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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 21 Recap

When Han Shuang was looking at the computer in the room, Mark secretly turned off the clerk, and was so scared that Han Shuang fell off the bed, so Mark went in and comforted Han Shuang and rubbed her feet. But Han Shuang cheated Mark on a fake injury and was discovered by Mark, which surprised both of them. Afterwards, Mark remembered that the days with Han Shuang were also very fun, and he had a good impression of Han Shuang.

Han Shuang went to the store alone to drink and Mark also went to see her, saying that she was going to sleep in the store. But it is better for Mark to call Han Shuang to go home, and Han Shuang tells Mark that she has no home since she was six years old. Regardless of whether her parents are divorced or not, the house is just a house for her.

As long as her mother hears that her father’s place is better, she must compete to prove that she is living better than her father. Mark told Han Shuang that as long as she didn’t go back, she wouldn’t go back, and she would sleep with Han Shuang in the store. Han Shuang was moved by Mark and kissed him, and the two quickly hugged each other.

Early the next morning, Mark got up and looked at the sleeping Han Shuang, kissed him, left a note and left. At this moment, Han Shuang got up and asked Mark not to think about calling her responsible. It is only an adult’s willingness to sleep, so don’t mess with her. Mark thought of being able to continue with her and gave up on Han Shuang’s attitude, secretly tore off the note left before and took it away.

Ling Wei held a meeting for everyone and asked Xia Yan to be the head of their operations department. Later, Lingwei also supported the elimination system proposed by Xia Yan, and it was cancelled later, which made everyone very happy. After that, Xu Chengyi was going to have dinner with Xia Yan, but Xu Chengyi couldn’t go there temporarily. At this moment, Xia Yan received a call from Yan Changjun to talk about the planet of her girlfriends. When Xia Yan got in the car, she saw Xu Chengyi and Ling Wei going out together.

Yan Changjun told Xia Yan to know about any changes in the future, even if it was the previous personnel changes. Xia Yan felt that Yan Changjun was monitoring Xu Chengyi and calling her a spy, but Yan Changjun did not admit it. Xia Yan should also pay attention to Ling Wei. She is a strong woman. She has a better prospect abroad but she has to return to China to prove that there are more important things in the country than her future.

If she is on Xia Yan’s paper in terms of scheming and ability, Xia Yan must cooperate with Yan Changjun to achieve a win-win situation. As long as Xia Yan tells Yan Changjun the location of Lingwei at any time, but Xia Yan tells Yan Changjun not to demand that, and she, she will not sell the company’s intelligence, nor will she use means to maintain her feelings.

Han Shuang told Ma Xiangnan that she and Mark had slept, but Ma Xiangnan was not surprised at all. I just want to know from Ma Xiangnan whether Mark mentioned her, and Ma Xiangnan asks Han Shuang to ask Mark himself.

After Xia Yan went back to the company, she met Ling Wei and talked about meeting Yan Changjun. Ling Wei wanted to know if Yan Changjun had mentioned her. When Xia Yan was thinking about how to answer, Ling Wei asked Xia Yan not to talk. Yan had heard of the relationship between her and Yan Changjun Xu Chengyi, but Ling Wei also knew about the relationship between Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan, and would bless them.

After that, the two of them entered the elevator, but Xia Yan’s bag was caught by the elevator door. Xia Yan’s bag was very tight, so Ling Wei hurriedly rescued Xia Yan and broke the bag before he was rescued. It was Xia Yan’s life. After going out, Xu Chengyi quickly took Xia Yan to the hospital for an examination.

After the inspection, Xia Yan went back without problems. Xu Chengyi blamed herself for not taking care of Xia Yan. However, Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi to rest assured, how long it has been today that Lingwei was saving her, and she also knew that Lingwei was a good person and would not cause trouble to Xu Chengyi.

Ling Wei and Yan Changjun met, and felt that Yan Changjun was still angry that Ling Wei chose Xu Chengyi to be together, but Yan Changjun told Ling Wei that it was all in the past, and he had already let it go. Ling Wei felt that it was not about feelings or about selling software. At that time, the money of the three of them was evenly distributed.

Everyone took the money and transferred it to the current achievements. There is nothing to be angry about. But Yan Changjun felt that if they had those software, they would be much better than they are now. However, Ling Wei feels that they have no ability to do better than those big companies, but Yan Changjun feels that it is those big companies that buy out their software to develop their own software.

There are too many cases of small companies killing big companies. . However, Ling Wei believes that many small companies have been killed by large companies, and the two have different cognitions. Yan Changjun told Ling Wei not to provoke him if he had any ideas. He had no choice but to cooperate with Xu Chengyi this time, asking Ling Wei to do it herself. But Ling Wei told Yan Changjun not to speculate, she would ask Yan Changjun to look at him with admiration.

Xu Chengyi sent Xia Yan home and stayed in the room for a long time. Han Shuang knew that they were already together, but Zhao Xiaolei was not very optimistic about Xu Chengyi. At this time, Mark also went, knowing that Xu Chengyi was also going to find him and was given him by Han Shuang. Stopped, just ask Mark to help in the kitchen.

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