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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 8 Recap

In the inn, Yuan Zhijie, Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu were worrying about the money owed to Aunt Lan, and they saw Fang Tianyi, Ye Xiaoxi and An Qi came to the inn together. An Qi explained that she was going to emigrate abroad with Kong Makai, but Kong Makai let herself go by for two days, so she came to stay for two nights. After An Qi was set up, everyone got together and took out their precious things and prepared to sell them, but they were not worth a lot of money together. An Qi, who was applying a facial mask, heard them and said that she could lend them money.

The next day, Aunt Lan received the money and promised to pay half of the rent first. Fang Tianyi told everyone that they don’t have to move out. Everyone cheered in unison, but at this moment, everyone saw the news that Kong Makai used his relationship to defraud money on TV. Then An Qi came in, and everyone found after trial that she didn’t know about it.

Fang Tianzi and Ye Xiaoxi found Fang Tianyi and asked him to remind An Qi not to be deceived. Fang Tianyi reluctantly agreed, but An Qi thought he was going to say something together again, and thought he couldn’t get out yet, so she planned to arrange a blind date for him.

Hu Yanzu has received a new role and is a big villain. However, after trying the play, he learned that he was acting as a stand-in for the villain. This made him hesitate, but after hearing that the villain’s opponent was his idol widow, he immediately agreed again. At this time, the director told him that Liu Yang, the actor who played the big villain, lost 15 catties due to illness, so the costume size has been adjusted. It’s only a week since the filming started, and Hu Yanzu said that he could lose 15 catties within a week.

So while everyone was eating, Hu Yanzu still insisted on exercising and refused temptation. Ye Xiaoxi thought that his hard work could not be wasted, so he used an exercise bike to make a power generation device. As long as Hu Yanzu exercises and generates power, he can squeeze juice. Ye Xiaoxi was cheering on Hu Yanzu. Fang Tianyi, who was urged by An Qi to go on a blind date, came over and asked her where his clothes were. Ye Xiaoxi took him to the laundry room and put his clothes on and buttoned them. This action reminded Fang Tianyi of their previous intimate actions.

An Qi saw them getting along in the laundry room from a distance, and saw that Fang Tianyi actually liked Ye Xiaoxi. So she canceled the blind date arranged for Fang Tianyi. Fang Tianyi asked why, An Qi told him that some things were clear to the onlookers.

At the front desk of the inn, Yuan Zhijie ran into Shen Jiayi, his deskmate in elementary school. After their greetings, they soon began to recall the moments of their elementary school life. On the next table, a copy of “Confession” was quietly placed there. Shen Jiayi went to the room to take a shower, took out a stack of photos and documents, and looked like she heard the knock on the door, and immediately buckled them on the bed. The person who came was Yuan Zhijie, and he was here to deliver fruit to Shen Jiayi. Shen Jiayi asked if he would do something that he didn’t want to do because of his livelihood. Yuan Zhijie replied, as long as I don’t resist, life will never force me.

On the other side, Ye Xiaoxi saw Fang Tianzi lying on An Qi’s door to eavesdrop, and hearing that she was still practicing English, Fang Tianzi knew that Fang Tianyi hadn’t told An Qi clearly, so she decided to stand up and expose Kong Makai. She pushed the door directly and rushed out, and Ye Xiaoxi followed in too. Fang Tianzi directly told Anqi Kong Makai that he was a liar. An Qi was eating popcorn and didn’t believe her at all.

At this time, Hu Yanzu, who was smelling the scent of popcorn, also came in, and Ye Xiaoxi hurriedly pulled him to the washing machine to generate electricity. In order to prove that Kong Makai was not a liar, An Qi took Fang Tianzi to Kong Makai’s restaurant. As a result, a large group of people who had been scammed by Kong Makai were gathering in front of the restaurant to discuss an explanation. When An Qi came, they rushed forward. Fortunately, Fang Tianzi’s wit saved An Qi.

Later, they went to the police station to make a transcript, and there were two other ladies who were also cheated by Kong Makai. Among them, An Qi was deceived the worst, and even sold the house, completely rushing to get married. When returning to the inn at night, Fang Tianzi told everyone about An Qi’s anger, and wondered if her self-esteem was as strong as her, would he be embarrassed to continue staying in the inn. So everyone hurried to the door and watched An Qi pass by with her luggage. Fang Tianyi asked to stay, and when he turned around inattentively, he found that An Qi had already run away.

The next day, Yuan Zhijie came to the scene of Director Qian’s seductive show and actually saw Shen Jiayi. Shen Jiayi told him that her father lost a lot of stocks and owed a lot of debts, so she came over as a substitute. Suddenly, Yuan Zhijie thought for a while, and walked out, only to see the male stand-in for this play-Hu Yanzu on the other side. He was shocked. And Hu Yanzu was shocked when he heard that the widow sister also used a substitute in this scene.

Yuan Zhijie saw that he couldn’t let Shen Jiayi and Hu Yanzu play together, so he found the director and tried to persuade him not to use a substitute in this scene. At this time, the widow sister came to the set and told the director that she never had to stand in for acting. When Liu Yang saw that the widow sister was on the scene, she decided to do it herself. Yuan Zhijie was very happy, and Hu Yanzu completely fainted.

After changing her clothes, Shen Jiayi walked out and expressed her gratitude to Yuan Zhijie. When he was about to leave, Yuan Zhijie heard the two staff members next to Shen Jiayi pointing and pointing at Shen Jiayi and saying some unkind words. In the past, he taught the person a lesson, but found that they were talking about pet clothes, and he had misunderstood them. . Seeing this situation, Shen Jiayi hurriedly took him away.

After An Qi woke up in the hotel, she decided to sell her bag to return her blood. She made an appointment with someone in the park. However, after the eldest sister got the bag, she ran away without paying. An Qi chased her all the way and finally took a short cut to catch up. A rollover knocked her to the ground and snatched the bag back, but she was touched by the eldest sister. porcelain.

An Qi watched a lot of people watching the filming, panicked, and ran away with her bags on her back. Back at the hotel, the boss urged An Qi to pay, but there was no way, An Qi had to ask Fang Tianyi to come to the rescue. After Fang Tianyi helped her pay for the room and invited her to the Big Fish Inn, An Qi finally agreed.

When everyone was eating together, Ye Xiaoxi took the initiative to invite her to eat with them when she saw An Qi who was stubbornly drinking only Wangzi’s milk. At the dinner table, everyone enthusiastically served her food and served her. She was moved by everyone and couldn’t help crying. Later, she was infected by everyone’s joy. They used milk instead of wine, and they toasted each other and enjoyed themselves.

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