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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 38 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan unknowingly walked downstairs to Jiang Fanlu’s house and saw that Jiang Fanlu’s room was still lit, so he went up to visit him quietly, and when he saw Jiang Fanlu was still asleep, he sat silently beside her bed. Jiang Fanlu woke up soon, Lin Xiangyuan promised to accompany her to the hospital for a review tomorrow, Jiang Fanlu was very scared, Lin Xiangyuan encouraged her and promised to be by her side no matter what the result is.

Lin Xiangyuan settled Jiang Fanlu to sleep. He just wanted to leave. Jiang Jin stopped him and persuaded him to let go of his heart and help Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan didn’t want to go back to Yutian again. Jiang Jin asked Lin Xiangyuan to come to his company. Lin Xiangyuan found an excuse. Zou Siqi wants to marry He Qunfei, but He Qunfei hasn’t moved yet. A girlfriend persuaded her to take the initiative. Zou Siqi asked He Qunfei to have a barbecue together. He Qunfei kept reporting her good future in Yutian. Zou Siqi turned around to remind He Qunfei. He still couldn’t understand.

The boy next door prepared a bottle of red wine in advance and invited a violinist to accompany him. He proposed to his girlfriend in public. Zou Siqi was envious. He Qunfei laughed at the other party’s neurosis. Zou Siqi was very angry and forced He Qunfei to express his opinion on the spot. He Qunfei admitted that Only when she wanted to buy a house in Shanghai and marry her, Zou Siqi felt relieved.

Teacher Sun called Du Xiaosu. His term as a support teacher on the island has expired. All the children went to school in the town. He and his girlfriend also got back together. He wanted to go back to his hometown to take a civil service exam. Teacher Sun invited Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng to attend his wedding. Du Xiaosu fully agreed.

Lin Xiangyuan and Jiang Jin accompanied Jiang Fanlu to the hospital for review. The doctor told them that Jiang Fanlu had fully recovered. Jiang Jin, Jiang Fanlu, and Lin Xiangyuan were very happy. Lin Xiangyuan decided to move out of Jiang’s house and then went back to visit his mother, Jiang Fan. Lu struggled to stay, but Lin Xiangyuan had decided, and Jiang Fanlu told him to go home for dinner first. Yutian Company was going to hold a celebration banquet. Lei Yuzheng asked He Qunfei to invite a few familiar friends. He Qunfei casually asked whether to invite Du Xiaosu, and Lei Yuzheng agreed to Du Xiaosu’s participation.

After the meal, Lin Xiangyuan wanted to chat with Jiang Jin alone. Jiang Fanlu hid outside the door. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to go to Lei Yuzheng to confess the truth and bear the blame. Jiang Jin worried that his imprisonment would make Jiang Fanlu become Helpless, I want to talk to Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan does not expect Lei Yuzheng’s forgiveness. Jiang Fanlu heard clearly from the outside. She looked at Lin Xiangyuan with admiration. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to divorce Jiang Fanlu before surrendering. Jiang Fan Lu did not agree, but Lin Xiangyuan had made up his mind.

Xu You sent someone to give Lei Yuzheng a gift, and Shangguan Boyao persuaded Lei Yuzheng to be with Xu You. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to hurt Xu You a second time. After the celebration banquet, Lei Yuzheng asked Xu You to meet. Xu You only wanted to get an answer. Lei Yuzheng was very sorry to Xu You and admitted that his mind had never changed. Xu You understood everything immediately, and she waved her hand to Lei Yuzheng. Goodbye.

When Jiang Jin learned that Lin Xiangyuan insisted on divorcing Jiang Fanlu, he was helpless. President Liu introduced a business to Du Xiaosu, and then invited Du Xiaosu for dinner. Unexpectedly, Lei Yuzheng was also in that restaurant. Du Xiaosu specially ordered a bottle of red wine to express his gratitude to President Liu. Du Xiaosu picked up a glass of wine and drank it. Lei Yuzheng hurried over to stop Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu called him aside and warned him not to make trouble. Lei Yuzheng wanted to take her away, and Du Xiaosu resolutely refused to do it.

President Liu came over to stop Lei Yuzheng when he heard the news. Lei Yuzheng warned him to stay away from Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu gritted his teeth with anger and yelled at Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng forced Du Xiaosu to the riverside. Du Xiaosu couldn’t bear it and vented all her grievances. She waited hard for Lei Yuzheng, but she hadn’t waited for any explanation from him. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to wait any longer and didn’t want to be further tortured by the pain, Lei Yu Zheng could not say that he kissed Du Xiaosu and promised to explain everything to her.

Zou Siqi decided to take the initiative to propose to He Qunfei. She deliberately chose a high-end restaurant. He Qunfei came to the appointment on time. Zou Siqi mustered up the courage to propose to He Qunfei, but she couldn’t say what she said.

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