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Broker 掮客 Episode 7 Recap

Molly met the salesperson and took a gift. Thinking of Zhou Xiaoshan’s saying that few people in this world can resist the word free, Molly went back to the gym according to his words and asked the boss to try it out for three months. Molly came to Zhou Xiaoshan with the letter of appointment. She didn’t understand the world, and she couldn’t understand what Zhou Xiaoshan said.

Sun Lei knew that Xiaoxiao had to persuade her. Qiu Jianing saw everyone laughing and comforting when he came. Qiu Jianing went to see Sun Lei. He believed that the responsibility for this matter was not with the smile, and hoped that he could keep the smile and smile. I want to get Sun Lei’s approval so much that I’m nervous to work overtime.

Sun Lei convened a meeting with colleagues in the laboratory, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan were also there. This meeting was naturally about safety. Xiaoxiao was not dissuaded from leaving, and she was a little bit happy for a while. Unexpectedly, Sun Lei asked Xiaoxiao to help Qiu Jianing, and Xiaoxiao did not understand.

Zhou Xiaoshan knew that Qiu Jianing must have pleaded for Xiaoxiao. He believed that Xiaoxiao’s participation in the experiment was not the best choice. The experimenters needed tacit understanding. If something went wrong, Qiu Jianing had no chance to do it again, let alone Xiaoxiao would not be grateful. Qiu Jianing, she will only keep targeting her.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s prejudice against people is very deep. He thinks that people will not change their own nature easily. Qiu Jianing asked him what he thinks of himself. Will an expelled person never gain his trust? At lunch, Zhou Xiaoshan stopped Qiu Jianing, saying that it would be difficult to conduct the experiment quickly if the key was not obtained, and kept reminding her that there was only three months.

Molly was selected by the client Mr. Li as a sparring partner. Mr. Li used punches to vent the anger accumulated during his work. After the end, he thanked Molly very much. The injury on Molly’s forehead was not healed, Zhou Xiaoshan came to give her medicine. Molly has discovered a lot of things that are against the yin and the yin. They live too badly, and they still want to do it because they are unwilling in their hearts. Can’t people live a little more truthfully?

Zhou Xiaoshan sees human nature very thoroughly, the adult world is really stupid, Qiu Jianing is such a person. Wang Lao gave Qiu Jianing the key. Qiu Jianing was worried that Sun Lei would have an idea, but Wang Lao knew that as long as she produced convincing experimental results, he could convince Sun Lei. The alarm sounded suddenly and everyone rushed to the laboratory.

A batch of microscopically fertilized eggs that had not had time to be transplanted into the female mice were affected by the fire. They must inject a new batch of fertilized eggs in the shortest time. The success rate of microinjection is 95%. Sun Lei proposed to compete with Qiu Jianing. If she wins, Sun Lei promised to share the results of the experiment.

Zhou Xiaoshan was very worried that Qiu Jianing was impulsive, and she could not get the key in this way, but Qiu Jianing insisted on doing so. Zhou Xiaoshan offered to replace Qiu Jianing. His success rate was 98%, and he promised to leave the laboratory if he lost. Sun Lei and Zhou Xiaoshan entered the operating room separately, and Qiu Jianing was worried about this, and everyone was sweating for this game. After the injection, Sun Lei and Zhou Xiaoshan drew a tie. Momo said Zhou Xiaoshan’s speed was several seconds faster than Sun Lei.

But Xiaoxiao believed that the experiment was not over yet, and the results of the mouse training should be seen after 20 days. Qiu Jianing agreed. Qiu Jianing didn’t understand why Zhou Xiaoshan did this. Since she proposed a new experimental idea, Zhou Xiaoshan seemed very impatient. She didn’t want Zhou Xiaoshan to follow Weiwei’s path. Qiu Jianing believes that scientific research should not be used as a stepping stone for anyone. Zhou Xiaoshan gritted his teeth and said that time will prove everything.

Qiu Jianing went to the hospital to get the medical examination report. Qiu Jiaxin said that she had already taken it for her and asked her to go to her office to get it as she said. Qiu Jianing went to Qiu Jiaxin’s office, but unexpectedly met Qin Bin. Qin Bin was very excited when he saw Qiu Jianing, and he quickly found an excuse to call Qiu Jianing. He didn’t expect Qiu Jiaxin to come in at this time and introduced him to her sister. Qin Bin was a little embarrassed. Qiu Jianing’s physical examination report is normal, but Qiu Jiaxin knows that she has been staying up all night, and persuades her to be confident.

Everyone did not expect Zhou Xiaoshan to hide so deeply and start to discuss who he and Sun Lei can win. Qiu Jiaxin returned to the office. Qin Bin deliberately distracted Zhao Yan, and then began to inquire about Qiu Jianing for Qiu Jiaxin. After learning that she was not married and had no boyfriend, Qin Bin quickly asked Qiu Jiaxin to help him chase Qiu Jianing, and took a lot of money. Conditions to seduce her.

Qiu Jianing had been coughing all the time. Zhou Xiaoshan obviously cared about her. As soon as he got home, he rummaged through the boxes and found the cold medicine to send to her. But Qiu Jianing was not at home and Qiu Jiaxin opened the door. Qiu Jianing went to the bar to meet his girlfriend Xiaoya, and the two had an appointment to meet in a few days. Just after leaving, Qiu Jianing was entangled by the rich second generation of the bar.

Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly appeared. Qiu Jianing was very impatient with their quarrel and took the other party to the training ground, saying that if he won, she would follow him. Zhou Xiaoshan looked worried. He didn’t expect Qiu Jianing to get more and more exciting as he played, forcing the rich second generation to confess their mistakes. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing if he was interested in a game with him. Qiu Jianing was leaving with his bag and didn’t want to bother him.

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