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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1: Qiao Jingjing was confessed and rejected

China Academy of Aerospace Research, JX chief designer Guan Zai reported to everyone about SK-1’s plan, and everyone talked about it. Although the SK-1 plan was innovative, aerospace is a systematic project, so the plan was not passed immediately. JX’s overall chief designer Yu Tu pressed his lips tightly. Although this result was unexpected, he looked anxious, and even Guan Zai didn’t understand Yu Tu’s thoughts over the past two or three months.

The prosperous Shanghai city has created a star road for many entertainers in the entertainment industry. The popularity of the star-lit scene has made fans mad, and what makes everyone more excited is the well-known actress Qiao Jingjing. Her white dress won the most popular female of the year. The actor became a hot search on Weibo that night.

Qiao Jingjing’s beauty and prosperous age, her acting skills have been recognized by many fans, but she also attracted some revelations due to the popularity of people. Just as Qiao Jingjing got in the nanny car after receiving the award, her agent Ling sister searched the hottest. Looking at Qiao Jingjing, Qiao Jingjing frowned and looked at the hot search on Weibo. The hot search revealed that she was rejected when she was in high school.

Back then, she admired Yu Tu for a long time, and finally mustered the courage to confess, but was rejected by Yu Tu. Yu Tu only wanted to find someone who could work hard with him, and later chose another girl named Xia Qing. Now that several years have passed, Qiao Jingjing learned from a friend that Yu Tu had broken up with Xia Qing, and couldn’t help but sigh. The person Yu Tu looked for failed to work hard with him in the end.

Qiao Jingjing went back to Shanghai directly after filming. Sister Ling came to Qiao Jingjing with a headache. Congratulations to Qiao Jingjing for her Weibo headline. Qiao Jingjing is the spokesperson of the King’s Glory. She has always created the personalities of e-sports masters. Now her rookie game video has been leaked. For a while, fans have been talking about it, which will not only affect her next play, but also It will affect her as a spokesperson for the glory of the king. Sister Ling thinks about it, and prepares to ask Qiao Jingjing to post on Weibo that she is practicing heroes.

The game party not only hopes that Qiao Jingjing can post to clarify, but also wants Qiao Jingjing to play an entertainment game at the awards ceremony after January, so that everyone can enjoy it. See Qiao Jingjing’s level. Qiao Jingjing’s game level is clear to Sister Ling. She wanted to refuse for Qiao Jingjing, but Qiao Jingjing responded, preparing to practice the game hard, so that everyone could see her strength.

Soon after, Qiao Jingjing’s drama was over. Sister Ling took Jingjing back to Shanghai and found her husband, Aguo, to fight the king. Jingjing began a long journey of learning the king. Although Aguo is the strongest king, Nai He Jing Jing is a rookie in the game. After several consecutive heroes, Jingjing failed miserably. For a while, A country could not find a suitable hero for Jingjing, so he only prepared to take a day off and re-establish a suitable strategy for Jingjing.

When Jingjing returned home, she planned to practice the game by herself. In order to prevent the game video from leaking again, she registered a game account with QQ, but unexpectedly saw Yu Tu’s name in her friends list. The two words Yu Tu run through Jingjing’s entire youth. She was very obsessed with Tu. In order to get Yu Tu through her QQ friends, she tried various methods and finally added Yu Tu as a forum friend.

Her thoughts were brought back to reality by the game in front of her. Returning to the game, Jingjing unexpectedly saw Yu Tu pull her into the game. Yu Tu didn’t know Jingjing’s identity, and Jingjing simply cheered and used her Cai Wenji to rely on Yu Tu. Zhuge Liang played with the glory of the king. However, Jingjing’s game level is too rookie, teammates can’t help but yell at Jingjing, but Yu Tu fluently protects Jingjing, easily controlling the interface on the other end of the phone.

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