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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 20 Recap

The crowd finally gathered, and Du Shijun followed Si Meng in a nonchalant manner. Yu Songyang walked into the restaurant with flowers in his hand. Bao Xue deliberately turned around and ignored them, and everyone hurriedly winked. Yu Songyang stepped forward to apologize and persuade him. Bao Xue finally came down on this step and made peace with Yu Songyang. The dinner officially started. Feng Xi and Zhao Henan pulled the dishes into the door.

Du Shijun toasted everyone and thanked You Shanshan for his rescue. You Shanshan called in Zhao Henan and Zhao Henan served dishes that meant returning to good. The atmosphere came to a climax, and the two couples finally got back together.

Yu Songyang brought Bao Xue to the rock climbing gym. It was the shop of a good brother Zhiyuan. The wife Li and her son praised and quickly accepted the new changes in life. Li and Yu Songyang nodded in tacit agreement, and both thought of Zhiyuan Far last last words. Waiting for Yu Songyang to leave with praise and praise, Sister Li began to chat with Bao Xue, and when she really talked about losing her lover, Sister Li’s voice finally began to tremble. What should I do if there is a lover who loves rock climbing, Sister Li chooses to respect. Even if his son will embark on this road in the future, Sister Li will not intervene. Bao Xue was speechless after hearing this, but when he and Yu Songyang left hand in hand, Bao Xue’s tone was slightly relaxed.

Bai Jinghui and Lu Zheng went shopping together and wanted to teach Lu Zheng to cook together. As soon as Bai Jinghui walked out of the room, she fell to the ground and twisted her ankle. Lv Zheng hurriedly sent Bai Jinghui to the hospital. Bai Jinghui couldn’t move her feet. Lv Zheng promised to help Bai Jinghui take care of the housework. As for Bao Xue and Dai Xiaoyu, Bai Jinghui decided to leave it alone.

Feng Xi received a report on food safety. When making sandwiches, the supervisor believed that Zhao Henan did not separate raw and cooked dishes, and the business was closed again. You Shanshan has a headache. There is still a dinner to be held in the evening, and this time can only be cancelled temporarily. Feng Xizheng was troubled by how to write the reflection letter. Zhao Henan took out a plastic knife and solved the problem at once. After the matter was over, Zhao Henan asked Feng Xi to help him pretend to be his girlfriend to fool his parents who always urged marriage…

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