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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 21 Recap

Xiao Yan and Qi Bin had a conversation. The conversation between the two broke up. Xiao Yan knew that Qi Bin had been compromising and catering to this relationship, but from her point of view, sometimes Qi Bin She did not consider her feelings, so Xiao Yan asked to separate for a period of time, and the relationship came to an end.

Xiao Yan was in a bad mood and called Youya while sitting in the car. She wanted to tell her about her breakup with Qi Bin, but Youya remembered that she had broken up with her son, and didn’t notice that Xiao Yan was wrong, so she quickly hung up the phone. . When you first called, Youya said that she was doing yoga, which reminded Xiao Yan that she hadn’t done yoga for two years, and that night she took out her yoga mat and started doing yoga.

It has been two years since Naihe, her physical function has already declined, not to mention that Xiao Yan also did a difficult inverted movement that night, and as a result, her waist flashed with a “click”. Xiao Yan shouted to Chen Jiaorui for help, howling for a while before Chen Jiaorui came over. Chen Jiaorui knocked on the door to remind her to stop, Xiao Yan hurriedly asked her for help, Chen Jiaorui also thought she had something serious, so she went back and took her mobile phone to call an ambulance.

While waiting for rescue, Chen Jiaorui talked to Xiao Yan to distract her. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Jiaorui asked many questions that had been holding back in her heart for a long time. After Mo Ming came, Chen Jiaorui was stunned when she saw him. Mo Ming entered according to the password and carried Xiao Yan out to the ambulance. Chen Jiaorui just watched.

Chen Jiaorui was emotionally unstable. At first glance, Mo Ming was leaving with Xiao Yan in her arms. Her emotions were on the verge of breaking the bank that night, and she looked ashamed of death. It was better after taking depression pills. Mo Ming told Xiao Yan that Cheng Haonan had gone to the hospital to consult about drug flow, but now they were not sure if Cheng Haonan had an affair, so Xiao Yan called You Ya and told her that she was injured and hospitalized after practicing yoga. You Ya hurried to the hospital to see Xiao Yan, and Cheng Haonan accompanied her.

On the way, Youya was going to the bathroom. Xiao Yan deliberately left Cheng Haonan, while Mo Ming accompanied the pregnant Youya to the toilet. The two walked and talked. Youya said that she knew what Xiao Yan was going to say to Cheng Haonan. Mo Ming was surprised. , But after listening to You Ya, he understood that You Ya didn’t know that Cheng Haonan went to the hospital to consult about the drug flow.

Xiao Yan didn’t directly ask Cheng Haonan if he had an affair, but just reminded him to treat Youya well, if he hurts Youya, she won’t just sit back and watch. As soon as You Ya came back, Cheng Haonan persuaded her to go back, and Xiao Yan didn’t keep her, but only told her to send her WeChat back home. After Xiao Yan was hospitalized, everyone in the confinement center was very happy.

Xiao Yan also understood this. She also knew that Li Mei’e did not do the scoring system, but she couldn’t accept it herself. Bao Zi Ma and others also knew that Xiao Yan was hospitalized, and Li Mei’e appeared in front of Bao Ma, deliberately pretending that she didn’t know anything, and let everyone see the video of Xiao Yan on the Internet a long time ago.

That was a video of Xiao Yan complaining about bear children. Xiao Yan was not wrong, but when these mothers were in confinement, it was easy to think about it. After seeing this video, Xiao Yan felt that Xiao Yan hated children, so she treated Xiao Yan even more. Disgusted. Li Mei’e deliberately took the video to find Mo Ming and said that the mothers had great opinions on Xiao Yan, and Mo Ming wondered how these mothers saw this video.

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