After refusing, he took a few steps and returned to the classroom to take up the piano. Wuyan taught the children to sing “Little Stars”. After listening to songs that were too out of tune, Su Nianqu said that she really had no ears to listen to, but she still played the “Little Stars” that ran away in Wuyan’s tone. In this way, a group of children were out of tune by Wu Yan.

The half-playing talented songwriter Su Nianquan couldn’t accept this kind of “earwashing” in his ears. He couldn’t help but put down the piano and a room of students who was about to leave. After two steps, he felt wrong again. “Uncomfortable” in the lower ears, I sat back in front of the piano and started playing. After the class, Su Nianqu condemned Wu Yan’s idea of ​​coming here for internship only for credits.

The Taozi Band of Wei Hao’s group practiced ensemble in the studio. Xu Qian, who was originally a member of the band, came in and said to quit the band. Wei Hao’s father came to Wuyan on a business trip at the school where Wei Hao was staying, and gave her the glutinous rice balls brought by Wuyan’s father. Wei Hao told Wuyan that Xu Qian had quit the band, and he said that maybe he was really scumbag.

After returning home, Sang Wuyan was cooking glutinous rice balls, recalling the scene of eating glutinous rice balls with his friend Xu Qian in high school. The next day, Wu Yan distributed the dumplings that his father had brought to the teachers in the practice school.

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