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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 17 Recap

Xiao Yan and Mo Ming knew who Chen Jiaorui was, so Mo Ming reminded Xiao Yan to give up fighting with Chen Jiaorui. She felt that Xiao Yan couldn’t beat her. This sentence aroused Xiao Yan’s competitive spirit. She originally planned to enter the Thea Group’s board of directors and obtain the shares of Thea Group. Mo Ming’s words made her think of a good way to get Chen Jiaorui to leave.

On the way back, Xiao Yan contacted Mr. Ji and asked her to help with the line, and asked Chen Jiaorui to a wine bureau. After Mr. Ji took the opportunity to leave, Xiao Yan showed up at the right time to tell these bosses about the confinement center project. Specially asked Chen Jiaorui to give them a further explanation. Then, Mr. Zhao logically cooperated with Chen Jiaorui. Xiao Yan knew that Chen Jiaorui was stepping into the game she had set up, and was unprepared.

Before that, Liu Bingyue came to Xiao Yan to remind her not to have any business dealings with Mr. Zhao. She has a lot of evidence in her hand and has already reported him, which will be reviewed by relevant departments. Xiao Yan took advantage of this to indirectly bridge the cooperation between Chen Jiaorui and Zhao. But after a conversation with Liu Bingyue, Xiao Yan felt relieved. She thought that maybe Chen Jiaorui was not so easy to be a mother.

Finally, she called Lili to remind her that there was a problem with Mr. Zhao’s company. The contract in Chen Jiaorui’s hand hasn’t been sent out yet, and she can’t help feeling afraid. Ji always felt that Xiao Yan couldn’t play with Chen Jiaorui. After all, she was relatively indecisive. Xiao Yan did not refute, she just wanted to win this game in a glorious way.

Xiao Yan asked Qi Bin to help arrange a headhunter, which attracted the onlookers of Thea’s colleagues. Everyone thought Xiao Yan was about to quit. Li Cha was furious when she learned that Xiao Yan took the opportunity to propose her condition that she can go to the confinement center, but the condition is to remove the current general manager of the confinement center and let her serve as the general manager.

From personnel to business, from She decides alone. Within two years, she will achieve the top three market share of the confinement center in the industry, and the annual turnover will increase by 50% year-on-year. After the goal is reached, she will join the board of directors of Thea Group. She knew that Li Cha could not decide, and she would give him and the board time to decide. At this time, Xiao Yan was not afraid of losing. She knew that if she wanted to come back in time of adversity, she had to take back her control first.

Mo Ming went back to the confinement center to look for the general manager. He didn’t expect that the general manager had just resigned and the new general manager was Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan’s new official was appointed to three fires. She called all the nursing staff to a meeting and made a bold move to renovate the confinement center. Xiao Yan also invited Mo Ming in and introduced him to everyone, leaving Mo Ming to manage the confinement center with herself.

The other nursing staff were worried that they would not pass the professional assessment, but Li Mei’e thought Xiao Yan was just a bluff. She thought that Xiao Yan actually didn’t understand anything, and the one who really needed attention was Mo Ming, after all, he was a professional pediatrician. Mo Ming didn’t understand why Xiao Yan wanted to work here. Xiao Yan said that she would return to Thea sooner or later. She could use this opportunity to help Mo Ming and create conditions for her to return to Thea.

Lili is completely a flatterer now, Xiaoxi is a bit hard to see, but there is no way, who will let Chen Jiaorui reuse Lili now. Li Mei’e went to Xiao Yan. Before she could say her words, Xiao Yan first said that the assessment is very simple, as long as it is a nursing school graduate, she can answer it. The purpose of her assessment is to screen out those related households who are related to each other.

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