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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 24 End Recap

Yiyue, Qiaoyan and Xiaobao’s family of three were playing basketball in the basketball hall. Suddenly, Yiyue shot a basket and smashed the ball towards Qiao Yan. He lay on the ground as if he saw his brother, and his brother seemed to be telling him that he hoped them. Everything is fine, Xiaobao also said that he hopes to be with his parents forever.

Lin Wei was driven out by the family and moved to Ning Fang’s house again. Lin Wei took out her design draft. When Ning Fang saw it, did Ning Fang say it was a trench coat? Instead, it gave Lin Wei inspiration. She painted and modified repeatedly, and finally completed her design. The face was cold. Ning Fang made another face and said that Lin Wei was doing it.

When I like things, my whole person is shining, and designing is also a good way to cure Lin Weixin’s disease, but Lin Wei feels that Ning Fang cured her, and now it’s her turn to help Ning Fang. Ning Fang also wanted to let go of the past and start a new life. Ning Fang felt that Lin Wei was right and that he should look forward and move forward.

He Qiaoyan was addicted to work in the study until late, and had already fallen asleep on the table. Yiyue came over and looked at the sleeping He Qiaoyan and felt very happy. After Ning Fang went home and learned that Lin Wei was going to France soon, the two of them were still a little reluctant.

Yiyue and He Qiaoyan have already obtained the certificate, and He Qiaoyan asked Yiyue to call herself her husband at this meeting. Yiyue was actually called Lao He. The two of them were fighting together. After talking, He Qiaoyan asked to think. Let Yiyue chase his dream. He has told Director Huang that Yiyue will go to Germany, but Yiyue is reluctant to part with him and Xiaobao. Of course, He Qiaoyan is also reluctant to Yiyue.

He and Xiaobao will fly over to watch every month. She once, and deliberately obtained the certificate before Yiyue went abroad. Another requirement of Yiyue was to hold a wedding and wear a long and long wedding dress. He Qiaoyan certainly agreed. Yiyue was also wearing the sheets at home to simulate the wedding scene with He Qiaoyan, and unexpectedly tripped over the sheets, and the two kissed.

He Qiaoyan will return to the Heshi Group the next day. President He’s secretary has already been waiting for him in the office early, and He is also very confident that no one can manage Heshi group well except himself.

Ruo Wei and Wen Gu were watching a movie in the room. Chairman Wen came in. He and Ruo Wei secretly talked about something, but Wen Gu was not allowed to hear it. On the second day, Wen Gu went to Wen Dong and said that he would be with Ruowei forever. He even gave up everything for Ruowei. He took Ruowei and his father to reason. Suddenly they both laughed. It turns out that this is After Wen Dong and Ruowei discussed, they wanted to test Wen Gu’s determination.

Today Yiyue is coming back. He Qiaoyan took Xiaobao to prepare a lot of things and drove to pick up Yiyue, but unexpectedly, Yiyue said that something went wrong with the project and he wanted to transfer back to Germany. He Qiaoyan and Xiaobao both Very disappointed to return home, I didn’t expect Yiyue to return home long ago to give them a surprise.

Yiyue and Qiao Yan finally held a formal wedding. Xiaobao also specially congratulated his father and mother. Everyone was very happy. After exchanging the rings, Yiyue actually said that his back was itchy and Qiao Yan was scratching. Tickle, after Qiao Yan caught it, Yiyue actually said thank you brother, what did He Qiaoyan say thank you immediately? brother?

Then they kissed immediately, Yiyue and Qiao Yan kissed together, Yiyue’s parents were also moved to tears, everyone was very happy. Just as Yiyue threw the bouquet, it happened that Ning Fang actually caught it. At this time, Lin Wei came and the two of them looked at each other. Ruowei and Wen Gu were also very affectionate, Qiao Yan, Xiaobao and Yiyue were very affectionate. Watched.

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