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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 16 Recap

In the elevator, Yiyue met a man sneaking around with a mobile phone. In fact, he was looking for a signal and put the phone on the ground with the camera facing up. This inevitably made Yiyue misunderstand that he was taking pictures of her sneakily. So Yiyue dragged him to the police station to find the police. As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw He Qiaoyan and Lin Wei. They called the man next to Mr. Jia. It turned out to be a misunderstanding. Qiao Yan told Yiyue to let go.

So he went in for a meeting, and Yiyue waited outside for them to come out. Just after the meeting, Mr. Jia left with a look of displeasure. Lin Wei also told Yiyue that Mr. Jia refused to cooperate with He’s because of her. She also told Yiyue that she knew that she and He Qiaoyan were in a fake marriage, but that the contract was no more. He kept attacking Yiyue, saying that she was seriously affected. Yi Yue was sad when He Qiaoyan worked.

After going out, Senior Brother Ning Fang was waiting for her. He Qiaoyan put on Yiyue’s clothes and said he would take her back, but Yiyue refused. She and Senior Brother Ning Fang drank together. It’s uncomfortable, just like God knocked her head suddenly, these beautiful things are all illusions, I can only take off the hind legs of He Qiaoyan, but he was seen by Wen Gu. So he hurried to tell He Qiaoyan that he wanted to take Yiyue home when he came. Suddenly he called and Lin Wei asked him to discuss the cooperation plan, but Yiyue wanted to terminate the contract.

She thought she had no reason to stand here anymore. He is by his side, but He Qiaoyan does not understand why he wants to terminate the contract. Yiyue can only say that he wants to spend time in his life and does not want to affect his work. As soon as Yiyue left, He Qiaoyan was about to pull her, but he stretched out her hand, but didn’t hold it. After Yiyue went home, he was still angry. He Qiaoyan didn’t even want to keep her.

Wen Gu ran to He Qiaoyan and asked him what happened. He also analyzed the reasons for these things and asked He Qiaoyan to find out the reasons and prescribe the right medicine. The next day Yiyuezheng was chatting with Ruowei about this matter, and He Qiaoyan came. I asked her why she wanted to cancel the contract. Yi Yue compared him to Mao Keng, but He Qiaoyan used Xiaobao as an excuse to tell Doctor Qin that if Xiaobao found a friend, he would agree to cancel the contract.

But unexpectedly, the next day Xiaobao brought a friend named Guoguo, who liked to play with Xiaobao very much, so Dr. Qin could terminate the contract smoothly, but Dr. Qin said that he would have to wait until after Xiaobao’s parent-child day activities were over. Officially terminate the contract.

The aunt and Lin Wei’s mother had an appointment to discuss the marriage of He Qiaoyan and Lin Wei, but He Qiaoyan was firmly opposed, and he would not marry and would not sell himself for business. The person the aunt looked for checked the information of Dr. Qin and found that she was originally going to be a surgeon, but later she injured her hand because she saved a child in a G car accident, so she transferred to study children’s medicine. Bao was also on Huanshan Road on the same day, so Xiaobao had a special feeling for Doctor Qin. Aunt Qin also wondered if Doctor Qin knew the truth of the car accident.

In the evening, Dr. Qin came to Xiaobao to teach him to sing, preparing for the parent-child day event. Dr. Qin sang to Xiaobao to remind He Qiaoyan of what happened in the car accident. After returning to the study, he secretly took a look at the one he had been looking for. Back view girl. Later, Mr. Jia asked Mr. He again to talk about cooperation. He Qiaoyan realized that Mr. Jia was not willing to cooperate because of Yiyue, but because they were not satisfied with their data analysis, and this time I would like to thank Ms. Qin. It turned out that Yiyue had gone to Mr. Jia to persuade him before.

Yiyue recorded the sung song in the recording pen, just as Senior Brother Ning Fang came, and their conversation was recorded. He Qiaoyan happened to find this recording pen when he returned home, opened it and listened to the result, Dr. Qin In a disguised way, it explained how he liked He Qiaoyan. At this time, Dr. Qin found out that he hadn’t brought his mobile phone and took it back. He happened to see Qiao Yan hearing this paragraph, embarrassingly trying to grab the recorder, but he was caught by He Qiaoyan. Hold it in your hand and don’t give it to her.

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