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My Queen 我的女主别太萌 Episode 1 Recap

Today is Friday. Jiang Xiaomeng couldn’t wait to go home to catch up on TV series for a week after work. Colleagues mistakenly thought she was anxious to see her boyfriend and couldn’t help but tease her. Jiang Xiaomeng smiled and didn’t explain too much. She looks like a person who loves money and sex and is heartless. In fact, she is a soft heart, eager to find a perfect boyfriend like the hero of a TV series. She is helpless and single.

Jiang Xiaomeng met his immediate boss, Qin Han. Qin Han is the president of the Qin Group. He is a workaholic. He is cold and abstinent and unsmiling. Jiang Xiaomeng reported to him the work that has been completed and Monday’s arrangements. Qin Han Having been silent, Jiang Xiaomeng hurriedly found an excuse and ran away.

Jiang Xiaomeng went home and lay on the sofa, eating snacks and chasing the sweet idol drama. She was moved with enthusiasm for the deadly love in the drama. Suddenly an advertisement for the game “Destined” closed beta popped up on the screen. Jiang Xiaomeng was not interested and wanted to switch channels. The system monarch on the screen desperately blocked him and promised her the best love experience through the game. Jiang Xiaomeng was eager to try one by one. Enumerating the conditions of his ideal boyfriend, the system gentleman quickly found Jiang Xiaomeng a suitable costume role, and named Jiang Mengmeng.

Jiang Mengmeng puts on the virtual reality glasses and instantly enters the dream game world. The prompt of the game is “No matter how many times I forget, I will fall in love with you again.” When Jiang Mengmeng woke up in a daze, she found herself under a big clock, wearing the clothes of an ancient man. She couldn’t guess her identity, and walked out of this room according to the prompts of the game. There was a bustling street and bustling in front of her. Crowd.

Jiang Mengmeng was recognized as soon as she appeared. Vendors rushed to sell her goods. Everyone called him “Meng Zi”. Jiang Mengmeng was confused. She had to bite the bullet and buy them all. Get rid of the entanglement of that group of people. Jiang Mengmeng turned and left, and ran into a man full of arms. Someone took advantage of the chaos and stole the black box that the man had just obtained. Jiang Mengmeng was shocked when he fixed his eyes. It was clear that Qin Han in ancient costumes was in front of him. Mengmeng was in a cold sweat.

The man’s name is Murongchen, the fifth prince of Cangyun Nation. He has a beautiful appearance, but he is a noble prince with a weak mouth. He is clean, addictive, and idiotic. With his second emperor status, he is very good at eating, drinking, and having fun. Proficient, but not ambitious at all, Murong Chen just secretly traded with someone to get a bloody epiphany. He had urgent things to do, so he left without paying attention to Jiang Mengmeng. Jiang Mengmeng forced herself to calm down before realizing that it was in the game.

Jiang Mengmeng caught up with Qin Han and forced him to pay a hundred taels of silver. Murong Chen took out the money from his pocket, only to find that the wallet and the box had been stolen. Jiang Mengmeng desperately argued that Jiang Mengmeng and the thief were in a gang. Murong Chen didn’t believe it at all, and the two of them pulled and pulled. Jiang Mengmeng’s hair buns were accidentally scattered, and Murong Chen discovered that she was a woman disguised as a man. The thief fled, and Murong Chen hurried to chase her. The thief threw the black box into the brazier on the side of the road in a hurry. Murong Chen hurried over to snatch it and picked up a scorched bloody night flower from the brazier. Jiang Mengmeng followed afterwards and realized that Murong Chen had not lied.

At this moment, the maid Xiao Ai and the guard A Liang chased Jiang Mengmeng, Jiang Mengmeng desperately ran away, they have been chasing three streets, and they didn’t mean to stop, Jiang Mengmeng was exhausted. From the two of them, they learned that they were the nine princesses of the Weak Water Country, and they often slipped out of the palace.

Jiang Mengmeng was taken back to the palace by Xiao Ai and A Liang. The old imperial doctor carefully checked her and found no injuries. She suspected that she broke her brain when she was over the wall, causing neurological amnesia. The queen of the weak water country Jiang Wan was distraught. Jiang Mengmeng is her most beloved sister, Jiang Wan is glamorous and domineering, passionate about beauty care. Jiang Mengmeng tried to pretend to have amnesia. She took out a notebook and recorded everything in front of her in detail, in case she needed it.

Murongchen went back to tell his subordinate Zhangkong what happened today. Zhangkong is super powerful and loyal to Murongchen. When Murongchen found that the blood epiphany was fake, he sent Zhangkong to summon all the sellers to investigate and deal with the real blood epiphany as soon as possible. Whereabouts. Jiang Mengmeng hopes that the male protagonist will appear in the game as soon as possible. Weak Water Country F4 will come to find her together. They are the fifth prince, the sixth prince, the seventh prince and the eighth prince. They want to help recall Jiang Mengmeng’s memory, Jiang Mengmeng Disappointed, I also found out from Xiao Ai that the fourth princess Jiang Sisi did not like her.

When Jiang Mengmeng learned that there was a male imperial doctor in the Taiyuan Hospital, he secretly seduce him, but he didn’t expect that Dr. Xu was already the father of the child. Jiang Mengmeng complained constantly. Jiang Sisi heard that Jiang Mengmeng had broken his head and had amnesia, so he came to visit him in person. Jiang Mengmeng ignored her and just wanted to find his true son as soon as possible, and sent Jiang Sisi away in a few words.

Jiang Mengmeng heard that Jiang Sisi’s blind date meeting was held in a few days, and the surrounding countries would send princes and nobles to participate. Jiang Mengmeng suddenly saw King Wu Ze’s eyes. Today was Jiang Sisi’s blind date meeting. Jiang Wan asked Jiang Mengmeng to also attend. Jiang Mengmeng dressed up carefully and wanted to take this opportunity to find the man he liked.

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