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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 29 Recap

Ma Xiangnan told Huo Kai that she had turned off her mobile phone, and now no one can disturb them, so the two of them spent the two-person world together happily, but they stayed in the hotel separately. Although there was love between them, But none of them pierced that layer of window paper.

Han Shuang is leaving Mark’s residence, and Mark is also moving. There are too many shadows of the two. Since Han Shuang is gone, Mark does not need to stay there. But Mark wanted to leave the store to Han Shuang, and he also found a lot of big customers for Han Shuang. Han Shuang didn’t want to take over the store, but after taking a look at the contract, he found that there was something wrong with it.

Yan Changjun met Ling Wei by chance. She felt that she must have achieved what she wanted when she was discharged soon. Ling Wei asked Yan Changjun SG’s stock price drop and suspected that Ling Wei had done it. That would not be good for her. Yan Changjun did not admit to saying that, but he thought so in his heart. After all, Lingwei can’t go abroad to operate in China, but Lingwei has a husband abroad. It is uncertain whether he will do that. Whether they are divorced Now no one knows.

After Ling Wei heard it, it was as if he wanted to please Yan Changjun and wanted to help him go public, but Yan Changjun rejected Ling Wei’s kindness, fearing that he would get into trouble. But Ling Wei, in turn, began to provoke the relationship between Yan Changjun and Xu Chengyi, always saying that Xu Chengyi had no old affection for Yan Changjun, and was always holding back the cooperation between Yan Changjun and Xu Chengyi.

If one day there is a conflict between Lingwei and Xu Chengyi, I want to know who Yan Changjun will help, and Yan Changjun also knows what Lingwei is, and without any circumstance, tell her directly that it is best to go back to the United States, which is no longer Lingwei’s stage. After Yan Changjun left, he called Lin Hao and told him to meet again in another place.

After Lin Hao went home, he told Zhao Xiaolei that the things about their company had nothing to do with Han Shuang, and he wanted Zhao Xiaolei and Han Shuang to get together more. This made Zhao Xiaolei feel very surprised.

Mark and Han Shuang signed a store transfer contract, and then Han Shuang became the owner of the store. Han Shuang told Mark that the reason why he would take over the store was because the big order was an order form from his mother’s partner.

Han Mingzhu hated men most for dumping women. At the wedding, Mark dumped Han Shuang and Han Mingzhu would not let him go. The contract stated that 0 formaldehyde content in furniture is a trap. It is impossible for solid wood furniture to have zero formaldehyde content, and Han Mingzhu is about to die. Mark will ask them to pay a huge amount of compensation.

After hearing this, Mark was about to destroy the contract and told Han Shuang to return it to him, but Han Shuang told Mark that the shop would belong to her in the future, and Mark couldn’t match Han Mingzhu. But Mark wanted to prove that he would take responsibility. If he throws the mess to Han Shuang now, he wouldn’t be considered a man, and the two quarreled again.

Xia Yan told Ling Wei about the leak of Han Shuang’s data, so Ling Wei deliberately instigated why it was Han Shuang’s data leaked out, asking Xia Yan to rest assured that she would follow up, but Xia Yan’s words to Ling Wei came into being. When I was in doubt, I felt that the information of so many people was just leaking their phone numbers. After that, all of Han Shuang’s information was stolen, and Xia Yan went to find Han Shuang afterwards.

Knowing that Mark’s shop was transferred to Han Shuang, I felt that Han Shuang would want the shop to retaliate against Mark. This made Han Shuang very angry, and Han Shuang would not retaliate against Mark because of that property. He would not retaliate against Lin Hao because of their divorce. It was Han Shuang who dumped Mark. Han Shuang didn’t understand Xia Yan’s words and thought they didn’t understand her.

It is possible that Xia Yan also thought that Han Shuang had seduce Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan also told Han Shuang that Xu Chengyi had made it clear that Han Shuang was testing his sincerity for Xia Yan before, but Han Shuang should also talk to Xia Yan. It’s clear. So Han Shuang told Xia Yan that he had heard that Xu Chengyi crashed the car because of Ling Wei.

He was afraid that Xu Chengyi was using Xia Yan to play for Ling Wei, so he went to test Xu Chengyi. During the test, Han Shuang felt that Xu Chengyi was sincere to Xia Yan. Don’t worry, the reason why I didn’t tell Xia Yan was because I thought her temptation was unnecessary, so I didn’t tell Xia Yan. Because it was already a fact that Lingwei crashed, I was afraid that Xia Yan would want to misunderstand Xu Chengyi.

Xia Yan told Han Shuang that she could understand Xu Chengyi, but Han Shuang heard Xia Yan said that she would understand Xu Chengyi, but why couldn’t she understand Han Shuang and became even more angry with Xia Yan. Now they are no longer the same as before. The two quarreled due to various misunderstandings, and Han Shuang was angry and walked away.

Zhao Xiaojun told Zhao Xiaolei that he had resigned, thinking about breaking into the world by himself. Zhao Xiaolei told him to go upstairs. Zhao Xiaojun didn’t dare to go up because Lin Hao was unhappy, but Lin Hao saw the two meeting downstairs.

After Zhao Xiaolei went back, Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei that Zhao Xiaojun had resigned suspiciously and went out for a while, and would go back when he couldn’t get along. Now that the company’s business is doing well, I will accompany Zhao Xiaolei on a trip in a few days, but Zhao Xiaolei feels that Lin Hao is worrying. He must be doing wicked things to make money again, but Lin Hao gave me a slap in the face, calling Zhao Xiaolei, don’t look down on him.

Ling Wei showed to Han Shuang a book of data. There should be a mobile phone number that leaked Han Shuang’s information, and inside it was the address for the computer to log in to the girlfriend’s planet account, which was the address of Xia Yan’s house. Han Shuang went back to find Xia Yan but there was no one at home, so he called her and told her to go back. When Han Shuang waited for Xia Yan to go back, he saw Xia Yan’s computer and logged in directly.

Unexpectedly, there was a video of Han Shuang and Xu Chengyi together. Han Shuang went crazy and smashed the computer. At this time, Xia Yan went back and saw that Han Shuang was going crazy. Han Shuang was very aggrieved and told Xia Yan that she was lucky to have met some of her best friends, and she had always been heartbroken to them, but why did she treat them?

The video of Xu Chengyi being with her was shown at the wedding. Xia Yan was blinded as soon as she heard it, she wouldn’t do that.

The two quarreled again, and Han Shuang told Xia Yan that she did like Xu Chengyi before, but she gave up when she saw that Xia Yan also liked Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan liked Lin Hao before and didn’t consider Zhao Xiaolei’s feelings, and they had always made way for Xia Yan’s feelings. The more they quarreled, the more fierce they became. Han Shuang smashed everything at home, leaving nothing behind the girlfriends together.

Han Shuang was on the roof quietly in the rain, and Mark passed by, but Han Shuang told him not to pay attention to himself, just thinking about sitting alone for a while. Mark did not leave and stood beside Han Shuang silently accompany him in the rain, Han Shuang snuggled in Mark’s arms.

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