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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 41 End Recap

Before Lin Xiangyuan surrendered, he left all the information about the entertainment city to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng returned to Yutian. He Qunfei and his colleagues came to welcome him. Jiang Jin and Lei Yuzheng briefly told about Lin Xiangyuan’s affairs. Lei Yuzheng worried that this matter would affect Jiang. Fanlu brings harm, and he feels a little relieved when he learns that Jiang Fanlu knows that Lin Xiangyuan is going to surrender in advance.

Mr. Liu introduced a client to Du Xiaosu. Mr. Du Xiaosu successfully completed the client’s decoration project. Mr. Liu called her to express his gratitude and encouraged Du Xiaosu to participate in the young architect competition. Du Xiaosu learned that his idol Professor Ohm led the competition. She was eager to try. President Ning took the initiative to find Du Xiaosu to cooperate on a big project. Du Xiaosu politely declined. She guessed that Lei Yuzheng was secretly helping, but she didn’t want to cooperate with Yutian. She had to rely on her own efforts to create a world, and President Ning was no longer reluctant.

Lei Yuzheng sent a message to meet Du Xiaosu tonight. Du Xiaosu came to the appointment on time. Lei Yuzheng was late, so Du Xiaosu had to call Lei Yuzheng, but the phone was always on the phone. On the way to the appointment, Lei Yuzheng suddenly received a call from Jiang Fanlu. He learned that Jiang Jin had a heart attack due to Lin Xiangyuan’s incident. Lei Yuzheng rushed over without saying a word. He left his phone in the car and missed it. Du Xiaosu’s call.

Lei Yuzheng came to visit Jiang Jin at home and asked him for help. Jiang Jin was worried about his health. He couldn’t worry about Jiang Fanlu. He asked Lei Yuzheng to take care of her. Lei Yuzheng promised to treat Jiang Fanlu as his sister. He also looked for Lin Xiangyuan. The best lawyer, persuade Jiang Jin to take good care of his health. Lei Yuzheng bid farewell to Jiang Fanlu and Jiang Jin, hurried to see Du Xiaosu, and found that Du Xiaosu had already left.

Lei Yuzheng came to the house to find Du Xiaosu early in the morning and repeatedly explained the reasons for the missed appointment last night. Du Xiaosu dismantled Lei Yuzheng to help her pull the project. Lei Yuzheng admitted to recommending her to President Ning and advised her not to miss such a good project, but Du Xiaosu did not buy it. Wanting to rely on his own ability to fight, not allowing Lei Yuzheng to interfere in her career, Du Xiaosu forced Lei Yuzheng out.

After work, Du Xiaosu began to prepare to participate in the designer competition. She quickly completed the design work and submitted the work to the organizing committee. Lei Yuzheng was also very busy every day, and neither of them took the initiative to contact each other. Zou Siqi returned from her honeymoon and asked Du Xiaosu for a peace symbol. Du Xiaosu suddenly received a call from Mr. Liu and learned that her design was successfully selected. The organizing committee invited her to Paris to participate in the finals. Du Xiaosu was very happy. Zou Siqi persuaded Du Xiaosu to consider carefully. Don’t lose Lei Yuzheng because of this, but Du Xiaosu is determined.

He Qunfei reported Du Xiaosu’s trip to Paris to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng immediately came to see Du Xiaosu and begged her to stay. Du Xiaosu made it clear that she and Lei Yuzheng had different life trajectories and were destined to not be together. Lei Yuzheng was not angry. Back to the ground and left. Du Xiaosu packed her bags and prepared to go to Paris. Zou Siqi advised her to think again. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to think too much.

Steward Duan saw that Lei Yuzheng had something on his mind, so he came to him for a drink and talk. Lei Yuzheng told him his anxiety. He didn’t want to be a stumbling block to Du Xiaosu’s career, but could not let her go. Steward Duan encouraged Lei Yuzheng to bravely pursue his own happiness. Du Xiaosu called Teacher Sun and wanted to visit the children on the island the day after tomorrow. Teacher Sun welcomed her very much.

Du Xiaosu came to the island and saw that Lei Yuzheng had donated a lot of school supplies. Teacher Sun also revealed to her that Lei Yuzheng had registered for the “Du Xiaosu Foundation” and was about to recruit a group of volunteers. Du Xiaosu was very moved, and she had no idea about this. Du Xiaosu went for a walk by the beach alone, and saw Lei Yuzheng waiting for her from a distance.

Lei Yuzheng wanted to wait for Du Xiaosu to watch the sunset together. He took Du Xiaosu’s hand and sincerely showed her love to her. Lei Yuzheng promised to wait for her all the time. Taking care of her all his life, Du Xiaosu was moved to tears, and the two of them let go of their previous suspicions and kissed each other affectionately.

The end

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