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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 8 Recap

Murong Chen learned that Chang Kong had slept outside all night, but didn’t realize that Xiao Ai had been taken away, so Murong Chen severely taught him a lesson. Jiang Mengmeng found the beads that Xiao Ai was wearing in the toilet. She suspected that she was found by the robbers when she went to the toilet last night. Both Murong Chen and Song Che felt reasonable. Chang Kong vowed to find Xiao Ai back. Jiang Mengmeng found out. Chang Kong is interesting to Xiao Ai.

Jiang Mengmeng considered again and again and decided to restore his daughter to lead out the robbers, and let Murong Chen and Song Che take the opportunity to rescue Xiao Ai. Murong Chen and Song Che resolutely refused, and they finally discussed letting Murong Chen be dressed as a woman and Jiang Mengmeng would lure the enemy together. . Jiang Mengmeng and Murong Chen swaggered into the street in women’s clothing, and deliberately showed their affection in the public, Song Che and Changkong followed to protect them.

That night, Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng lived in the same room, and Song Che was even more angry, so Changkong had to persuade him kindly. In the middle of the night, there was a sudden noise outside, Murong Chen hugged Jiang Mengmeng tightly and hid under the quilt. Song Che and Chang Kong suddenly noticed a dark shadow flashing by, and hurried out to chase them.

Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng were lying on the same bed. Both of them were embarrassed. Jiang Mengmeng became sleepy and she fell asleep in a daze. Murongchen found someone spraying poison gas into the room. He wanted to wake up Jiang Mengmeng, but it was too late. Murongchen was poisoned and fell into a coma. He and Jiang Mengmeng were captured by the robbers. Changkong and Song Che chased them far away, and the man in black soon disappeared. Changkong realized that he was in the middle of the trick. He hurried back to the inn and found that Murongchen and Jiang Mengmeng had been robbed. Changkong came to the woods quietly, took out the signal bomb and sent it out.

Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen woke up again and saw many women bathing in the hot springs. Xiaomei took the women to take off Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen’s clothes. Murongchen couldn’t get into the water under the pretext of skin allergies. Jiang Mengmeng asked the women that they don’t remember how they came here, as long as they dress up beautifully every day.

Murongchen took the initiative to look for Xiaomei and learned that there were 18 women who had been arrested. The new woman was crying all the time, so she was placed in a small house. Murongchen guessed that it was Xiao Ai. Jiang Mengmeng suddenly felt uncomfortable all over her body. Thanks to Murongchen’s timely rescue, Jiang Mengmeng concluded that there was a problem with the hot spring, and she felt something wrong as soon as she soaked in.

Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen found the place where Xiao Ai was detained. They heard Xiao Ai cry from a distance, Jia Ding severely taught her a meal and left, and the two of them quietly went in to save others. Xiaomei then rushed to tell Jiang Mengmeng about her experience of being arrested. She was worried that she was brainwashed, so she engraved the words “away from the hot spring” on the side of the bed. Every day she went back to the room, she touched one side and forced herself not to forget her previous experience. Because of the matter, Xiaomei also wanted to sneak away, but the guards here are tight, and she has no chance to escape.

Xiaomei finally found Sangluo’s room last night. When she heard her discussing with the family members, Sangluo suspected that Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen were sent by the government, but she was behind them at the moment, and Xiaomei didn’t know Sangluo’s conspiracy. Jiang Mengmeng and Murongchen followed Xiaomei to find out what happened. They saw Sang Luo doing makeup from the window. Sang Luo was very dissatisfied with her skin and sent someone to get honey. Murong Chen hijacked Jia Ding and replaced him. Jia Ding’s clothes went in to deliver honey.

Jia Ding routinely rounds the ward, Xiao Mei is lying on the bed under the quilt pretending to be Jiang Mengmeng and Murong Chen, Jia Ding is not suspicious. Murongchen came in to deliver honey. Jiang Mengmeng hid outside the door and watched the movement inside. Sang Luo took out a bloody epiphyllum and injected the blood of the kidnapped girls into it on the night of the full moon tomorrow to make her youthful. Forever, Jiang Mengmeng didn’t expect her to have such a bloody plan.

Changkong received a secret report, and Sang Luo of Qingluo Town bought a fake Blood Epiphany. Jiang Mengmeng came back to find Xiao Ai, and Murong Chen and Xiao Mei discussed countermeasures. Murong Chen was worried that her family would tell the truth, and Xiao Mei came up with a good way.

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