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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 22 Recap

The aunt told Qiao Yan that the truth was that Mr. He drove the car by himself. At that time, Yiyue passed by and saved Xiaobao, but he was thrown out of the car. Yiyue did not see him, but he looked at him in a daze. When I reached Doctor Qin’s back, I heard her voice. He Qiaoyan was very guilty, he was very uncomfortable, very sad, and worried that Xiaobao would no longer recognize himself as a father when he knew the truth.

Yiyue’s parents were coming at this time and called Yiyue. Yiyue told them to come back quickly, explaining the ins and outs of this matter. Yiyue’s father thought it was He Qiaoyan who did something wrong, but Yiyue explained She first proposed the breakup, which broke his heart. She also comforted her parents that studying abroad in Germany was her long-cherished dream.

Ruo Wei was shocked by Wen Gu’s hard work in the company, but Wen Gu just wanted to prove to her that she was not a bad person, let alone a person who did nothing. Ruo Wei also joked whether he was going to give herself a raise. Wen Gu said no, so it’s not necessary to talk about it. Ruo Wei turned around and walked out with a smile.

Lin Wei was staying at Brother Ning Fang’s house. When her mother didn’t answer the phone call and was about to take medicine, she found a note left by Brother Ning Fang saying that she couldn’t help but find something to do to distract her. Lin Wei saw Ning Fang’s little book about his life and turned page by page.

In the evening, Wen Gu asked Ruo Wei to accompany her to socializing, but Ruo Wei refused, because Yiyue was leaving tomorrow, and she wanted to have dinner together tonight. At the dinner table, Yiyue and He Qiaoyan were very embarrassed. They were reluctant to say what to say. Yiyue recalled the bit by bit with He Qiaoyan. It was very uncomfortable for Yiyue and He Qiaoyan.

The performances of these two people were both by Ning Fang and Ruo. Wei saw it, and they broke the embarrassment first. Yiyue still pretended to be okay and gave everyone a toast together, but Qiao Yan told him that alcohol cannot eliminate any pain or bring any happiness. Yue said that he and he were not in the same world, so Mr. He agreed to break up and wished her dreams come true. Yiyue’s tears fell all at once.

After Senior Brother Ning Fang went home, Lin Wei broke the faucet and Ning Fang repaired it. At this time, Lin Wei called at home and she hung up. Ning Fang gave him advice, and Lin Wei was unhappy. He also said that he was not obligated to guide himself, and that he had to leave, and would also give him accommodation fees, but was rejected by Ning Fang, and he apologized to Lin Wei and let her stay here forever.

The next morning Yiyue was leaving. Everyone reluctantly gave her away. Suddenly everyone found out that He Qiaoyan was gone, and there was no aunt. Yiyue became anxious when he heard it. He wouldn’t leave Xiaobao alone. , Hurried to find He Qiaoyan, only then did he know that He Qiaoyan knew the truth of the matter. Yiyue found him, but He Qiaoyan couldn’t accept or get out of this fact for a while. Yiyue decided not to go abroad. She wanted to spend time with him by He Qiaoyan, but at this time He Qiaoyan refused instead. Yiyue, don’t Yiyue come to him again.

Yiyue knew He Qiaoyan’s driving skills, so she suspected that the incident must not have been caused by him, and there must be other things behind it, so she asked Wengu to investigate this matter with herself. He’s cooking at Yiyue’s house, and even brought him breakfast with Xiaobao, but He Qiaoyan refused. He didn’t want to see Yiyue. He couldn’t get out of this matter. His negative emotions also affected Yiyue. Yue, but Yi Yue is a psychiatrist, she will not give up, and she also loves Qiao Yan, so she will accompany Qiao Yan and believe that he can come out.

Senior Brother Ning Fang went to see He Qiaoyan and told him that he would confess to Yiyue and let him give up Yiyue completely as soon as possible, but He Qiaoyan was determined that Yiyue would not agree. But Senior Brother Ning Fang didn’t care if he would agree, he just wanted to show his intentions.

Ning Fang took Yiyue to his alma mater…

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