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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 47 End Recap

Rong Yu said that when she was Ou Kexin, she spent a lot of energy to suppress her urge to recognize Mu Qing. Moreover, when she found that Mu Qing missed her deeply, she was moved and blamed herself. Mu Qing also fondly promised Rong Yu that when the ghost incident is over, they will go to live a happy little life together.

Li Ruosheng ordered his men to make a lot of explosives. He recalled his past with Mu Qing, his eyes were full of sadness and resentment after being deceived. Later, Li Ruosheng called Mu Qing, pretending to inquire about the whereabouts of Mr. Ou and Kexin, and proposed to meet Mu Qing at a designated place. Mu Qing explained that he had found Ou Kexin, but he was not clear about Mr. Ou’s whereabouts. At the same time, Zheng Ke also used this call to locate Li Ruosheng, but the positioning failed due to the short talk time.

Rong Yu worried that Mu Qing would not bear the heart to start with Li Ruosheng, but Mu Qing said that he would have to pay a price if he chose the wrong direction. Afterwards, Mu Qing took out the diamond ring he had prepared, knelt down on one knee and proposed to Rong Yu again. Rong Yu embraced Mu Qing excitedly and expressed his willingness to marry him.

The police set up a net in advance at the location Li Ruosheng said, and Mu Qing had already arrived at the scene. At this time, several drunken and troubled people appeared in the corridor of the hotel, disturbing the plainclothes policemen who were lurking. At the same time, Li Ruosheng texted Mu Qing to meet him in another place, and only allowed Mu Qing to go there alone. Li Yimeng found out that Mu Qing was staying in the hotel, and they realized that he had gone alone. Only then did the police realize that these were all set by Li Ruosheng. A younger brother reported to Li Ruosheng that he had successfully picked up Mu Qing and had no tail.

Rong Yu called to ask about Mu Qing’s situation, and Honor answered truthfully, but did not catch Li Ruosheng, and Mu Qing was gone. Rong Yu rushed to the scene immediately after hearing this. Zheng Ke found out that Li Ruosheng had been in and out of a club frequently recently, and he had already obtained the undercover information, and Glory immediately sent everyone to rescue Mu Qing with all his strength. Afterwards, the police took Li Ruosheng’s clubhouse, and Li Ruosheng’s younger brothers also fled with ghosts.

Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng successfully met. Li Ruosheng continued to eat and chat with Mu Qing as usual. Suddenly, he took out a document that said Mr. Ou’s instruction “kill Mu Qing”. Some of his men reported to Li Ruosheng, and the club was taken. Li Ruosheng asked his little brother to lead the police to the meeting place where he was with a ghost. Grief and anger Li Ruosheng shot and wounded Mu Qing’s arm. He blamed Mu Qing for deceiving himself for three years. But Mu Qing said that he also truly regarded Li Ruosheng as his brother, and he persuaded Li Ruosheng to turn his head back.

But Li Ruosheng said that since Mu Qing first served as a military officer for him, he can’t look back. At this time, the ghost was also brought to the scene by Li Ruosheng’s men. Mu Qing persuaded Li Ruosheng to go the right way, but Li Ruosheng said that Mu Qing had saved him three years ago. He took out the bomb remote control in his hand and was angrily prepared to die with Mu Qing and the others. At this time, the police also rushed to the factory.

Mu Qing looked at the timing and was about to snatch the remote control in Li Ruosheng’s hands. The two had a fist fight, and Li Ruosheng’s men also fought fiercely with the police. In the end, the remote control was still in Li Ruosheng’s hands. He pressed the button, and the entire factory was blown to pieces, and Rong Yu, who was outside the factory, also cried heartbreakingly.

Liu Bureau concluded at the anti-narcotics conference that the police successfully wiped out the ghost gang and the K group this time, and made great progress in anti-narcotics work. Liu Ju said that the police will firmly carry out the anti-drug work to the end. At the same time, please never say goodbye to the anti-narcotics heroes working in the dark.

Glory is about to report to the Provincial Public Security Department. He is afraid that Rong Yu will not be able to get out of the past. Rong Yu said that as long as he was a policeman, their mission would not be over. At the same time, she also received a “message to meet in ten days” from Liu Yuanwen. On the border of Yunnan, Liu Yuan Culture, as a Maiba, began to deal with new drug dealers and continued to carry out anti-drug tasks.

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