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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 25 Recap

Chen Jiaorui accused Chen Jiaorui of not facing her, and Chen Jiaorui’s behavior also puzzled Chen’s mother. She wanted both a job and a child. The two were destined to be unbalanced. In this case, Chen Jiaorui threw the child to Chen’s mother. Chen’s mother was naturally unwilling. She also had a life of her own. Mo Ming loves children so much, and it’s okay to give Tongtong to him, but Chen Jiaorui is determined not to let go, and the relationship between mother and daughter is gradually ossified.

Ben’s mother was tortured by her mother-in-law, and she went to Mo Ming to complain that she was about to be depressed. Mo Ming also began to feel that this matter was not easy, so he went to discuss with Xiao Yan. In the past, when Li Mei’e was still there, she could ease the relationship between her mother and her mother-in-law, and her mother could also release her mental pressure with Baozi’s mother. Now that Li Mei’e and Bao Zi’s mother have left, it is necessary for Mo Ming and Xiao Yan to come forward.

As soon as they finished speaking, they heard that my mother was in an accident. The two of them went over and saw that Ben was emotional with sleeping pills, while her mother-in-law was still talking about her. She persuaded Ben Ben under the banner of being good for her mother Mom breastfeeds the child.

Xiao Yan and Mo Ming enlightened her mother and her mother-in-law separately, and she promised her mother-in-law not to show up in the confinement center in the future. And Mo Ming was also enlightening her mother-in-law, listening to her complaints and nagging about her mother, and listening to Mo Ming, he thought of Chen Jiaorui, who was in confinement at the time, and he began to understand Chen Jiaorui’s situation at that time.

Chen Jiaorui returned to the company in her spare time. She indicated that she had handled her children’s affairs well and decided to devote all her energy to work. She could implement the bidding in Beijing.

Li Cha took out her antidepressant, first expressed her understanding of her stressful work, and then offered to let her take a holiday, and the job of bidding in Beijing was given to Mengxin. Chen Jiaorui didn’t expect this to be the result of herself. She came out of Li Cha’s office with no vision.

In order to divert Grandma Benben’s attention, Mo Ming took her around the confinement center a few times. She accidentally said that Benben’s mother had spent tens of thousands living in the confinement center. She immediately went to Xiao Yan and made a big noise. The confinement center deceived my mother.

She made trouble in public, which made my mother very ashamed. She wanted to persuade her mother-in-law not to make trouble here, but she was still very emotional. Xiao Yan had to remind her that this is a public place, and if she continues to make trouble here, she can only ask her out, and then Benben’s grandma died down.

Later, Xiao Yan thought of a way to let Grandma Benben go to a parenting class. She told about her feelings for her mother in the class. Xiao Yan brought Benben and Benben’s father to listen to the lessons of Benben. Moved, she didn’t expect her mother-in-law to treat herself as a daughter, and the estrangement between her and her mother-in-law was gradually disappearing.

Chen Jiaorui discovered that Mengxin had falsified her resume and forced Mengxin to resign voluntarily with this incident. Yan Zhi told Chen Jiaorui that the box of depression pills was not given to Li Cha by Meng Xin, but Yan Zhi put the medicine on her table and Li Cha himself found it. Yan Zhi kindly suggested that Chen Jiaorui should heal the disease first.

Chen Jiaorui was so angry that her eyes were red, and she ordered Yan Zhi to go out. Yan Zhi turned back and told her that Meng Xin had left her a gift before she left. Chen Jiaorui found out that she had left a letter and a cake. In the letter, Meng Xin did not complain about Chen Jiaorui’s treatment of her. Chen Jiaorui was speechless and handed over the bag Mengxin had left to Lili.

My mother has reconciled with her mother-in-law, and Xiao Yan finally relaxes. Qi Bin came to pick her up from get off work and learned that she liked it. There was an exhibition in Guangzhou. Qi Bin immediately bought a ticket and took her to Guangzhou. Xiao Yan was surprised and surprised. Kind of excitement of skipping class before.

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