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Broker 掮客 Episode 11 Recap

Mr. Li came to Molly but was told that someone had an appointment with Molly earlier than him. Mr. Li ran to the boss to complain that Molly had hurt him and asked Molly to be her personal trainer, otherwise he would apologize, Mo Li refused to lower his head and hit him directly. Zhou Xiaoshan was called to the Fighting Academy to deal with this matter. Zhou Xiaoshan pushed Molly in front of Mr. Li and said that he would fight back as Molly hit him just now, but Mr. Li refused to do it.

Zhou Xiaoshan apologized for Molly, but Mr. Li still didn’t dare to do it, even if it passed. Zhou Xiaoshan knew that Mr. Li didn’t want to really make trouble, but just wanted to get some people’s attention. Molly said that they met for the first time. She personally taught someone who wanted to assault her and felt very happy, but she looked down on Mr. Li and was bullied by such a cowardly and timid person.

When Qiu Jianing saw that Zhou Xiaoshan’s house hadn’t turned on the light and sent a message, Qiu Jiaxin asked her and Qin Bin how they were eating. Qiu Jianing felt embarrassed. Qiu Jiaxin told Qin Bin that Qiu Jianing thought he was approaching Qiu Jianing to show her favor for the article. She is a straight daughter of steel after all, but Qin Bin was not discouraged and planned to be in love for a long time.

Qiu Jianing didn’t eat with everyone, Zhou Xiaoshan explained that it was not that she had a high profile, everyone was like this abroad. Hearing that Qiu Jianing got in Qin Bin’s car, Zhou Xiaoshan’s eyes were a little low. Qin Bin said that he would take Qiu Jianing to have a good meal. He also said that he felt a little disappointed after writing this article. Qiu Jianing also felt this way, but he did not mean the same as Qin Bin.

Before Qin Bin explained the real reason, the car broke down halfway and the tire was punctured. Qin Bin just planned to call the insurance company, and Qiu Jianing had opened the trunk to change the spare tire. Qin Bin quickly brought tools to let Qiu Jianing look at him. Instead, Qiu Jianing pointed out a lot of his mistakes. Seeing that Qin Bin couldn’t even screw out a screw, Qiu Jianing smiled and started using it. Qin Bin didn’t expect a woman like her. Scientists also change tires.

Qiu Jiaxin heard that Qin Bin wouldn’t even change a tire and he was weak. Qin Bin wanted Qiu Jiaxin to take Qiu Jianing to the team building. Qiu Jiaxin knew she would not go or agreed to help. Qiu Jianing said that he would not be able to work overtime, Qiu Jiaxin quickly asked Zhou Xiaoshan for confirmation, Zhou Xiaoshan cooperated and said that he was the only one who worked overtime on May Day and everyone else had a holiday. Qiu Jiaxin stalked with the evidence, Qiu Jianing reluctantly agreed. After two months, Qiu Jianing’s experiment has made significant progress.

At present, her results are the same as those of Xiaoxiao, but Zhou Xiaoshan’s results have not come out yet, and we have to wait until the holidays. Wang Lao said that the company must see the experiment report after the holiday, and Qiu Jianing has very little time. After Qiu Jianing left, Mr. Wang took Sun Lei to sit down and chat. In fact, he understood Sun Lei very well, but they were a team. Sun Lei said he would put the overall situation first. Wang Lao then told Sun Lei to stop all the experiments at hand and cooperate with Qiu Jianing at any time.

Xiaoxiao was very angry when he heard about this, Qiu Jianing squeezed out Sun Lei’s position as soon as he came, which was too cruel for him. Xiaoxiao ran to Sun Lei and said that Mr. Wang was partial. He had spent eight years for this project. Why is Qiu Jianing! But for the sake of project considerations, Sun Lei didn’t want to listen to those selfish remarks made by Xiaoxiao, so he drove her out.

In fact, Sun Lei didn’t care on the surface, but he was still very angry in his heart. How could he be willing to give up on the experiment he spent so long doing. Everyone discusses where to go for the little holiday, Li Chunran is going to go on a blind date, and Zhang Yu is chased by her when she turns on the Tucao mode. Momo said that Zhang Yu liked Li Chunran, but Qiu Jianing didn’t see it. Momo complained about emotional intelligence.

After Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing reported their progress, they took their experimental trend chart and compared them with his, and found that there were some differences. While waiting for the bus, Qiu Jianing continued to ask Zhou Xiaoshan to pay attention to the experiment. This time, he could only succeed and not fail. Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly said that she had forgotten to take the results of the experiment and asked her to go back first, and found that her petri dish was really passive.

Early the next morning, Zhou Xiaoshan saw Qin Bin coming to pick up the two sisters Qiu Jianing and Qiu Jiaxin. During overtime, the front desk said that someone was looking for Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan went to see each other for her. It turned out that it was the boy who borrowed money from Qiu Jianing last time. The boy said that he came to pay Qiu Jianing’s money, and confessed that he lost the last time he played Truth or Dare with friends.

They asked him to find five people to borrow fifty yuan each to make up two hundred and five. He is really not a professional beggar. . In fact, he wanted to pay back the money the next day to thank him, but he didn’t expect to be dragged by the team to the training camp until now. It turned out that this boy was named Jiang Xiaoye, a professional e-sports player for LPL.

After hearing Jiang Xiaoye’s explanation, Zhou Xiaoshan said that Qiu Jianing had long forgotten about this matter and he didn’t need to make a special trip to pay it back, but Jiang Xiaoye said that if he didn’t come to pay back the money, maybe Qiu Jianing would not help those who really need help next time. Zhou Xiaoshan remembered what Qiu Jianing had said, and thanked Jiang Xiaoye, who taught him a lesson.

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