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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 27 Recap

The wedding of Mark and Han Shuang was handled in Chinese style. During the wedding, Mark couldn’t help but went to see Han Shuang and was driven away by Xia Yan and Ma Xiangnan. It would be unlucky if you shouldn’t go to see the bride before getting married. And Han Shuang’s mother, Han Mingzhu, suddenly went to Han Shuang’s wedding scene, introduced herself to Mark’s mother, and also belittled their beauty salon business. Just when Mark’s mother was about to argue with Han Mingzhu, Mark passed by. Han Mingzhu wanted to talk about the future with Mark.

Han Shuang asked Xia Yan if Han Mingzhu had gone in the dressing room. Xia Yan hadn’t seen Han Mingzhu before and had to sloppy to prevaricate Han Shuang, and Han Shuang asked Xia Yan that she was concerned about Zhao Xiaolei, and she was really angry if she showed that Zhao Xiaolei did not go. Just then Zhao Xiaolei opened the door and told Han Shuang that she must go back to participate on such an important day. Han Shuang hugged Zhao Xiaolei and started crying.

Han Mingzhu directly told Mark that his former girlfriend was about to break contact, even Ma Xiangnan would do the same. But Mark has to inherit the family business to be worthy of Han Shuang, but he still likes Mark’s stupid energy. Then I went to Han Shuang’s dressing room to see his daughter. Looking at Han Shuang’s current wedding, it still seemed a bit acidic.

After that, I had to do a luxurious wedding for Han Shuang in the hotel, regardless of whether Han Shuang was married or not. Han Mingzhu’s daughter, the mother and daughter hugged each other and finally they can be in harmony.

At the wedding scene, Han Mingzhu handed Han Shuang personally to Mark, telling him to treat Han Shuang well in the future. When the video of the love process between the two people was played, the scene appeared before Han Shuang was kissing Xu Chengyi in the elevator. This shocked everyone at the scene. Ma Xiangnan asked people to quickly turn off the video, and the guests were also very surprised. The relationship between the bride and the best man was really jaw-dropping. This time, the big entrepreneur Han Mingzhu lost his face. .

Xu Chengyi came to the stage and asked the host to relieve the siege, telling everyone that it was just a joke made by the bride and groom to everyone, and told everyone not to take it seriously, but Mark’s mother was very unhappy and did not make a joke like that. The host asked the newcomer to come on stage to share with you the process of love, but Mark ran away, so Han Shuang hurried to chase. Mark told Han Shuang that he was standing on the stage like a fool.

He was nothing compared to Xu Chengyi, so the two fell out. Han Shuang also threw his dress aside and Mark turned his back on not getting married. Xu Chengyi asked Mark to have a good chat with Han Shuang. The day when Xu Chengyi and Han Shuang were in the hotel, Mark knew best. They should explain to the elder sister on the stage, but Mark was already angry with Xu Chengyi and told him to go away and not show up. In front of him.

Both inside and outside of Mark’s mother’s words belittle Han Shuang as an unscrupulous woman. When Mark gets married, he always cuts first and then gets married. He finds a woman to get married, but now it’s so troublesome. Mark’s father also had a heart attack and fainted and was taken to the hospital. Han Shuang returned to the stage and asked everyone to drink as much as possible.

Their wedding turned into a divorce banquet. After they said love, they left. Mother Han Mingzhu chased up and asked Han Shuang to give them an explanation, but Han Shuang was annoyed by Han Mingzhu. Don’t worry about her. Wasn’t Han Mingzhu also divorced and led her to live.

Afterwards, the girlfriends persuaded Han Shuang not to be impulsive. It seemed that Mark didn’t want a divorce, but Han Shuang told everyone not to think about the wedding. It just so happened that their girlfriends were all reunited and wanted to go out for a drink. Just when a few people were about to go out, they saw Lin Hao go to Zhao Xiaolei and told her to follow her home, so Zhao Xiaolei hurried back.

Ma Xiangnan told Han Shuang that now Zhao Xiaolei is very afraid of Lin Hao. Just now I saw that Zhao Xiaolei had a bruise on her hand. It must have been Lin Hao. Han Shuang became anxious when he heard it, and took everyone to find Lin Hao to settle the account.

After Lin Hao took Zhao Xiaolei back, he asked why he was disobedient and wanted to attend the wedding, whether he also thought Xu Chengyi was better than him, Lin Hao didn’t take it seriously. Lin Hao’s perverted tone and expression scared Zhao Xiaolei to speak, but Lin Hao kept asking Zhao Xiaolei if Xu Chengyi was better than him, Zhao Xiaolei was also forced to tell Lin Hao that he was excellent before, but now he is not as good as Xu Chengyi, so angry. Lin Hao kept Zhao Xiaolei on the sofa. Looking back, Zhao Xiaolei went to pack up and went to Zhao Xiaojun’s place.

At this moment, Han Shuang and his party arrived and asked Zhao Xiaolei to open the door for them to enter. As soon as Lin Hao heard that Han Shuang and the others had gone, he hurriedly used bitterness to tell Zhao Xiaolei not to leave him. Lin Hao was about to go bankrupt now, and everything would be over without Zhao Xiaolei.

After all, Lin Hao is Zhao Xiaolei’s favorite man, and Zhao Xiaolei promised that he would not leave under Lin Hao’s plea. After Lin Hao cleaned up the messy living room, Zhao Xiaolei opened the entrance door. Han Shuang asked Zhao Xiaolei to go back with her, but Zhao Xiaolei told Han Shuang not to get me wrong.

She just quarreled with Lin Hao, and Lin Hao didn’t beat her. Xia Yan asked Lin Hao if he had beaten Zhao Xiaolei. Unexpectedly, Zhao Xiaolei asked if Xia Yan and Lin Hao had been beaten by Lin Hao for seven years together. This left Xia Yan speechless, so Zhao Xiaolei told them not to talk. Quarrels between lovers are normal.

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