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7 sitting positions that affect long-term health

In this article, the health chair Harachair will present 7 sitting positions that should not be sitting repeatedly for a long time. Because it may affect your long-term health, especially back pain. What will be there, please come and see.

7 sitting positions that affect long-term health

  1. Sit with a hunched back and a belly.

hunchbacked sitting can result in vertebral flexion and may lose personality and hunchbacked sitting without changing posture for long periods of time will cause congestion of lactic acid muscle spasms It causes symptoms of fatigue all the time. Serious to the point that the bone is bent and deformed permanently.

  1. Sit with your legs crossed. or sit cross-legged
    When we put our weight on one leg and foot The blood in the legs does not flow well. resulting in symptoms of fatigue This causes the muscles of the hips, waist, back, and even the head to become deformed. rib cage The muscles beside the bones are unbalanced, the spine may be bent. nerve malfunction until reaching herniated disc or herniated disc That is a popular disease of these salarymen.
  2. Sitting cross-legged
    sitting cross-legged for too long will result in inconvenient blood circulation
    Until the symptoms of beriberi and people who are overweight, old or have bone problems If you sit and meditate for too long may result in causing symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee
  3. Sit and work with a laptop placed on your lap.
    Sitting and working on a notebook computer in case it is necessary to put it on your lap. If you sit and work in this position for a long time, it may cause neck pain. due to computer keyboard and monitor Notebook is too low when we look down at the screen
  4. Half seated or not fully seated.
    Unconscious hunchback may be caused by sitting in this position Because sitting only half the seat the back does not lean on the cushion That will make the muscles work harder because the weight base or the buttocks. Not able to support full weight
  5. Sit on your legs, a
    posture in which one leg is raised over the other leg. or over his feet resulting in inconvenient blood circulation as in other sitting positions In addition, the hip bones and spine can bend like a sitting position with legs crossed because of the imbalance of both legs.
  6. Sit and raise your shoulders
    if the position of the chair cushion and desk are not related. It may cause you to sit in the shoulder-lifting position without realizing it. The seat cushion may be too low. or the desk is too high Make time to type or have a mouse click I had to raise my shoulders for my aptitude without realizing it. until causing shoulder pain and chronic back pain

However, choosing a high-quality orthopedic chair that can “protect your spine” can make every seat you sit. It’s a ride that doesn’t have to worry about. various symptoms caused by sitting Whether it is back pain, aches in the buttocks, or neck pain, it can cause many popular chronic diseases such as herniated discs.

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