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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Mengmeng disguised as a man and Murong went out of the palace to look for paints for fake bloody night flowers. They pretended to be merchants from the Western Regions and first came to Qianxiufang. They kept saying that they wanted to order a thousand catties of paint. The boss took them to the warehouse and dyeing workshop behind them. Murongchen pretended to lose the jade pendant and walked away from the shop in a few words.

Murongchen took Jiang Mengmeng to the warehouse and saw that it was filled with paint. They went to check together. The boss sent someone to the warehouse to get the account book. Murongchen was holding Jiang Mengmeng in a hurry, and the two suddenly felt their hearts beat faster. Quickly let go. Jiang Mengmeng and Murong Chen found nothing, so they had to come out of Qian Xiufang. Encountered a sneak attack by a masked man in black, the two of them desperately hid, and both rolled down the mountain stream.

Jiang Mengmeng led away the robbers without saying a word, and asked Murong Chen to move the soldiers, and Murong Chen sent a signal to Changkong. Jiang Mengmeng was chased and blocked by robbers, and there was a river in front of him. The masked warrior came to rescue Jiang Mengmeng in time. Jiang Mengmeng was so dumbfounded that he regarded him as the real son, and accidentally slipped and fell into the river.

Murongchen, who was wearing a mask, hurriedly rescued Jiang Mengmeng. When she saw the butterfly mark on her arm, Murongchen was shocked. He clearly remembered that he was injured on the street when he was a child. The girl rescued her home and begged Yun Qi to take in Murong Chen. Murongchen looked at the sleepy Jiang Mengmeng with mixed feelings.

Jiang Mengmeng woke up suddenly, she didn’t recognize Murongchen, she thanked him again and again for his life-saving grace, Murongchen asked about Liangcheng, Jiang Mengmeng asked three questions, and Murongchen knew that she had really amnesia, and claimed that she had lost her memory. Called Yunya, Jiang Mengmeng bid farewell to Murong Chen and left. There was a sudden lightning and thunder in the sky, and Jiang Mengmeng was too scared to leave, so she had to return to the thatched cottage.

Murongchen suddenly coughed up blood, Jiang Mengmeng humbled and asked him warmly. He lied that he was okay and asked Jiang Mengmeng to go back to bed and rest. Murongchen was uncomfortable and shivered constantly. Jiang Mengmeng put a quilt on him and warmed him with his hands. In the end, Jiang Mengmeng was so tired that he fell asleep leaning on Murongchen.

Murongchen finally woke up. He hugged Jiang Mengmeng tightly, vowing in his heart that he would protect Jiang Mengmeng, and Murongchen put Jiang Mengmeng on the bed to sleep, put the jade pendant on her body next to her pillow, and left silently. NS. Murongchen came to see Changkong, Changkong found out that the man in black was sent by Jiang Sisi, the purpose was to kill Jiang Mengmeng and take Murongchen as his own. Murongchen admitted that Jiang Mengmeng was the girl Xiaomeng who saved him back then. He didn’t want to dissolve the marriage contract, but wanted to stay with Jiang Mengmeng to protect her.

When Jiang Mengmeng woke up, she wanted to take the opportunity to leave, but she was worried that Xiao Ai would be hurting them. Jiang Mengmeng went to the street to find Xiao Ai, met Song Che and Song Che took her back to the palace. Jiang Wan wanted to punish Murongchen for failing to protect Jiang Mengmeng, Jiang Mengmeng tried his best to defend Murongchen, begging Jiang Wan to open up to him.

Jiang Mengmeng came to Murongchen to ask for credit. Murongchen actually wanted to agree with him, and kissed Jiang Mengmeng in the public. Jiang Sisi, Song Che and others saw this scene, Jiang Mengmeng was furious. Murongchen sent Changkong to bring exquisite desserts to Jiang Mengmeng, Jiang Mengmeng refused to meet, and Xiao Ai still said coldly to Changkong, Changkong had to put down the snacks and left, Jiang Mengmeng feasted on it.

Changkong urged Murongchen to tell the truth that Murongchen had too many things on his back. He didn’t want to disclose the relationship with Jiang Mengmeng when he was a child, and firmly believed that Jiang Mengmeng would still fall in love with him. Jiang Mengmeng learned that Murongchen and Changkong had gone out of the palace, so she came out boldly. She picked up a piece of gold when she went out. Jiang Mengmeng was very happy. She didn’t expect that there would be a piece of gold every other way, and she picked it up all the way. In the pavilion, Murongchen took a couple of gold and waited for a long time before Jiang Mengmeng realized that he had fallen into Murongchen’s trap.

Jiang Mengmeng relied on his unforgettable ability to silently write down Qian Xiufang’s ledger. Murongchen wanted to continue to work with Jiang Mengmeng to find the bloody night flowers. Jiang Mengmeng clearly stated that the bloody night flowers were found to please Jiang Wan and let Jiang Wan Agreeing to dissolve her and Murongchen’s marriage contract, Murongchen resolutely refused to agree, he listed Jiang Mengmeng’s advantages one by one.

Jiang Mengmeng proposed to watch the sunrise with Murongchen, and firmly believed that he would be frozen back soon. Jiang Mengmeng was shaking with cold, but Murongchen remained motionless. Finally, Jiang Mengmeng fell asleep in Murongchen’s arms. Now, Murongchen put the heater in Jiang Mengmeng’s palm, and secretly vowed to protect her for the rest of his life.

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