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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 18 Recap

Tossing and turning, Bao Xue couldn’t sleep, so she had to call Dai Xiaoyu to tell her troubles. It took a lot of hard work to fall asleep… Du Shijun took a deep breath and came to the hotel. Si Meng had sorted out all of Du Shijun’s clothes and notified Du Shijun to pick up the clothes another day. Du Shijun still asked Si Meng to calm down, and he would give her an explanation.

The next day, Du Shijun came to the restaurant to find You Shanshan and told all about her situation, hoping that You Shanshan could help herself. You Shanshan seriously analyzed Du Shijun, after all, she still didn’t believe Du Shijun’s words. When the two were stuck together, they could only discuss to find Wei Lan first to prove that what she said was all lies. The magical You Shanshan decided to help Du Shijun solve this matter first.

Dai Xiaoyu and Peng Pai came to Yu Songyang’s house. Dai Xiaoyu couldn’t understand Yu Songyang’s thinking, but Yu Songyang couldn’t let go of his brother’s promise. Now that Bao Xue has turned the surging into black, the two can only give Yu Songyang a trick and explain that Yu Songyang must go and apologize to Bao Xue.

The two sisters went home to visit Bai Jinghui. Dai Xiaoyu explained that Bao Xue must not say anything surging, and when she talked about Yu Songyang, Bao Xue still stiffened her neck and refused to admit it. Bai Jinghui said to the two that she was going to travel with Lu Zheng. The two sisters laughed very happily, happy for Bai Jinghui’s red sunset.

You Shanshan suddenly received a call from Feng Xi. It was the last wave of guests who fell down because of the slope. You Shanshan hurried to the hospital, lost a big red envelope, then went to the restaurant, removed all the steps, and widened the back door in the future to pass the fire assessment. The ups and downs in life made You Shanshan feel a little down. Fortunately, with the enlightenment of her close friends, You Shanshan became energetic again.

You Shanshan found all Wei Lan’s information, and the four of them set off together, staring at Wei Lan in turn to catch the horse’s feet. You Shanshan turned her head to chat with Wei Lan, and quietly said nice things to Du Shijun, hoping Si Meng would be calmer. Later, Bao Xue called, because she saw Wei Lan buying sanitary napkins with her own eyes. In order to be foolproof, You Shanshan hoped that Bao Xue could use her talents to find out if Wei Lan bought the sanitary napkins for herself, Bao Xuewang Looking at the back of Wei Lan, who was passing by, thoughts came out.

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