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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 13 Recap

In the autopsy room, Huanhuan and Brother Biao started investigating the deceased Zhu Feng, and the two found that Zhu Feng had died of a blunt weapon. The two speculated that the murderer might have used the key to open the door, and then hacked Teacher Zhu to death. Subsequently, a group of people in the police station also held a short meeting. They simply shared the clues of the case and analyzed each other, and soon there was a preliminary suspect, the son of the deceased Lao Kong, who was included in the consideration list.

After the meeting, Lin Dang thoughtfully gave Qin Ming mung bean paste. At this moment, Dabao ran to tell the two of the analysis report of the residue in the needle. This report also confirmed Qin Ming’s previous judgment. Afterwards, the two came to the autopsy room to examine the deceased Xiaoyu, and when Qin Ming was making a serious analysis, the power was suddenly cut off. Qin Ming was so frightened that he hurriedly hid behind Lin Dang.

This surprised Lin Dang. Qin Ming straightened his clothes and left the autopsy room under the pretext. At the end of the episode, the two ate instant noodles in the police station. Qin Ming, who tried it for the first time, was not happy to eat it at first, but under Lin Dang’s persuasion, Qin Ming still chose to accept it. The two people lit candles and ate instant noodles, which seemed romantic at first glance.

Early the next morning, Qin Qinming had a nightmare when Lin Dang was locked behind his neck by the murderer, but he was powerless. Qin Ming was frightened awake, and then began to call Lin Dang’s name in the room, but no one responded. This was anxious for Qin Ming, but fortunately, Qin Ming finally found Lin Dang who was watering the flowers on the rooftop. Seeing Qin Ming’s eagerness, Lin Dang also guessed that he would never leave, and quickly comforted Qin Ming. At the same time, he felt a little proud.

The two came to the police station, and a group of people immediately held a short meeting. They briefly analyzed the circumstances of the case before and after, and Zhu Feng’s husband was also included in the suspect list.

After the meeting, Qin Ming and Lin Dang came to Zhu Feng’s old house to investigate again, and they quickly discovered a hidden compartment in the bedside table. At this moment, Zhu Feng’s husband also came to the police station. After a simple transcript, Huanhuan took Zhu Feng’s husband to meet his dead wife and children. During the period, Huanhuan also paid attention to Zhu Feng’s husband’s facial expressions.

After Zhu Feng’s husband Sun Haiou left, Dabao and Brother Biao analyzed the possibility of Sun Haiou’s crime. Qin Ming and Lin Dang, who were investigating at home, began to speculate that the murderer should be a small child. The two also discovered the windows where the murderer was suspected of entering and exiting. Then they immediately notified the bureau to send reinforcements. Through sampling, the two also found the murderer’s fingerprints.

Afterwards, Qin Ming and Lin Dang came to the hospital to ask about He Liang’s situation, but the situation was not optimistic, He Liang became a vegetable. Hearing these news, Qin Ming and others were very disappointed. The clues were interrupted, and the two began to work on other things. A group of police officers came to the village and tried to collect fingerprints, but they were met with pretended opposition from the children, and it was difficult to carry out the next step of the work. Afterwards, I don’t know what Dabao thought of, and I bought a box of lunch and distributed it to everyone. When I saw that there was a free meal, my grandparents were immediately happy.

At this moment, Gui Yuanfeng got up and left with great thoughts. Lin Dang and others immediately noticed something was wrong. On the way to follow Gui Yuanfeng, a group of people ran into Sun Haiou. From Sun Haiou’s mouth, everyone also learned that Gui Yuanfeng was the deceased Zhu Feng’s favorite student. This person often went to Zhu Feng’s home for private tutoring. Therefore, he also knows Zhu Feng’s family very well.

With this clue, Team Li applied for a search warrant, and everyone in the police station was also preparing to arrest Gui Yuanfeng. At the same time, Gui Yuanfeng also left the village under the cover of his grandfather, but what he didn’t know was that a potentially life-threatening trap was waiting for him. The crowd came to Grandpa Gui’s house to search, and soon found the evidence buried in the bottom. Seeing things uncovered, Grandpa Gui decided to take the blame for his grandson. Then Grandpa Gui was taken back to the police station.

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