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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 1 Recap

Xiao Yan, an independent woman who is the most powerful in the workplace, is chic and capable, and works vigorously. On this day, she was on a business trip and met a naughty child who kicked her chair on the plane. She was about to get off the plane and was thrown up by a baby who was still in her womb. . The child’s mother Liu Bingyue hurriedly apologized. Although Xiao Yan was dissatisfied, she did not care about her mother who was flying with her two children. Xiao Yan arrived at the client company and introduced the new products to Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao was very arrogant. It didn’t take long for a woman to break into the conference room, and it was Liu Bingyue, the child’s mother Xiao Yan met on the plane.

Liu Bingyue had a plain face, wore a pair of cotton shoes, and threw out a lipstick to ask Mr. Zhao who this is. She never puts on makeup. Mr. Zhao looked embarrassed and wanted to persuade her to go out first, but his attitude angered Liu Bingyue even more, and she was angry. He picked up the water on the table and splashed Mr. Zhao’s face, then went to the bathroom to cry. Xiao Yan went to comfort her, then put her makeup in the bathroom, and at the same time encouraged her to know how to love and treat herself so as to be respected. Xiao Yan changed her shoes to wear, and Liu Bingyue returned to the meeting room again, wrote the word divorce in that lipstick, and left without a hitch.

Liu Bingyue specially waited for Xiao Yan in the lobby. The company shares had half of her share. After the divorce, she wanted to establish another business, but she didn’t understand anything, so she asked Xiao Yan if she could help herself. On the other hand, the well-behaved emergency doctor Mo Ming took his wife Chen Jiaorui for a check-up. Although they had quarrels before the check-up, Chen Jiaorui was still very touched that her husband could come with her for the check-up. On the way back, Chen Jiaorui suddenly wanted to vomit. Mo Ming stopped. Chen Jiaorui ran to the side of the road and threw up. When she looked up, she unexpectedly saw Xiao Yan talking to someone in the store. Chen Jiaorui’s eyes showed envy.

At this time, Liu Bingyue and Xiao Yan discussed a lot of ideas, and Xiao Yan praised her business acumen. But when they saw the two children outside the store, Liu Bingyue immediately ran out. Xiao Yan knew that what she had just said was for nothing, and simply asked the waiter to take away the paper with Liu Bingyue’s thoughts on it. In any case, for women, children are always a topic that cannot be circumvented, and having a child means sacrifice. With a child, she must give her freedom for another life. Liu Bingyue is a typical example. Thinking of these, Xiao Yan couldn’t help feeling sorry for her.

Xiao Yan and Chen Jiaorui work in the same company. Chen Jiaorui and she are competitors. The team has been suppressed by Xiao Yan. To some extent, there is still a big difference between them. Mr. Li told Xiao Yan that the board of directors decided to hand over the maternal and child products to Xiao Yan’s team. Chen Jiaorui actively asked Mr. Li to hand over this maternal and child product promotion meeting to her team. But she couldn’t hold back her request. Mr. Li said Will consider it carefully. Later, the subordinates told Xiao Yan about Chen Jiaorui’s competition with the team. Xiao Yan didn’t care, and even felt that Chen Jiaorui liked challenges and was competitive.

After Chen Jiaorui became pregnant, she often heard the office talking about pregnancy and hidden pregnancy. The human resources director Monica resigned and went home to have a baby because of pregnancy. She was also moved. Chen Jiaorui couldn’t leave work, so Having never said that he was pregnant, Mo Ming was a little angry when she learned that she wanted to conceive. Xiao Huang, her subordinate, was also pregnant, but she did not dare to tell Xiao Yan that she was scolded by Xiao Yan for making frequent mistakes at work, and then Xiao Yan knew that she was pregnant. Xiao Yan knew that she was too harsh on her, so she apologized to her and took everyone to celebrate her. But privately, Xiao Yan asked Amy to go to the personnel department tomorrow to recruit a new assistant for herself.

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