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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 15 Recap

When Yiyue’s father was lying on the bed and still talking about playing cards, Lao Li lost him 20 yuan, which instantly relieved the anxious Yiyue and his mother. His father said that he was hungry, so his mother gave him away. After making millet porridge, his father also told Yiyue the password of his bank card. He saved the pocket money that Yiyue gave him and the old company’s current pension, and gave Yiyue his bank card to Yiyue.

He wouldn’t want it, but his father still felt that Yiyue was married, and he felt very guilty that he didn’t give a dowry, which made Yiyue’s eyes burst into tears. After the operation started, Yiyue and her mother were very anxious. After a while, He Qiaoyan brought Xiaobao over. He Qiaoyan performed the operation data all by herself, and specially hired another group of medical staff to prevent future troubles. Yiyue was very moved, and Xiaobao returned Yiyue’s lollipop.

The operation was over, and Yiyue’s father’s operation was very successful. In the evening, Yiyue was lying in front of the ward to guard his father. He Qiaoyan was working inside. When he saw Yiyue’s sleepy appearance, he took off his coat and put it on Yiyue. At this time, his father was already awake. I even took a peek at them. When Yiyue was sleeping, the hair went into her mouth. He Qiaoyan was about to trim her, but Yiyue treated Mr. He’s fingers as chicken feet and took a bite. After Yiyue woke up, I was also taken aback, and then realized that my father was already awake, and he had a match. Yiyue and Qiao Yan had a match.

The next day, He Qiaoyan’s aunt also came to see Yiyue’s father. As soon as he walked in, Yiyue’s parents were very enthusiastic towards his aunt. It was handed over to Wen Gu. When the aunt left, she found that Xiaobao and Yiyue’s parents were also very close, so she told Qiao Yan that she guessed that Yiyue was approaching Xiaobao on purpose, but He Qiaoyan insisted that it was impossible.

Yiyue asked Wen Gu about the girl’s back, and exchanged Ruo Fei’s affairs. Wen Gu told her that it was the back of the girl He Qiaoyan dreamed of in her own dream. Wen Gu insisted that this girl was not exist. Sure enough, the aunt asked someone to investigate Yiyue again.

After Qiao Yan was busy, he suddenly received a call from Yiyue’s mother and hurried to the hospital. It turned out that all the relatives in Yiyue’s family had come. As soon as He Qiaoyan entered, they all gathered around, taking selfies and introducing work. . Suddenly, Ruo Fei and Senior Brother Ning Fang also came, and Ruo Fei also asked He Qiaoyan and Ning Fang to move fruit together. The two people came into close contact in the elevator again, and they sparked different sparks. Suddenly Lin Wei came and said that the company was in a hurry, so he called He Qiaoyan over, and provoke Yiyue to make Yiyue angry.

After Ruofei returned to the company, he found that his brother was sitting in his company’s own position. Ruofei called him out and met Wen Gu. Wen Gu thought it was some greasy uncle who pursued Ruo Fei, who turned out to be Ruo Fei’s relatives. The elder brother ran over to ask for money cheeky. Ruofei accidentally knocked over the bathroom box while applying a facial mask at home at night, and found a ring inside.

Ruofei hurriedly sent the ring to Yiyue the next day. This was a symbol of Mrs. Yuehe’s status, and it was time to use Mrs. Hehe’s rights. The Yiyue family was ready to be discharged from the hospital, so Mr. He brought Xiaobao to pick them up and leave the hospital. After returning home, the family was very harmonious at the dining table.

Mother Yiyue gave Xiaobao some food and asked him to call him grandma. I didn’t expect that Xiaobao really called out, and grandpa called too. Everyone was shocked, but only called Dad, Xiao Bao didn’t want to call. Suddenly He Qiaoyan received another message that Mr. Jia wanted to meet them at the hotel of the company dinner, but Yiyue was jealous when he saw that he was meeting at the hotel.

After Qiao Yan left, Yiyue rushed to Ruofei’s house and asked her to put her makeup and evening gown on and go to the hotel to find them.

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