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Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule – What is?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule is an oxygen tunnel technology with high atmospheric pressure. So that the body receives a high concentration of oxygen. increased oxygen entering the body It flows to organs such as the brain, heart muscle, liver, spleen, and intestines, thereby contributing to overall health. Both the metabolic system, nervous system, immune system and sleep cycle It also spreads to muscle fibers. and blood vessels in the forearm and forearm, thereby accelerating the repair and regeneration of injured and damaged tissues more effectively as well.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule
Therefore, it is considered to help the body receive more oxygen for recovery than in normal conditions.
“Healthy Choices of those who want to restore health at the cellular level.”

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a health therapy by receiving large amounts of pure oxygen into the body. Using a capsule-like oxygen tunnel technology (Hyperbaric Chamber) with high atmospheric pressure adjustment. In order for the body to fully receive 100% pure oxygen in amounts that are higher than normal atmospheric pressure. The mechanism of oxygen is the same as when we go diving. Normally, oxygen has large molecules.

The deeper you dive Atmospheric pressure will increase. makes the oxygen smaller It’s like an empty plastic bottle that flattens under deep water. So we feel like having tinnitus. On the other hand, when we get out of the water to meet normal atmospheric pressure. Oxygen will come back to expand as before.

Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Health Therapy So it simulates going deep underwater at atmospheric pressure above 1 atmosphere to make oxygen smaller. This allows the body to bring more pure oxygen into the body. Helps the circulatory system improve There is more oxygen in the blood. Stimulates the production of red blood cells This will help stimulate the transport of oxygen to nourish the body better.

Stimulate the healing of all types of wounds Reduce scars after surgery Reduce swelling and bruising after surgery slow wound healing Because these wounds require a large amount of oxygen. To help in the process of repairing tissues that are inflamed. including those with poor circulatory system It also helps to slow down the deterioration of the body.

W9 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy responds to the problem of slowing down the deterioration of the body.

deterioration of the body Caused by cellular hypoxia due to insufficient oxygen exchange by cells in the body, “deterioration is faster than repair”. Telomeres are longer. by measuring the length of the telomeres It is a measure of the integrity of white blood cells, both T-Cell, B-Cell and NK-Cell, thus covering all diseases that come from degeneration of the immune system in the body. whether allergy autoimmune disease or cancer, because NK-Cell will stimulate our immune system to fight back against cancer cells better. from adding a lot of oxygen into the body

In addition, when we increase the amount of oxygen, it helps to enhance the metabolism at the cellular level (Cellular metabolism) helps the metabolism of people who can’t lose weight. people with diabetes high blood pressure fat clots in blood vessels and people with heart disease

“Mechanism of energy generation in every cell of the body. Depends on a lot of oxygen.”
The choice of those who want to restore health at the cellular level. with pure oxygen

Who is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy suitable for?

  • restore tiredness exhaustion
  • Rehabilitation from sports injuries or exercise
  • restore insomnia Helps to sleep more quality
  • restore the circulatory system Helps reduce dizziness and frequent dizziness
  • recovery after surgery Reduce swelling after surgery
  • Rehabilitation of office syndrome that many people have to face.
  • Restoring the immune system to be strong from within
  • Restore the metabolism to work better.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps the cells in the body to function at their full efficiency 100% because when the body has enough oxygen It can increase the efficiency of metabolism. Stimulate the work of various systems allowing the body to effectively repair the worn parts helps to slow down aging Help the blood circulation system in the body better. to build up the immune system in the body to increase as well.”

Because of the protection of the body from causing accumulated illnesses. This will help reduce the risk of various diseases as well as helping to have sustainable health

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