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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 14 Recap

When Yiyue was at work, Ruofei came to see her and showed her the photos she took. Yiyue didn’t know about this. It proved that President He did not talk to Yiyue about it. Ruofei thought it was He Qiaoyan. Guilty conscience.

After returning home, Yiyue posted He Qiaoyan’s photo on the pillow, hit him with his fist, and yelled while he was hitting. President He heard it all on the bed outside, and also tested the decibel with his mobile phone. The noise was already generated, so he passed. Looking for Yiyue, but Yiyue pretended to apologize, but when He Qiaoyan saw that his photo was posted on the pillow, he thought that Yiyue felt that he was jealous without his cartoon pillow, and he wanted to make a custom one for her. The large size leaves Yiyue at a loss.

Wake up in the morning, Yiyue originally made a plan for the weekend. As a result, Mr. He had to work overtime, so he cancelled it and didn’t eat breakfast. Xiao Bao also sent a message to Xiao An, asking Mommy why she was unhappy recently. Xiao An said that because your mommy’s love rival went to the company, and explained to him what the love rival meant, so Xiao Bao said that he would go to the company to find his father, Dr. Qin. So I made a tuna sandwich and went to the company to find He Qiaoyan.

Along the way, Yiyue was asking Xiaobao whether he was pretty. When he arrived at the company, Lin Wei actually brought a sandwich to He Qiaoyan. He also said that the designer Lucas had the best taste of tuna and it was best not to eat it, but Mr. He asked Yi Yue put down the lunch, and when the meeting was over, he took them to lunch together.

Yiyue took Xiaobao outside to wait for him, and as soon as he left, they sat together to discuss plans. Yi Yue went to the bathroom, and Xiao Bao took the opportunity to sneak in and put a fake bug in Lin Wei’s coffee. Lin Wei made a coffee while drinking. Mr. He immediately taught Xiaobao a lesson. When he was about to find Xiaobao, she ran into Lin Wei. She actually warned Yiyue, or she would fall more miserably.

Yiyue asked He Qiaoyan to talk to Xiaobao, but He Qiaoyan was indiscriminate and asked why Xiaobao did it, which was a lesson. But Yiyue told him well and asked him if he knew how to teach children. Mr. He also questioned Doctor Qin. If he doesn’t understand, you can understand.

Wen Gu also performed theatrical life with Ruo Fei in the company. He asked his colleagues in the company to arrange for Ruo Fei irrelevant tasks and work overtime, but Ruo Fei finished it, although Wen Gu appeared like a hero to save the United States. In fact, Ruo Fei had already noticed it a long time ago, and let Wen Gu’s bamboo basket go to waste.

Yiyue took Xiaobao back to her parents’ house, but Yiyue’s mother had long noticed something was wrong and asked if she had quarreled with He Qiaoyan, but Yiyue refused to admit it, so Yiyue’s mother comforted her and talked to her. Explain that quarrels between husband and wife are actually quite normal. Originally, Yiyue was not very angry anymore, and she deliberately left her luggage at He’s house, just to pick her up, but after the doorbell rang, it was President He’s secretary, and He Qiaoyan actually brought the luggage over.

He also said that he would give her a vacation, which is good, and Yiyue became even more angry. On the way, Senior Brother Ning Fang met Lin Wei. He didn’t expect the two to know each other in France, and Lin Wei also asked him to help bring medicine and kept him secret.

Yiyue’s father fainted suddenly and was rushed to the hospital. It was infective endocarditis. His age was old and the risk of surgery was relatively high. Yiyue’s mother fainted after hearing this, just when Yiyue was at a loss. Fortunately, He Qiaoyan appeared in time and invited the top medical team to help perform the operation, which made Yiyue relieved.

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