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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 13 Recap

Yu Qingzhu asked the disciples to try, and explained that only three closed disciples would be accepted, and the disciples killed each other. In the end, there were four people left. The junior sister had the worst martial arts. She was worried about being killed. Zhexiang promised to protect her from killing. Unexpectedly, the little junior sister would assassinate Zhe Xiang from behind in order to protect herself. She couldn’t defend herself and was pierced through her body.

Zhe Xiang was instantly discouraged, and no longer believed in the love of the sisters, she took the knife and killed the other two. Upon hearing the news, Yu Qingzhu came back and regretted on the spot that he only accepted a closed disciple. He forced Zhexiang to kill the junior sister. Zhexiang was dizzy by the poisonous mist of Yu Qingzhu, and she couldn’t help but think of the bloody scene of killing each other with her fellow sisters.

She didn’t want to go through that choice again, and her heart was miserable. Jiang Mengmeng came after hearing the news and desperately called her. Wake up, Zhe Xiang drew her sword and wanted to kill herself, Jiang Mengmeng desperately blocked her, her hands clenching the sharp sword kept dripping blood, and she refused to let go.

At this moment, Song Che’s cry for help came from a distance, and Jiang Mengmeng, Zhexiang, hurried over to save people. Song Che was emotionally out of control and kept cutting down big trees. He remembered that he had lost the battle on the battlefield. His colleagues advised him to take the opportunity to escape. Song Che couldn’t do it. He could only cut down trees desperately to vent his depression. Murong Chen shouted to Song Che and awakened him with the agitation method. Song Che seemed to see him and Jiang Mengmeng each other, so he chased Murong Chen fiercely.

Jiang Mengmeng and Zhexiang rushed to stop Song Che in time, Zhexiang slapped him severely, and Song Che regained consciousness. Murongchen repeatedly claimed that he lost to Zhexiang in the fight. Song Che didn’t believe it. Murongchen noticed Jiang Mengmeng’s hand was injured, and asked her warmly. Murongchen suddenly thought of Xiaoai and Changkong, not knowing where they were.

Changkong and Xiaoai were in love with each other. They went together for a lifetime. They went to meet Murongchen and others. The six continued on their way. Yu Qingzhu stood on the top of the mountain and saw this scene. It was getting darker, and Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the group of six came to a small farmyard. They were already exhausted and hurriedly went to the room to rest.

In the middle of the night, Jiang Mengmeng got up quietly and went out. She came to get the woods again, and Xiang thoroughly understood the doubts in her heart. Then a masked Yunya appeared. Jiang Mengmeng wanted to recognize him on the spot. Yunya was the little brother who was desperate for the world when she was a child.

Yunya kept silently by her side. Jiang Mengmeng became more excited as she talked and fell on Yunya. Weeping in her arms. Yun Ya and Jiang Mengmeng confided their lovesickness to each other. Jiang Mengmeng vowed to find the blood epiphyllum and cure his cold poison as soon as possible, so there is no need to be afraid of Yu Qingzhu, Jiang Mengmeng and Yun Ya Qingqing.

Changkong suddenly found Jiang Mengmeng and shouted loudly, Yun Ya took the opportunity to slip away, Changkong kept coming to her on Murongchen’s order, Jiang Mengmeng hurried back to the small courtyard, Changkong was worried that Yunya would explain the truth to Jiang Mengmeng, so he stopped in time He was worried that his work would fall short, and wanted to wait until the moment he found the bloody epiphany before he explained to Jiang Mengmeng that it was not too late, and Yun Ya had no choice but to give up.

Jiang Mengmeng returned to the small courtyard and bumped into Murongchen head-on. Jiang Mengmeng admitted that she had been moved by Murongchen once, but now he has someone in his heart. Jiang Mengmeng decided to find a bloody epiphany with Murongchen. Her next goal is Bailu Villa, which coincides with Murongchen.

Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng and the group of six people soon came to the Egret Villa. Lu Feibai warmly welcomed them and took them to visit the Villa. As soon as Jiang Mengmeng entered the door, he saw that the shelves were full of rare and exotic treasures. Murongchen revealed that these were fake one by one. Lu Feibai explained that these imitations were sold to ordinary people, and Murongchen was very disgusted with what he did.

But Jiang Mengmeng felt that Lu Feibai was a business genius, catering to the needs of the general public for luxury life. Jiang Mengmeng praised Lu Feibai. The more they talked, the more speculative, Murongchen couldn’t listen, and publicly questioned Lu. Feibai continued to build the villa on the ruins of the Tanhua Villa.

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