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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 7 Recap

On the way out, Qin Ming took the initiative to drive, and the two chatted casually on the road. Afterwards, Qin Ming called Lin Dang to go to rest first. It didn’t take long before the two arrived at Cheng Xi’s school. After a brief understanding of the situation with the school teacher, Lin Dang and Qin Ming prepared to wait for Cheng Xi to finish playing and ask questions.

After Cheng Xi finished kicking the ball, Lin Dang took Cheng Xi to the lecture hall to inquire. Facing Lin Dang’s question, Cheng Xi’s expression was very calm, and the answers flowed. There was no panic. Soon, based on the clues provided by Dabao, the two began to investigate Cheng Xi’s house. Through the dialogue with Cheng Xi’s mother, Lin Dang and Qin Ming also noticed that Cheng’s mother was eager to hope that her son would become a dragon, and that she was very harsh on Cheng Xi.

During the chat, the two also noticed the injury on Cheng Xi’s mother’s hand. After chatting with Cheng Mu, the two also learned from the people around that the relationship between Cheng Xi and his mother was awkward, and at the same time found the connection between Cheng Xi and the King Crab Rope.

The two who found the clue immediately called the police station. With the assistance of colleagues from the police station, a group of people found that Cheng Xi had driven into the eastern suburbs woods. Immediately, Team Li was assigned the task, and a group of people came to the eastern suburbs forest to start a large-scale search.

In the forest, Qin Ming accidentally discovered the motor oil dripping from the car on the ground. Everyone who had a little clue continued to search in depth. It didn’t take long for a group of people to find the bread left over by human beings under a tree. Just when everyone was paying attention to the bread, the fat guy who led the team suddenly noticed the poisonous snake on the tree, and everyone was so scared that they didn’t dare to move.

At this moment, Yigao’s bold ringed three times. The poisonous snake was dealt with by five divided by two, and then in the crowd, strode away. At the same time, Dabao found the car hidden by Cheng Xi under the prompt of Team Li. Soon, everyone found Qi’s father’s 500,000 cash in the car, but the 300,000 borrowed by Qi Yumo disappeared.

The brothers in the police station continued to investigate. Huang Tian paid his attention to his efforts. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, he finally found the house where Cheng Xi lived outside. Lin Dang immediately and Qin Ming went to the place where Cheng Xi lived to investigate. Later, the two also found important clues such as the rope of the king crab and the background that matched the photo. At this moment, Cheng Xi pushed the door in, and the three of them bumped into each other. Cheng Xi, who realized something was wrong, fled hurriedly. But before long, Cheng Xi was taken back to the police station.

In the interrogation room, Cheng Xi denied Lin Dang’s inquiry. When everyone couldn’t help it, Qin Ming asked Cheng Xi to get the real situation of the scholarship. In the end, it was confirmed by the American school, and everyone also confirmed Cheng Xi’s motive for the murder. The three of them ate instant noodles and talked about the case. Qin Ming said his thoughts, and Lin Dang and Dabao agreed. The next day, Dabao called Cheng Xi’s mother. Cheng Mu, who went to the police station, had a very strong attitude and made a lot of noise.

But as Qin Ming laid out the evidence, Cheng Mu couldn’t speak. A group of people took Cheng’s mother to the interrogation room and looked at her son’s appearance. Cheng’s mother was very excited, but there was not much guilt for her son in the words. He also expressed his inner thoughts in a cold voice. Facing her son’s questioning, Cheng’s mother still didn’t realize her mistake. Listening to Cheng Mu’s words, Cheng Xi smiled very sadly.

In the interrogation room, the picture of mother and child crying while embracing each other did not appear. Facing the ideological oppression of her mother’s near-moral kidnapping, Cheng Xi also looked down on everything and took the initiative to explain her criminal process. However, the only condition was for his mother. Leave.

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